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Happy Birthday To Our QUEEN "Kangna Ranaut"

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Happy Birthday to our very own QUEEN "Kangna Ranaut". She surely was a beautiful girl with gorgeous curls bright eyes and that attitude even in her childhood days. We, her fans and well wishers pray for her success and good health on her Birthday.
After delivering a first rate, heart-felt performance performance in QUEEN she is all set with her new movie "Revolver Rani" releasing on 25th April 2014. Good luck KANGNA and A very happy birthday from all you fans !!

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Ahhhhh........You can tell she was a precocious child. I love the pic of her sitting on her grandma's lap. I hope one day Kangana will make a movie about her life.

She should throw a lavish party. Happy birthday kangana not alot of us outsiderscould make it in bwood like you did best wishes

Best bday present must be having her Bollywood detractors eat humble pie after Queen!

what is the correct date of Kangana birthday...20th, 21th, or 23rd?
she is a typical village girl. she is lucky to have made it to bollywood

Kangana, many happy returns of the day :)

happy b'day kangana.....

happy b'day kanagan.....

happy b'day

Pleasantly surprised by Kangana's act in Queen.. A movie that will get u rooting for the character evn after the movie ends... PRAYING FOR HER TO CONTINUE HOLDING HER OWN IN BWOOD AND REMAIN KIND HEARTED & HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUEEN

Can't find the right words on what to say about queen. All I can say is every girl will see her reflection in the character Rani. Kangana acted her arse off. Hard work finally pays off this time for her im sure this 27th birthday will be a special one fir her & enjoy your moment dear.

she was born 1981 not 1987, she turned 33 today

happy birthday kagana
love & best of my wishes fo you:)

Happy birthday Kangana!!!

i think that picture is with Rangoli holding baby kangan's head awwwwww

happy b'day my favorite girl !!!!

Happy B-Day!

Happy birthday Kangana! After a long time there is an actress who I'm truly rooting for she is simply amazing!

She looks just like her mum! Her childhood pics are beyond adorable.. All the best to her.

Happy Birthday! LOVED Queen A LOT!!!! Every Indian girl should watch the film. Shine on!!!!

Happy Birthday Kangana....she looks so stunning in the first pic.

Happy Birthday Kangana!!!!!

Her attitude bothers me. She has no social skills, but she seems her rude self to both rich and poor people around her. Guess that's who she is!

happy birthday queen

Awww! Cho chweeeet Kangs. Happy birthday and cheers to many many many more.

thx for the wish two faced woman

so true

Happy Birthday to one of the present Queens of acting

happy happy birthday! btw you really don't look like 27! just saying... ;)

aww the third picture in the 1st row is just too cute.

hbday kangana!!!!!

Happy Birthday missy

happy birthday :*) Queen of bollywood and soon to be revolver RAANI of bollywood ;) xoxoxo

happy birthday our queen kangani

happy birthdayy Durga rani singh n revolver rani

Happy birthday queen! Kangana has the most adorable childhood pictures hehe..she seems like she comes from a really conservative family..its amazing how she is because most people are just a product of their surroundings

OMG........I love that pic of her in glasses. She was a badass even then! Also the one sitting in the fields shows a very poised confidant little. girl. She was so sharp and bright right from the start. She's come so far and is going all the way to Hollywood. She's going to become the Queen of the world!
Happy 27th, Ms Ranaut. We'll be along with you on your journey cheering you along and feeling so inspired at the same.

Oh my stunning Kangna. Many-2 happy returns of the day.


happy happy happy bday wish u best in life……………………

you are so fake its scary

I really like her and priyanka.. both struggled a lot and did a lot of hardwork to realise their dreams.. best wishes to kangna

happy bday queen Ur journey inspires us!!

happy birthday girl. you rock!

Turning 26 and she has already got bunch of movie in which she has delivered powerful acting, in past. Way to go Kangi. More power to you and yes happy birthday.

Wow just look at her in the 1st pic. So mesmerizing. Bollywood is lucky to have her. I really hope more and more directors approach her for movies. She deserves it. Happy birthday !!

She was beautiful right from the starting . Happy bdday dear kangi.

Happy Birthday my dear Queen Kangana... Wishing u all the success n happiness...hope to c u in gr8 roles n ur superb performances always.... B happy n healthy...

Happy birthday Queen Kangna... I liked Kangna from her first movie Gangster. She was very different from other actresses and that was the best thing about her. Then her great performance in the movies like Voh Lamhe, life in a metro, Raaz 2, fashion and I liked her even more. When she started doing stupid movies like Rascals,No Problem etc I thought that bollywood lost one of its best actresses but I'm glad that she backed to what she is the best, doing different and interesting roles like in krish 3 and Queen. She was always a good actress but she had a problem, her diction and dialogue delivery sucked. That was a big let down but she has worked really hard and now there is no such a problem. She became better.

xactly my thoughts!! she is an awesome actor


such a pretty kid! naaaw! happy b'day to my favourite actress! :D

U hav all the reasons to be happy!

Happy Birthday QUEEN.

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