First Photos: Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Kemmu pose with daughter Inaaya Naumi Kemmu

Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Kemmu welcomed their first daughter Inaaya Naumi Kemmu on September 29, 2017.
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On September 29, 2017, Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Kemmu welcomed their first daughter and named her Inaaya Naumi Kemmu.

Kunal had taken to Twitter to tweet the good news. The elated father tweeted, "We are over the moon to share we have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl on this auspicious day Thank you for the love and blessings," and added, "We have named our daughter Inaaya Naumi Kemmu. Little  Inaaya is happy and healthy and she thanks, all of you for your love and blessings." 

Today, the couple were spotted outside their house while Kunal held his baby girl in his arms and in turn we got the first look of Inaaya who was bundled up and had a pink beanie on. 

The maternal glow on Soha was evident who was all smiles and looked cute as a button in a red, black and white plaid dress while Kunal was seen sporting a dark blue Chinese collar tee with blue jeans.

Check the pictures out:


Pinkvilla was the first to break the news about Soha's pregnancy as Kunal had said to us, "Yes it's true. Soha and I are very happy to announce a joint production coming later this year - our first child! We feel blessed and thank you all for your good wishes. "

In an open letter to a leading daily, Soha spoke about how she was going to miss being pregnant. The actress stated, "I know that I’ve complained a lot about this last leg of being pregnant — the aches and pains, the lack of sleep, the hormonal blitzkrieg — but I realise that I am going to miss being pregnant."

When Pinkvilla contacted Soha's mother and veteran actress Sharmila Tagore, the elated grandmother revealed, "We are happy. Soha is well and Kunal is well. It's lovely to have the little one. It's a very special moment. Kunal is super excited as it's his first baby. Thank god everything went well."

When Soha's brother Saif Ali Khan was asked about his niece, the actor exclaimed, "It is a happy time for us. I've never been an uncle before, so I am Uncle Saif now."

Whereas Soha's sister-in-law Kareena Kapoor Khan said, "I'm thrilled & excited that Taimur has a beautiful little sister now. We are all celebrating the joyous occasion in the capital."

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soha looks beautiful. congrats to the absolutely glowing couple! i have a feeling another starbaby is called inaaya but i cant remember who..also PV needs to do a better job moderating...

The child has middle and last name of father. Why is everyone getting so annoyed? I personally feel child following both religions will only confuse them. Even SRK admitted in an interview once his kids are confused... Which is sad.

1.Because kids can convert to Islam when they grow older but you have to be born Hindu to be one.
2. As a feminist, it bugs me and disappoints me when these apparent independent feisty women like Kareena, Amrita Singh, Sharmila Tagore, Soha etc. automatically change religion and last names of their kids. Why don't they have even number of kids, make one muslime with husbands last name and name the other kid hindu with mother's maiden name or vice versa. Equality is not just a catch phrase!! Get with the program ladies. You gotta re-write the rules.
PV, don't censor.

Muslime? Yes sure sure you certainly are a "feminist". That is if feminist meant bigot.

wow Soha and Kunal congratulations! Lovely little girl.. Sweet baby girl awww... Mommy looks healthy.. Lots of love and good wishes to you Soha and Kunal!

nobody cares

So Soha could give her daughter a muslim name, but Saif can't give their son a Hindu name.

This just shows the domination of their family. All the ladies Sharmila, Amritha , Kareena did not get freedom to associate hindu names with their children.

They both gave their kids 'human' names. Are you guys serious? It's 2017. Why are we so hellbent on taking our country back to the dark ages?

Taimur is a barbaric name, no wonder Islamists and their supporters think killing others is a way to jannath. From naming their kids to their acts, everything is so barbaric

Soha's face looks so cute! Chubby cheeks suit her, it gives her a baby look. Congrats guys, I share you happiness

soha is still glowing and looks beautiful with no or minimal makeup, and DAMN kunal khemu is handsome....i'd be having my tenth baby with him now if was my hubby

Kunal looks like a boy and soha looks pretty even after the delivery..:) happy fam

Parents can choose whichever name they like for their children. Why does it irk you so much if it happens to be Arabic?

Really cute family, wish you all the best. Stay blessed Inaaya Naumi Khemmu and your parents. God bless you!

Great, they are following Bebo-saif footsteps.Congratulations on the new bundle of joy.

So happy for both of them.. They have been together for so many years yet maintained a very low profile,very down to earth.. This couple seems very genuine to me..while I find kunal khemu very photogenic with a very cute face whereas Soha too is a very good actor..some of her off beat/ art films are awesome.. I hope that kunal n Soha get good movies n due credit in the industry.

Happy family. Bless

Kareena and Saif have never ever hidden their baby.

Soha looks soo pretty. Was the baby born on navmi?

it is always the case these days to give arabic names.

They don't hide their baby just like Saif and Kareena. Kudos to them

That is because Saif, Kareena and Soha are publicity hungry. They need to use their personal moments like pregnancy and child birth and newborns to be in news. Other celebs are content with their life and don;t need the public's approval of what happens during their private time. Soha and Kareena are not Prince William and Kate for media to run behind them. It is these women who is using social media directly or through PR to stay relevant. Soha was never a great actress and wasn't being spoken about for ages, but all of a sudden after she got pregnant she went the Kareena way

To each his own. You don't have to be judgemental about new parents, their cultures and their wish to show or not show their new born. You can look at these things from both ways. Someone might call Kareena and this one publicity hungry who want to use their child to be in news. So just enjoy the baby pictures if you really love this family. Don't have to comment about others.

God bless them

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