Harman Baweja(currently dating Shamita Shetty) visits Shilpa in the hospital

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Harman Baweja who is currently rumored to be dating Shamita Shetty was seen visiting the new mom Shilpa Shetty post delivery. Also seen are Shamita Shetty, Jackie Bhagnani and mom Sunanda Shetty

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shilpa's mom is happy with rich raj kundra...cant say the same about harman !

Not only does he resemble Hrithik he sounds like him as wel! Shame really, as he acted wel in WYR. He needs to re-vamp his image, brush up a little on his acting skills. Only being recognised for being Hrithik clone and PC's ex, hasn't got him very far.

I think Harman's handsomeness has a national or even an international appeal.. he will become a hit even in South India if his movies are dubbed.. tall, dark and handsome.. You can't say the same for hrithik though.. too European.. but then thats what Indians crave, dont we?

How did she trap harman? he is so innocent and cute looking and she looks like well...look at her face. yikes. and shilpas mom looks like a scary woman, baap re!

he looks like the brother of the lead male in iss pyaar ko kya naam doon. Arnav singh raizada character.
anyone think the same?

HANDSOME. why isn't he getting some good movies. WHY

It's a shame that both sisters didn't get her mom's nose!

He's really good looking. I don't think he's dating Shamita though. He's just really good friends with Raj Kundra.

nooooooo...this cant be happening...I have always loved Harman Baweja with Priyanka Chopra...why arent they dating...i like them together

Harman looks lost. Shilpa's mum has such a cute pretty face. Both daughters didn't inherit their mothers good features. Still, both sisters are pretty in their own way.

Harman is so handsome!!! Wow lucky shamitha:)

Awe, good for harman and shamita.

He is good looking, but I don't like his acting, nor his voice!

Is that a jewellery box in Dad's hand?
Sunanda looks like she would have been beautiful when she was young.
I didn't know Shamita and Harman were dating... not a very exciting couple.

Harman does look good here, he ruined his career by trying to copy hritik!

oh is he really

Harman is very handsome

I liked Harman in WHats ur Rashee....awesome dancer too.......more opportunities would do the trick

looks like daddy bought hanuman ji k mandir ka prasad for shilpa :)

aww i think Shamita and Harman are better pair than Harman and Priyanka!! No Talent but he is mighty Handsome :)

Harman is so good looking, don't know what he sees in that fug shamita??? But then he was dating P.chopra who's even more Fug.

hope 2 flop stars make 1 successfull relationship!

Bhagwan banaye jodi.....

no wonder then Shilpa's husband is producing a film with Harman in it. I was wondering what the deal was...he's an OK actor, Harman..maybe better than Imran, he just needs better chances...

i like harman way better than hrithik....what to do harman ur duplicate came to bollywood before

hrithik is greeek god and harman is a desi boy :)

Anyone would think Harman's a good looking bloke in Love Story 2050....but not if they had seen Hrithik first!

And how is this news?? Who is Shamita and who is Harman?

Now Harman is marrying Shamita for the IPL money. More money to wash and launder.

At least Harman's getting some footage through the Shetty link. I was never a fan of his but he is a cute chap

Oh My God! Harman is like soooooo handsome no this just can't be true though happy for shamita!

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