Filmfare Awards Marathi 2017: Deepika Padukone looks gorgeous in a saree

Deepika Padukone stuns in a floral saree at the red carpet.
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Deepika Padukone made her presence felt at the Filmfare Awards Marathi 2017 and looked gorgeous on the red carpet. 

The actress was decked in an embellished floral gold saree with a matching train by Sabyasachi. A pair of earrings from the designer, simple hair and a pink tone lip added finishing touches to her lookDeepika was all smiles for the shutterbugs.

Check the pictures out:


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Deepika's fashion stylist Shaleena Nathani shared stunning pictures of the actress before she slayed the red carpet.

Shaleena's caption reads as, "A little drama is a must  @deepikapadukone tonight for #MarathiFilmfareawards2017 wearing the fabulous @sabyasachiofficial jewellery @sabyasachiofficial hair and makeup @danielbauermakeupandhair" 

Meanwhile, Deepika is gearing up for the release of her upcoming movie, Padmavati. The first song from Padmavati, Ghoomar was released recently and we got to see the actress nail the dance form to perfection.

Talking about Ghoomar, Deepika said in a statement, “The Ghoomar Song has been one of the most difficult song sequences that Sanjay Sir and I have shot for. His vision can be seen in the grandiose of the set and the immense hard work we’ve all put into making it. I had started preparing for this film and character for several months before we actually started filming. But it was for The Ghoomar Song that I walked onto set as Padmavati for the very first time.”

The actress added, “The shooting of Padmavati began with The Ghoomar Song and I will never forget that day. I remember approaching my mark for the first shot and suddenly I felt a chill run through my body. It was almost as if Padmavati‘s soul had entered my body. That feeling still lingers and will continue for years to come.” 

Padmavati which is helmed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali will see Deepika play the titular character, Rani Padmavati. Ranveer Singh will be seen playing the antagonist Alauddin Khilji and Shahid will be portraying the role of Maha Rawal Ratan Singh. Padmavati is slated to release on December 1, 2017.

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I said Aura n someone replied Arura!! Guys why getting too defensive. I liked DP but now days i find something is off with her n People get upset over this opinion? Why?

Does anyone feel like mahira has been very active pv in recent times ?

Seems like it's mix of different people, fans of kat PC ash and others who don't like her or jealous of her

She looks beautiful. It's nice to see her hair down. I wish she would also go for more natural make-up looks from time to time. The outfit is beautiful

East and West KAT IS THE BEST !

She would've looked better if she wasn't sporting raccoon like makeup. Her best days were 2011-2014.

Same as Anshka Sharma and some other actresses, not sure what the hype is with these actresess. Way too overrated.

Not sure about the side parting

Dp fans r crying for masty comments lol...

Only Deepika has the tallent of making a Sabyasachi sari look so bad!!

I really wish it was Rani in Padmavati.

Do is very average looking..

She is average looking, is very tall, over hyped, overactive PR, and ok acting skills and a million blind fans.

there are many beautiful girls in showbiz she is not the only beauty as they are saying in bw

One dp fan posting commenting again n again lol to make her desirable lol

Pv you should be ashamed of yourself for all these nasty negative and untrue comments you post about dp.Have absolutely no respect for you guys. Again shame on you.

where were you when nasty comments were posted on pv on mahira khan's magzine cover pic?and some other actresses

yeah other actresses get negative comments too

The last photo ! Too beautiful.

with makeup, expensive clothes,desighnr dresses, fashion stylist etc any average girl can look beautiful

Costume perfect, make up good, she is tall n beautiful but still something is missing. I don’t know what but someting is not right here, could be the vibe or the aura she carries is not positive. Can’t find any fault but still there is something wrong! Any clue?

She have amazing smile and aurora

sonakshi sinha and shilpa shetty also beautiful

Kat or pc fan you try and try to bring hate but no none even answer you Vin diesel really

She have amazing body but again people who envy her can't see

like ashwaryas beauty too

She is well curves lady I kill for her body

When you top of the game people can't stand and get this much crazy

She is getting g movies and other people watching

Was watching the last episode of Beyhadh yesterday and had to think that SLB should have taken Jennifer WInget for Padmavati's role. She would have been a better choice with her beauty and acting skills than DP.

error: no curves found!

To me she's alwAYS looked her best in her initial days like Om shanti om because she was fit but she had these full cheeks and was plump in the face and when she smiled it was charming. Now she looks tired even with her beautiful smile.

she has become too slim

Is Vin Diesel the reason behind her fading beauty?

ash style copy

She looks scary...Sorry but she has lost her beauty.

looks like a papadum to me. Her face is too big for her body.

maybe trying to be as slim as mahira

Your comment is disgusting... hope you are not a female .
Women complain about men talking about them in a derogatory manner and if you are indeed a woman, you are seriously sick. There are better ways to say that you don't like how she looks or what she's wearing

I will say what i feel, dont teach me!!

no head lights and no bumper. She must eat something!!!!!

What has she done to her face? Sorry but she is not looking as beautiful as she used to be

She has completely lost her natural beauty, that she had in older movies. Chin surgery, whitening, eyebrows...

hatred has completely made you lost your sight. You think she is botox or plastic?

Eat Burger!

Beautiful look....but same manipulative deepika inside

beauty b what?

I really like the last picture. the way she gaze. too lovely and sexy. No wonder Ranveer cant

r rumor has it rs was seen doing dope .hope she doesnt end up with him.if its true.bad habits are hard to quit,lol

Sari is great but she is just too flat to rock a sari.

Too much makeup spoilt this look.

So she and her team experimented with her looks on MAMI and it blew up on their faces so now they are back at being basic and blah... how boring!!! just like her acting.

What a beauty!

sonakshi is also beautiful

Whoa. This is FABULOUS. Sabyasachi + Deepika = Perfection!

dp praising her self all over

Super stunning and a very deepika look. Happy girls are the prettiest. She is especially delectable lately, her man better put a ring on it soon!

I don’t see the hype, I really don’t like her face. She looks better onscreen than off screen

She is so happy with junno chopra...but nevwr with rs??

All bolywood divas r makeup beauties without makeup they jst look eww...

Yeah! All Hollywood and Lollywood actors look ugly too without makeup. Nowadays who do not wear makeup, even common men and women wear tons of makeup. after all, they are actresses.

Why she put so much makeup on her face...

Gorgeous diva Deepika

None can carry a saree the way she does

Deepika i love your eyes

Gosh! beautiful is an understatement here ,what to write ? no words to express what i wanna say right now ....Love u deepika

Perfect styling! Now if they keep this up, Deepika can shine through the promotions!

love it. gorgeous deepika.

Deepika tries so hard but still doesn't look good. She's gotten so rough looking with age.

I really love the sari, and her smile is great.... She used to have curves and honestly I miss that but however she feels best is obviously good I just hope she doesn't feel pressured to be so thin. Her and Katrina looked way better when they had more curves on them they are becoming so super thin with the pilates regime and all the actresses are getting the same body (Alia, Sara, Katrina and Deepika). Only Kareena has a different and unique body type with some curves still. Also what is with the dark haunted eyes, she looks like a skeleton with the super slicked hair and deep set eyes.

stop body shaming and grow a personality deeper than your shallow perception. No wonder you're an Ash fan. As superficial as it gets

The irony when Deepika fans talk about superficiality. Hehe. Deepika can't act, can't dance, can't speak properly, the most superficial person in Bollywood.

as usual, psycho fan confusing herself, hating and liking at the same time. what an hypocrite? Deepika is far better and human than your stalker anyway

She looks gorgeous! Wish it was a contrasting blouse.

Love everything about this! The saree, her beauty, everything! She can never go wrong in a saree, her saree is always perfection. Love it!!!

Deepika looks stunning. She looks good when she doesn't try hard.

She is beautiful but too much exercise and losing weight is affecting her beauty, but her smile is always Golden:) Take care Deepu Rani.


Deepika is a wannabe like most south indian people!!

What rubbish? What do you mean South Indian people!!!

How gorgeous is this saree

Omg she is looking better day by day u go girl!

Nice saree

Deepika looks so dreamy. Wish i could meet her once.

Day after day she looks bad

Hey jealous katrina get your eyes check

Looking good here . A extra kilo or 2 would be nice as she's much thinner here than usual .

Deepika looks so dreamy. Wish i could meet her once.

Beauty with grace and talent.

Deepika has a divine face with beautiful features.

That nose would be so yummy

The sari is beyond gorgeous. The lady looks elegant but tired. Has to be one of her better looks this season. I'm going with a yay!


I love youuuuu

She is as flat as a carom board.

Beautiful and she glows!

she has a huge aishwarya rai hangover

Thats Kat not DP. Saree is not ASH property but indian wear.


She has lost her charm

If you go by her calculative and manipulative ways, she has absolutely zero principles. Anything and everything is fair for fame.

Get well soon!

yeah i agree if you go by KATRINA calculative and manipulative ways, she has absolutely zero principles. Anything and everything is fair for fame.
pinkvilla post it plz dont be biased why arent u?

Yes i agree if you go by KATRINA AUNTY calculative and manipulative ways, she has absolutely zero principles. Anything and everything is fair for fame.
dare not to ignor eit plz

Yes i agree if you go by KATRINA AUNTY calculative and manipulative ways, she has absolutely zero principles. Anything and everything is fair for fame.
dare not to ignor eit plz

She will use any and every platform for self promotion. So over her façade and self created hype.

Hi kat stop being jealous and posting same comments. You use any and every platform for self-promotion. example using a kid to promote yourself. post it plz pv be neut

Hi kat stop being jealous and posting same comments. You use any and every platform for self-promotion. example using a kid to promote yourself. post it plz pv be neut

Beautiful outfit, good make up, good hair, gorgeous Deepika. This is how you should style her

Hands down... looking extremely beautiful like blooming flower.

amazingly gorgeous !

Stunning she is

She looks nice but I feel she would have looked even better with lighter shade of makeup

I'm dead.... Man she looks fucking gorgeous... Etheral...

She looks amazing.

Gorgeous. I hope to see her in ethnic outfits only during Padmavati promotions. She looks so young , like during her Ramleela days.

Disney Princess.

Dp looks ethereal. Whoever says otherwise is jealous hater.


Come haters spread hate 1,2 3, go

Queen Deepu looks stunning.

Deepika is such a beauty.

Rani Padmavati!!!!! My heart! She looks PHENOMENAL! So so stunning!


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