FIRST PHOTO: Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput's son Zain Kapoor says hello to the world

Mira Rajput shared the first photo of son Zain Kapoor on Instagram today. Shahid and Mira welcomed Zain in September this year.
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Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput welcomed their son in September this year. The couple had announced Mira Rajput's pregnancy in the most adorable way; they had shared a cute photo of daughter Misha Kapoor and had 'Big Sister' written with chalk. The couple was blessed with son Zain Kapoor on September 5, 2018. Shahid had then tweeted, "Zain Kapoor is here and we feel complete. Thank you for all the wishes and blessings. We are overjoyed and so grateful. Love to all."

Mira Rajput shared the first photo of son Zain Kapoor on her social media account today. She captioned it, "Hello World". Mira has earlier shared a glimpse of baby Zain in his crib with sister Misha standing by it, but today she shared the first photo. Zain looks like a spitting image of dad Shahid Kapoor and we can't take our eyes off him. He looks adorable in a magenta kurta, nestled in mom Mira's arms. Check out the photo here:


Shahid and Mira tied the knot in July 2015 in Delhi. The couple welcomed their first child, daughter Misha Kapoor in August 2016. The couple dotes on their children and often take to their social media account to share family photos. Shahid shared cute photos with daughter Misha Kapoor from the family's Diwali celebration. This year the celebrations were special for the family as they celebrated with their little angel, Zain. On the work front, Shahid is busy with the shoot of his next film, Kabir Singh. The film is a remake of the Telugu super-hit film, Arjun Reddy.


Please don't compare Taimur with this kid. Taimur is royalty this kid looks ugh.

The cute little piglet looks like comedian Suresh Menon.

Some people are so sick. Saying nasty things abt child. God please don’t give them any children.

Strange how similar this baby looks like Taimur.

Misha and Jain both are very cute

Kareena's PR and fans are truly digusting. They don't spare 2-3 months old baby. They have to spill their venom on innocent child. Every child is god's blessing and have beautiful unique qualities. Seriously PV do something abt it. This type of negativity is not healthy and sending wrong message to the society. PC pls post.

Those eyes and expressions are similar to John Abraham <3

Poor little kid.. got puppy mommy looks.

Cute baby

puppy not cute taimur much more cuter

taimur much more cuter

Taimur much more ten times much more cuter


Really not intrested in miras kids

Nobody is interested in Taimur too.

he looks like Shahid dad, and Misha looks like Shahid mom.

omg the innocence of newborn/2-3 month old baby is matchless. it makes you forget all the worries for a second.

So cute n chubby. Looks like Shahid when he was a kid.

Zain. Taimur. The arabic name invasion! Desi naam khatam ho gaye the kya?

You’re wrong. Zain and Taimur are NOT Arabic names. They’re Turk or Persian. Also, Parsi names are Persian (or ‘Arabic’) as you say, will you also ask them to change to ‘desi’ names? Aren’t they desi?

What’s your problem? Name your kids the name you want and let others name what they want to name their kids...

Zain k baap ka naam shahid hai aur Taimur ke baap ka Saif.

What an adorable little fella, has his paternal grandpa’s face cut..god bless

OMG so sweet, god bless him, muwaa.. lots of kisses..

Sooooooo cute!! I love this couple and their kids are cuties

So cute, god bless the family with boundless happiness

OMG!!!! Baby is adorable, shooooo sweet:))) God Bless stay adorable baby.

OMG he is so cute. His eyes are so expressive and beautiful. Nazar na lage cute pie ko. Congrat to Shahid and Mira.

They have cute kids.

very cute baby boy ..just like his dad.

People, it's cruel to compare a new born to Taimur!! Yes, Taimur is the cutest/intelligent kid but why compare Taimur to a new born baby!! No one looks alike, imagine if you were compared to super models! This baby is cute as well, just different, there is no need to utter such negativity!!

He looks adorable for a 2 month old baby. Normally babies don't begin to look cute till they are 3 months, before then their face is kind of just mushed together! He is definitely a big bubba!!

The baby looks so big and alert for a new born!! He looks like his sis: Misha!! Both kids look like their parents!!

Omg such a big head ... Mira must have suffered bringing him into this world;)

Doesn't even look even 1% as good as our little taimur.

Doesn't matter. Neither Taimur nor Zain will bother to spit in your direction in a few decades. Not like they would now.

Thank god they won't spit on me but I do hope they spit on you. Haha

What a repulsive thing to say

This is a rubbish comment.. All. Babies are unique in their own ways... Stop your hate..

So sweet!


When did Kapur become Kapoor?

Vvv cute..looks like his papa

Omg cute baby boy

oh!!!! cutie!!!!! he looks like his mom!!! big baby!!stay happy and healthy

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