Gully Boy Ranveer Singh & Alia Bhatt are the ultimate stunners at the Berlin Film Festival; see pics

Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt are busy promoting Gully Boy at the Berlin Film Festival 2019. Check out their latest look from the festival.
Gully Boy Ranveer Singh & Alia Bhatt are the ultimate stunners at the Berlin Film Festival; see picsGully Boy Ranveer Singh & Alia Bhatt are the ultimate stunners at the Berlin Film Festival; see pics
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The stars of the moment are Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt who are busy promoting their upcoming film, Gully Boy at the Berlin Film Festival 2019. Ranveer and Alia along with the director, Zoya Akhtar jetted off to Berlin a day before as their film, Gully Boy had to be screened at the prestigious film festival today. Before the premiere, Ranveer and Alia have been busy with press interviews in Berlin and their style quotient will surely give us all fashion goals. 

Today, they both took to Instagram to share their outfit of the day and we have to say, they are truly stunning. In the photos, we can see Ranveer dressed in a shimmery white pant along with a white high-neck tee and furry white jacket on top. He teamed it up with sunglasses and white-blue sneakers. On the other hand, Alia kept it extremely stylish for the press meets in Berlin today.

She can be seen sporting a formal look in a Moschino white pantsuit with red lines all over it. She teamed it up with a pair of white heels and her hair was left open. Alia slayed like a boss in the formal look for the press interviews at the Berlinale 2019. 

Check out the photos:



Gangsta of Love @manisharorafashion

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बर्लिन की गली में

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Don’t they look amazing? Gully Boy is based on the life of street rappers, Naezy and Divine and Ranveer can be seen stepping into the shoes of Murad. His story gets a new meaning when he discovers his passion and follows it to become an extremely famous rapper. Alia plays the role of Safeena who is Murad’s love interest. The songs of the film like Mere Gully Mein and Apna Time Ayega have been trending since the time they came out. Even though Gully Boy is premiering at the Berlinale 2019, it will release in India on Valentine’s day i.e February 14, 2019.  


Good lord Ranveer. This is a film festival, and you're representing India! Please dress like a normal human being. Stop embarrassing us!

Ranveer..... Insane...

Alia is wannaabe. the moment she opens her mouth people will know she is there only because of nepotism!

Why is Alia even there in Berlin?!? I’m sure her role is 10 minutes total running time

Beautiful style Queen Alia, trying to make herself into Kareena Kapoor of course which I don’t mind because Kareena is THE ultimate Style Queen.

Alia’s promotion looks have been good compared to her old stuff. Ranveer is just something else.

Ranveer likes to be center of the attention. This is why he wear what he wears. #attentionseeker

Why everyone treats Alía Bhatt like royalty? Why every other single actress un Bollywood, starkid ir outsider, has to work three times harder to get little praise and recognition? It is so unfair and Kangana Ranaut just told the truth!

Alia the KJo puppet. Kangana is 100% right. PV please post

Is he a closet tranny?

Must be a really bad movie for them to go all out and then some for promotions.

Both are looking atrocious..

To be honest I am lost for words not because of ranveers sense of style but of Indian people to be honest. The way you people bash,insult and abuse one of your own is beyond me. From ranveer to ranbir to arjun to deepika to priyanka to alia to sonam who do you actually like? It's sad.....

I think it's kangana who trolling stars here...she said the same words in her latest statements...poor her...

Kangana the Queen!

Winter in Europe . Who wears such clothes ?

OMG!!!!Look at what he is wearing.If somebody knows what to call his dressing sense ,please tell me.I am at a loss for words.How to describe something insanely bizarre.He looks absolutely obnoxious.To think he would wear something like what he is,omg awful!!!Maybe his wife can give him a reality check about his dressing sense.

ranveer outfit. feel sorry for deepika, if my man wore that i would be embarrassed.
its not that Ranbir is more handsome then ranveer but the way he dresses and suits up he does look like that! when srk was young he had all the lady's die for him just bcz of his charm, acting and dressing. (salman was hansome like ranbir) but srk wasn't the most handsome man yet we felt he was!
ranveer yaar change your dressing.
you have it all yet you destroy your chance of being taken seriously and being the handsome hero of the nation.
pinkvilla please post and don't be unfair.

Looking polish, stunning indeed:))

Good lord! Is that how he dressed up out there? For a film festival? Both husband and wife have no sense of dressing internationally

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