Flashback - Rare photos of Preity Zinta & Saif Ali Khan from their Kya Kehna days

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Here are some old photos of Saif & Preity which resurfaced on FB. Must say physically both actors have changed a lot!


Cute couple!!!


I Want To See Them Together Agaiinn ShoOOo Bad :/ :( Miss this Jodiii

OMG! Preity was sooo Pretty

agree with below comment. It is not just looks, he got smarter with age and experience and it shows in his life and she became dumber and it shows in her life.

Age changes face tones. Do you expect a woman to have the same firm and youthful skin as she ages. For some, the aging can start showing a little early. This is her youthful look like anyone has in their 20's. Look back 10 yrs at your pics when you are in your mid 30's and you'll know what I mean. It's the aging process.

Omg, chuck Saif & preity, Look at Saroj Khan :O

Said was so sexy back theb and still is for a 50 year old man. These pics are adorable.

Last photo of Preity is cute. She looks so fresh and innocent

There was something between them. He should have married Preity Zinta!!

Preity's face was untouched, Saif had hair, and they both certainly had a fling!

both went opposite to each other
Saif got better with age
Priety got WORSE :S
P.S. even at these time she looks ok to me thou i was a huge fan of her acting

Preity looks so much better without all the 'work done'

Old days memories Love u Priety..!!! U are such a sweetheart

she was so beautiful in the past i regret it

I think Saif looks the same except with less hair. But Preity has definitely changed.

Wow! I think I've heard it all. Now a nose can make you look like a lady or transgendered. Lmao How stupid of you!!!

wow preity looks beautiful

OMG, I miss you Preity.

Saif looks like a ' lady' with the nose. He has a transgender face

Saif just got better with age. Pretty just got worse with Botox! So sooooooo sad :(

preity was adorable and saif was so cute. they looked beautiful back then :')

I miss the old preity!:(

Drugs did what she is today. She is a chain smoker, drinker and a drugggie. Sushmita sen same problem.

I always feel that preity has a crush on saif

Preity is the one who has changed for the worst.
Saif is getting handsome more & more everyday!!

preity looks sooo beautiful . lusting over her thick full brows n lashes!!!!

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