Sonam Kapoor's house decorated, mom Sunita Kapoor oversees arrangements

Shutterbugs captured the stunning decorations at Sonam Kapoor’s residence for her wedding. Mom Sunita Kapoor is overlooking the décor and other arrangements.
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Sources close to the Kapoor family have confirmed that Sonam Kapoor will tie the knot on May 8, 2018. The wedding will take place at Sonam Kapoor’s maternal grandmother’s house which is close to Shah Rukh Khan’s residence, Mannat. The pre-wedding ceremony including the Mehendi and Sangeet will be organised at the banquet hall of the building in which Sonam has purchased a duplex recently. The reception will be hosted on the day of the wedding at a five star hotel in the city.

Preparations are on in full swing and Sonam’s cousins have already started rehearsing for the sangeet celebrations.

Today, shutterbugs captured the stunning decorations at Sonam Kapoor’s residence. Mom Sunita Kapoor is overlooking the décor and other arrangements. Check out the photos here:

Sonam Kapoor and the Kapoor family are tight-lipped about the wedding. Sonam refused to talk about her forthcoming wedding to Anand Ahuja at the trailer launch of Veere Di Wedding. She told media reporters, “Everybody will know everything in good time. This is not the right time. I have always had a good relationship with the media so whatever happens, I will share in good time. Thank you so much for keeping your patience.”

As per a report in Mid-Day, Sonam has requested her extended family members to not speak about the wedding. She will let sister Rhea Kapoor and dad Anil Kapoor talk about the wedding.

In an interview to The National recently, Sonam also said that she does not believe in extravagant expenses on a wedding.

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Top post on pinkvilla for 3 days and still people say that they don't care about her

Sonam's PR took this video and posted and then Sonam calls herself private. Lol to Sonam and her hypocrisy

Overlooks arrangements or oversees arrangements?

Sad it's happening so soon after Sridevi passed away. They could have waited for a few more months.

In Hindu families death in the bride's side does not stop a wedding. In fact people are encouraged to have it on the same date as scheduled. Reasons are too detailed to go into, but you can find out if you look into it. That's their tradition. Things seem to be low key than the usual extravagance as a mark of respect for the death. Happened to me, two days before my day. Very difficult time, but wedding had to go ahead, lower key.

I find her to be quite grounded and down to earth. Aside from being in the movies and a huge fashion icon, she’s born into a showbiz family so she’s going to get a lot of hate even if she was timid and quiet but inspite of the above she doesn’t have the arrogance of a Kareena kapoor! Congrats to the happy couple. Wishing them happiness and laughter

I do not like Sonam's big mouth-disrespectful and unintelligent comments, I do not like her acting and I cant get over the fact that she used her inherited public position to spread National communal hatred through her unsolicited, biased remarks on the recent kathua case.

This makes me dislike her exponentially and hence her films and acting aswell. I will try and not hate-comment about her, though I give no word, just in case, she says another stupid thing. Thank god, she is down and out into the husband who is her male version, hope she doesnt use public platform for anything other than her movies, ever!

Till then, Ill just ignore everything related to her happy-day and not waste my time writing hate comments. PV pls post.

If all you took away from her position in Kathua case is what you've written than I hope you get well soon my dear.

Congrats to Sonam and her future husband :)

These haters should stay away from sonam 's wedding posts atleast...this is not a time for trolling her...just happy for her like someone getting married for right reasons not for money etc etc...seems sonam is very happy , comfortable ,in peace with anand ahuja...whether we dnt like her& anand...doesn't matter

THEY ARE REALLY HAPPY WITH EACH OTHER....lets congrats her....very rare to find love in this cruel world...whether you are rich or poor love is everything...happy for sonam
Also excited to see their outfits for this wedding...coz her mother sister sonam everyone having great taste in clothes & jewelley...looking forward to it

I don’t like her. But I can’t ignore her either. Congratulations Sonam. Can’t wait to see you as a bride.

Not a fan of sonam’s acting or foot in mouth statements but congratulations to her. who doesn’t love a big, fat bollywood wedding? they’re rare and sonam is very fashionable. This will be a spectacle for sure

So where is the wedding happening? Maternal grandmother's house or maternal aunt's house? Atleast keep your information straight.

oh wow! it's really happening! Get ready for kapoor wedding PV tsunami in the next 2 weeks! *high key excited*

Isn’t the wedding too soon after sridevi’s demise . Was her chachi after all .


huh! So the decorations outside for her wedding is just her mum instructing them? Seems like they really are DIY'ing the wedding except for the outfits probably. Suprised.

Seems like the wedding is happening very soon! Happy for the couple and especially the families. God bless

She keeps her personal life personal by calling a known paparazzai to click pictures of her mother decorating her house.

I'm very private person.. Then share your private conversation with your boyfriend in instagram.. Blame media

Congratulations to the happy couple.

Wow .. there is no privacy in these people’s life . Somebody taking video and Sunita doesn’t even know.Its not good...please give respect to people’s personal life.

Wow, is this happening sooner than reported or do decorations gonup so far in advance?

Congrats to Sonam Anil Kapoor!! Cannot believe Anils princess is getting married!

Love you Sonam!!

Being rich must feel good.

So happy for Sonam! Can't wait to see her wedding! She deserves only happiness and love!

So... her movies trailer just released. Movie is called veere di wedding. And now pictures of her home all decorated for her wedding are all over the media. Gotta give it to her, it's the best PR I've seen for a movie. Timing.. Wah!

I Know right? such smart these two sisters are, mixing personal life with professional.. and these are the people who keep saying, oh I do not want to talk about my personal life.. Yeah right..

Not sure if this is even going to help her movie

Omg is it for her wedding

3 months ago a female journalist break the news of sonam wedding. But liar sonam bashed that lady calling the article fake and her a PR agent. That journalists replied when it turn out to be true I will only talk to you at that time. See Twitter as a proof
.pv post the truth plz pv post it

It's her choice when she wants people to know about it and the journo stated that she will settle in London

Ok sonam PR. Still it doesn't justify sonam abusing a female journalist and call her a PR agent. Fyi that lady didn't mentioned London. Also that London thing is sonam PR like Switzerland wedding. Pv post the truth plz pv post. Plz don't ignore n biased

must be soon! wonder what she is going to wear. hope it looks good. she has best tast. just wish reson was also avalible in europe

Looks like she is indeed having the wedding at her home. Congrats to the couple

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