Happy Children's Day: Kunal Kemmu shares daughter Inaaya Naumi Kemmu's picture and we can't take our eyes off her

Kunal Kemmu took to Instagram to share the first picture of daughter Inaaya Naumi Kemmu.
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Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Kemmu were recently blessed with their first child, a baby girl who they named Inaaya Naumi Kemmu. Since then, for the parents, it's been all about their daughter. Kunal took to Instagram and has finally shared the first picture of his angel and well, she is truly adorable. Her eyes spell magic and you can't stop gushing about this cute munchkin. 
He captioned the image as, "Wishing all the children everywhere and my little munchkin a very happy children’s day. May your innocence continue to inspire us to be better people #happychildrensday." 
In an interview with a leading tabloid, Kunal shared that he is trying to be a hands-on-father and is happy how how Soha is handling it all by herself. He said, "It was me who named her. Both me and Soha had our list of baby names and we decided to go ahead with Inaya Naumi Kemmu. We named here Inaya Naumi as she was born on 'Naumi'. 
He further added, " She is just 11 days old and is sleeping for most part of the day. She is a good kid and is very quiet. She does not cry at all. Touchwood. Her eyes are shut all the time, but she looks damn adorable when she opens her eyes. At first I thought she looked like an alien, but then that's how most of the babies look. Her cousin Taimur had been over to meet her, but he didn't give any particular reaction and we didn't expect either as he is a baby too. He either laughs or cries after meeting people, but he enjoys whenever I pick him up and play with him."
Talking about new mommy Soha, he said, "I love it how Soha is managing being a mother all by herself. There are sleepless nights, but she does not complain even a bit. As a father, I make sure that I wind up my work and reach home on time. 
Isn't that cute? 


Taimur is very handsome

She looks so delicate and cute

Sweet kid . dont know why people are saying she looks like Soha and taimur . I don't see the resemblance with anyone ,but shes cute

Such a beautiful baby. Must admit out of all star kids I like her the most. Something about her makes her special. Don’t know what.

May God bless her, she's so adorable and seem to have colored eyes. She's perfect baby with all those cute mummy's chin she's got and daddy's sexy lips. Perfect combination.

Looking like a white pork.post it pinkvilla. Whenever someone talk bad about ranveer singh you post it. But when someone talk bad about nepo kids pinkvilla don't post. Shahid's post on make up was deleted. Why. Because bad comments were there isn't it. It's bad pinkvilla. Everyone should be same

Time for your medecine my friend

Umm soha's facecut!

So little and so precious!

Taimur and Inaya are lookalike.

Oh wow! She’s got grey blue eyes, lovely. No, not just because of the eyes but because all babies are lovely. Just mentioned the eyes because she looks exactly like Taimur but everyone thought he looked like the Kapoors (this one ha s no Kapoor genes but looks like him). Let’s see who they grow up to look like. That’s part of the fun for parents. Soha is just lovely and very classy.

Beautiful baby.

Looks a lot like Taimur....Sharmila's eye shape but looks like she has green eyes.

cute baby..

She has got that pataudi nose unfortunately. She is cute though.

Shes got sohas chin for sure! Very cute baby

she is beautiful! look at that hair!

What a doll! Kisses! She's got her mum's eyes it seems

She's a cutie and babies' looks change all the time. I just really really wish one of them gets Sharmila Tagore's looks! She was spectacular looking!

Totally agree!!!!

What a beauty!! Taimur's sister for sure

So sweet, god bless her,,muwaa..

Mashallah she looks soo much like her mummy

Kunal is a good photographer..all good pics of taimur were clickd by him . Looks like the bb will look like his side of family.

Sharmila must be very happy after seeing her. Another Sharmila clone in the family.

Soha Ali khan’s mom’s mini version

Sharmila Tagore

Female version of Taimur just with black eyes. They are so identical

Another clone of Sharmila Tagore.

Looks a lot like Taimur. Gorgeous kids.

God bless you little one. Be safe in this big bad world

soooo cute!

Mashallah she's a cutie pie

Ok, next.

So she is the black eye and hair version of Taimur and she is still so beautiful. Where are those who said people see Taimur beautiful just because of his eye, hair and skin color?

Can't wait to see a photo of both taimur and inaaya. Hope we get one today

Beautiful baby just like taimur

Looks like she also has coloured eyes or maybe it just the camera flash

Quite cute kid.

What a beautiful baby.She's gorgeous.God bless her.

Mashallah she's beautiful

Looks like taimur

Aww she is gorgeous. Lovely

she is so cute and pretty bless her

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