Happy Children’s Day: Hrithik Roshan shares a special photo with sons Hrehaan, Hridaan and ex-wife Sussanne Khan

Hrithik Roshan shares an adorable photo of his children.
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Hrithik Roshan shared a special photo on his social media account on the occasion of Children’s Day today. He can be seen posing with his sons, Hrehaan and Hridaan and ex-wife Sussanne Khan. He captioned the image, “Let us strive to give r children a world that is filled with love and inspiration. It all begins with the self. Happy Children's Day."

About his children, Hrithik had said to a news agency , “My fame and my stardom is a part of their lives whether they like it or not. They better learn to accept it, understand it and use it to their best ability in a way they can contribute back. They don’t have to shy away from the importance that they get because of being my son… Because that is a gift that they have got. They don’t have to be embarrassed about it. They should be proud of it because, ‘Your father has worked very hard for it’ and all the attention that you are getting, is a form of love. There will be comparisons on social media and all. They will be comparing both of them – who looks cuter, who is better. They have to understand what is their self-worth. Their self-worth will come from daddy, mamma and from all the people who love them. I am not here to make money. Money is all a consequence. I am not here to be the best actor in the world. I am here to enjoy myself. I am here to enjoy my life not only as an actor but as a father, as a friend, and as a single insignificant part of nature”

On the work front, Hrithik will be starting work on Vikas Bahl’s Super 30. He has also signed a Yashraj film with Tiger Shroff and Vaani Kapoor.




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Suzzaine could'nt find a husband fo herself so shes back to hrithik hahahahaha

It's their life. People shud stop judging. So wat if they spend time together. So wat if they date each other. So wat. People are allowed to change their minds. Like someone said. They don't owe any answer to anybody.

There is more love, dignity n respect between them than even married couples. For me, they are still a couple. Hrithik seems content in his work n father duties. Never seen him go for dates or anywhere.

she is just with him smiling supporting him because she knows when the gravy train stops

Rangoli you're just with Kangana writing vile drivel supporting her because you know when the gravity train stops

Great pr comeback...making him out to be the perfect family guy...

Decide for urself. At one time, u call him papa boy which itself means he is a family guy n now say, he is not. Fact is He has always been a family guy. Just bcoz he was not interested in your obsessive stalker does not mean he needs to change his lifestyle. Infact, it is bcoz of the effects of the harassment on his kids, they are taking more care and Infact hv grown closer. Talk about twist of destiny. Ha!!

Atleast he is trying for happiness rather than fighting with everyone like you Kangana...

They are coolest divorced couple I hv ever seen. Very very mature way of handling things n kudos to both. And I also think they cannot live without each other. Maybe that space was needed to realise that n reboost their relation.After all, they hv been together since teens n that is a pretty long time. I also think Hrithik shud think about moving into a separate home close by instead of joint family to balance things between her n his family.

I got to hand it to them for just going about their lives. It's awkward but it's family anf you know what that's all that matters when all things pass. God Bless guys. So many people talk about soulmates and the one but so few honour it. If you find love hold on to it.. Some people lose it forever and mourn it till the end.

He always said she is and will remain the love of his life. And he has been maintaining that even when so many women are literally chasing him. He seems content doing fatherly duties or spending time with his family. More Power, Love n Peace to your family.God bless

Happy Children Day to u too, Duggu

Happy for the kids. Hope u move in together. It is clear u both are still in love n are unable to move on


^^Stalkers. Not all are like ypu

Looks like Sussanne made them all do Yoga. She is the only one enjoying it. Look at the expressions of the Three boys! Hilarious!

Nice to see them do Yoga. Hrithik, u are sitting posture is wrong. Look at ur wife n kids :P

It's his life n his choice. He will be with whoever he wants, even his childhood love n best friend Suzanne. He owes nobody any answer. Mind ur own business.

cant agree more. well said. People seem to have a problem to everything in this world.

Hrithik keeps sitting like a Pehalwan or Coach of his kids. Cute, Nice guy

I hope Hritik and Suzanne get remarried in a grand way. Wonder what will will happen to the psycho sisters then. The wedding will be the talk of the world.

Nobody will believe they are divorced. And it is not just for sake of kids. I mean, they go even for couple dates, family vacations, festival get together. And don't want to date others. That too when Hrithik can get any woman he wants. He seems to be hving a hard time keeping away stalkers. Hope they get back together. Bcoz clearly, they still love n are not over each other. Distance has only made the heart grow fonder.

Below every Hrithik article on PV, the first comment will always be of Stalker fans. Even her fans hv no other work other than obsessing over Hrithik. Such losers who cannot get that No means NO!

Both are still married to each other. They are even in the dating scene and its been 4 years. All they do is keep looking for excuses to spend time together as a family.

May God destroy all ur Haters and those who hurt you and your family. May all your desires and dreams come true! U are a great son and great father! Keep going!

Pls get married to each other again! That's the best gift for ur kids! You are Childhood sweethearts and it shows in the way u stand by n empower each other!

Heartwarming as always. Thanks PV for sharing this pic.

LOL at hrithik's pose

Jealous haters shud stop wasting time. No matter how many times u keep saying "family image, drama" etc. Does it really look like they care about your opinion? They are going to keep doing Wat they want in their life. Save your energy to do something positive n constructive in ur own real life.

Both shud move in together. They get along more well than even married couple. Soulmates for real!

Hrithik looks HOT even in most casual wear

Keep doing what is best for you and your family, man! Ignore the world. People will judge no matter wat u do. So, atleast do wat makes you happy! Love you!

Happy Children's Day!

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