Ganesh Chaturthi 2018: Kareena Kapoor Khan and Karisma Kapoor twin in yellow and nail the traditional look

Karisma Kapoor took to her Instagram page and shared a photo posing with her sister and actor Kareena Kapoor Khan. The siblings have decked up in traditional look for Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations.
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The whole of Bollywood has been decked up in traditional attires as they are enjoying the joyous occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi 2018. Several celebrities welcomed Lord Ganesha at their homes and their near and dear ones made sure to mark their presence at the celebrations. When it comes to enjoying Indian festivities, Bollywood celebrations know how to nail the traditional look and many of them even take inspiration from them. Today, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Karisma Kapoor were seen in the ethnic look.

Karisma took to her Instagram page and shared the photo posing with her sister and actor Kareena. In the photo, Kareena is seen wearing a yellow knee-length kurti with a matching floor-grazing sharara and silk satin pink odhani. She teamed it up with gold dangling earrings, golden juttis and a pottli. A simple ponytail, sindoor on her forehead and fresh makeup rounded her perfect look out. On the other hand, Lolo wore a yellow salwar churidar with white threadwork all over it. She rounded her look with a pair of dangling earrings a pair of juttis.

Check out the photos below and tell us about it in the comments section.



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Meanwhile, on the work front, Kareena will soon start shooting for her upcoming film Good News co-starring Akshay Kumar. The film is based on the subject of surrogacy and also stars Diljit Dosanjh and Kiara Advani in pivotal roles. The film will be directed by Raj Mehta and is slated to release on July 19, 2019.


Bold & Beautiful
Sexy & Smart
Hot & Hotter!!!!

Lolo is becoming more and more of a stunner with each passing day

Our bebo is one of the best actress of Bollywood,, someone saying I am not a fan is an insult to the industry.. Bamy be that person should not see any Bollywood films to make improper judement and fans

You know what's an insult to the industry? That mediocre actresses such as the Kapoor sisters are idolized by the likes of you. Meanwhile, tons of more talented people will never have the opportunities they have had as members of a powerful film family.

Yes like Aishwarya's in Jazbaa

I am not a fan of these sisters . but I like Karisma's outfit bright yellow . I am not a fan of lehengas but I like Kareena's pink scarf .

both looking good but karsima lookin really pretty in that shade of yellow

Whose Ganesh Chaturthi celebration did they even attend? Didn't spot them anywhere.

Are they dressed for Ganesh chaturthi or Eid?

I knew I would find this comment here as well. What is your problem?

Karismas outfit is awesome .. mayb its not mkg that effect in image ... but i luved it in image im sure it luks 100 times better in reality ...
Kareenas outfit is purely bhopali types ...

Are they dressed for Ganesh chaturthi or Eid?

Best sister duo of bollywood


Love Kareena!!! She rocks man

Karisma looks better here

Prefer Kareena’s outfit, vibrant fresh colours. So glad she’s not pouting or posing awkwardly for a change.

She looks so pretty without that silly pout

Karishma's outfit is not working. Bebo is good.

Two beautiful ladies...but I am not in awe of their life as mine is much better although I am not super rich...

Kkk killing it as her

I love it when Kareena rocks sindoor like a boss !

Simply wow!

Both ladies rocking their 40s to the hilt...not one can tell they are positively glowing and looking absolutely gorgeous!

40s? Kareena is still 37 turning 38 next week

I want Kareena’s outfit ....

Both looking stunning AS USUAL.

I was never a Kareena fan...but I'm impressed at the way she is always so 'ready' for the day/occasion/event/holiday etc. I've realised you simply cannot have everything in life because of luck or even hard work. You have to work on a strong, calm, positive mindset for so many wonderful things to come your way. And it's a really hard thing for most to achieve so good for her!

Feel so sad that you were not a Kareena fan ..

Kareenas outfit is goals ❤️❤️

Kareena the luckiest woman alive, she has beauty, health, fame, wealth, beautiful kid, and loving husband and family!! Guess what, I got none of these things, man, God does favor select few!! I would settle for health and wealth, the rest you can live without!!!

You're ABSOLUTELY correct. I feel exactly the same about Kareena that she's extremely blessed & I wonder if she's actually aware of the fact that she literally has everything anyone on earth could ask for.

Oh, hi, Kareena. You still feel soooo special? Ooh. :)

You can and will have all of this. God's favour is for all his children. You have beauty, if some days you don't feel it then work on it: you could put a face mask on every second night, save up for the particular make up best suited for you. You alone can create health, Kareena worked extremely hard for the health she has, you can have health too! It takes discipline and time but you could just walk for half an hour each day and do yoga in your bedroom! As for wealth you earn it and use it as wisely as you can, I know this isn't easy and it's a part of life that common people are stuck but learning to wisely steward your money is something every working individual can do. Marriage and children are common blessing and I assure you, if you choose to have them your kids will be beautiful. Don't be discouraged by looking at these stars, they're just people doing a a job, just like you!

May God bless you dear with all the things you desire in the world !!


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