Hot & Handsome: These photos of Fawad Khan will make you drool

Fawad Khan looks dapper as he sports traditional wear in these photos
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Fawad Khan is definitely one of the best-looking actors. He charmed the Indian audience with his performances in Khoobsurat and Kapoor & Sons.

Currently, Fawad is busy gearing up for the Pakistani movie, Maula Jatt 2. Directed by Bilal Lashari, the movie also stars Hamza Ali Abbasi, Mahira Khan, Adnan Jaffar, Shamoon Abbasi and Humaima Malik. The movie will see Humsafar couple Fawad and Mahira Khan reunite on the screen.

We got our hands on these droolwrorthy photos of Fawad Khan in which he sports traditional wear. Fawad looks absolutely dapper in these photos! What do you think? Let us know in comments..


When asked about being one of the most handsome men, Fawad had said in an interview, “I find it hard to believe. It bothers me sometimes. I don’t think I am a very handsome person.If I felt I was handsome, then I would flaunt it. I would flaunt it in many ways.”

It was recently reported that Fawad may try his luck in Hollywood soon and has also been approached with some scripts. “This is all new to Fawad. He never wanted to step out of his comfort zone. But with nothing happening to his career in Bollywood and Pakistan, he will now move ahead to explore options in the West,” a source had told a leading daily.

Another source was quoted saying, “Although Fawad was initially skeptical of the idea, Karan told Fawad the cultural stereotypes of Asians playing cab drivers and terrorists had changed after Priyanka Chopra’s Hollywood innings. That’s when Fawad got interested.”




He is talented and very good person

Prince charming

Looking regal

Film association should lift the ban

Miss u fawad !!!!

Such a good looker and so talented. I watched his dramas on Netflix and became a fan!

You guys need to find his voiceover for sfk bridals advert. His voice alone is regal!!! It’s called Elayna. That said, let’s not take away from other actors to boost our fave. Ranveer has done a class act, but I think Fawad would have been phenomenal. He really has the talent and sadly born in the wrong era when the world is full of S!?t

Look closely and that is a SAD face.

read closely and u see a troll living a sad state of life

More handsome than any Bollywood actor...sigh....

Dude trim that damn beard and lose some weight. I m dude and you used to be my man crush!!!

Shahid is nothing on this guy, Fawad looks a total prince/rajput, Bhansali really messed it up replacing him with Shahid.
Also to haters saying he is a Pashtun lol, he looks very much a Punjabi man. I hate this logic that you cannot be good looking unless u have some sort of "exotic mixture " haha , pathetic.

to all the Pashtun/punjabi debaters he is a Pakistani and a human can we now move on with such peaty issues

I agree with some of you here, he would ve been a fantastic khilji, not like this idiot Ranveer, he looks like a joke, same weird expressions in all his movies..

Uff, look at the hotness, wow such a handsome man.. love him,feel sorry for him that he can not work in Bollywood, he would ve killed everyone’s career.. Such a fine actor he is, look at his expressions..Wow..

Why to feel sorry? He is lucky to be out from this hell where only neotism stinks.

KJo must be getting org***ms just by looking at his lover here

Stop , untruthful , pure , gossip! Fawad was only friend with KJ !

Bannnnn pv

Stop posting pakistanisnon this page pv

Stop putting up posts of our actors. This is an advert for a pakistani brand by a pakistani actor. Why is it on PV?

Fawads PR commenting again n again the same thing " come back " lol nobody wants them here in india,really happy about the ban

You are a nobody. He has tons of fans in India and we love him.

he is not coming back to BW so he DOESNT need pr

His fans are his pr. That’s how it should be.

These desperate pakistanis are doing all that they can to get into bwood but BANNED lmao


They should lift the ban

Poor fawad every time he tried to support mahira on the social media,his wife was hitting him with the broomstick on his @$...its so evident in the first pic that he is still in pain...I hope karan will get him away fro his aggressive wife and out of Pakistan...they don't deserve him...
pls post pv...#true story...

Mahira was wearing Fawad's wife's brand just now. Clearly no issue between them. So shut it

ok whoever you are stop trying to create fake stories about fawad/sadaf & mahira. take your sick mind out the gutter fawad fans love sadaf and stop creating lies about her hes a loyal man. Kjo is busy with star kids launches thankfully fawad fans want kjo to stay as far way from fawad as possible

He looks gorgeous in this shoot. But he needs to lose weight and trim his beard.

What's the fuss about fawad looks? Does he look that handsome? I am not trying to be rude but to me he looks very regular like other Bollywood heroes. Why do people always put him on pedestal for his looks.

Fawad needs to come back to Bollywood. He is a young Aamir Khan - good looks plus talent.

Please do not insult him, he is way better actor than Aamir and way handsome than him..

Pls FawASS comeback pls...we need here...

Am I the only one who thinks he would have killed it as Khilji? And Ranveer/Sushant would have been good as Ratan Singh?

How fawad will be able to kiss kjo with this moustache?!...

None of the current Bollywood actor can match this guy's charm & aura. I'm very sure a lot of industry men were really happy when Fawad got banned ...

And, might have been the reason for it. The film producers association didn’t have to issue this senseless ‘ban’ Such a regressive move. Competition is good for the audience.


To all those saying if only he was playing a Ratan Singh just look at the opposition that movie is facing at this moment. Do you seriously not see how bad it would have been if a fawad a Pakistani was playing Ratan Singh. So please his fans are glad he is not a part of it, please spare him any more death threats. shahid is not a bad actor may be hrithik would have a better choice

He has a bushy beard for his upcoming film Maula Jatt !

Looks like he is peeing

I will look good too if I fix my nose :(

I don't blame fawad if he wants to find work out of Pakistan...
LOLywood is a bad copy of Bollywood...there's a guy who act,talk and style himself like srk...mahira calling herself madhuri of Pakistan...they call fawad the next khan...there is a designer who copy kjo style and had a show just like kwk...saba lately copied kangana song bollywood diva in some award show and made fun of mahira leaked pics and how Indians kicked fawad out...
and they dance on Indian song in thier award shows...there is no creativity and poor sources...I think kjo determining on hlep his new crush and it's great news for the fans...
I hope you post guys this time...thanks...

His. Fand have faith in his talent and would prefer kjo to keep as far away from fawad as possible. Really no creativity is that a recent movie made more money in uk than jhms and badshaoo.

I wish he had played the role of rajput king opposite Deepika. He has a personality and those looks . Unfortunately it has not happened and it has all happened because of Pakistan's silly attitude.

sorry can you spare him any more death threats that would have come his way if Pakistani played a rajput king

Ignorance again.....Pakistan is full of Rajputs. Tarek Fateh is also a Rajput. I'm also a Rajput. Go check out history and see which areas have ruled the present India and where's was the concentration of ruling warriors. Indians think Pakistan is an extension of UP Bihar and all habitants of UP bihar moved to Pakistan after the partition. LOL. NOPe, not. Over 96% of Pakistanis are native to the land since over 5000 years.

Buddy I am a Rajput the death threats would have come from sena in india

He would be great as khilji...Ranveer is a joke...

Pls my Indian friends help him to get out of one values him here...and he can't live the way he wants...and the work environment is backward...
pls post pinkvilla...don't ignore pls...

excuse me you are more thn welcome to leave if you have a problem fawad has no reason to leave his country

Fawad badly needs to find another place to work...
ahad raza mir replaced him as the heartthrob...his clothes brand is stumbling...
I hope kjo will be able to help him...

Ahad is over hyped thanks to hum t.v. pr machine

You are really jealous, poor Ahad is only 24, spare him from your hatred, he is one fine actor, the way he played Dr Asfi in Yakeen ka safar is phinominal, specially at such a young age, the maturity that he has displayed is just amazing, really a fine actor.. Fawad is a fine actor and I love him but yes Ahad is amazing too, and mark my words he is going places..

Fawad essayed the role of sarmad in Khuda kay liye a shoaib mansoor movie at 25 if you want to compare acting credentials at the same age enough said about comparison. Fawad is a outsider who made it big on his talent Ahad has a long way to go before you can remotely compare the two

fawad started working in 2001 in jutt and bond at 17. landed his first movie role in 2007 at the age of 25 he essayed of Sarmad the role in khuda kay liye need I remind you how mature that role was for his age. First play in 2011 that was dastan. at the same time he was part of EP his acting credentials are longer than Ahad. Fawad is a self made man he has worked very hard to reach here. Ahad is two drama's old and if it wasn't for the fact that he is the son of famous actor I doubt he would not have made it this easy. Ahad has a long way to go before you can compare him to fawad

who are you his house sweeper, that you know this. Ahad Raza Mir, has not replaced Fawad. Ahad had done only one drama, he does not have the looks of Fawad or stature. lastly, fawad is working on the mJ, that is the very high end film. His, wife's brand is a very high brand, that is doing great. so, stop spreading lies!

Indians are so delusional...they wants fawad who seems Arab or Persian to play the role of the Indian rawan ratan singh...while Ranveer singh who looks Indian play the role of the Turkish alaudin khilji...what a joke...
post pv...thanks...

He looks Pashtun/Pakhtun/Pathan and not any Arab or Persian....

Fawad is half Punjabi and half Pashtun but yes he took after his Pashtun mother. His sister looks like her father.

Fawad looks Parisian...and like the Arab who live in Mediterranean countries like Syria,Palestine and Algeria...and the most important thing he doesn't look rajpoti...

You must be Indian who thinks he looks Persian cuz India doesn't have a Pashtun State/Province. They have seen converted people who changed their last names as Khans, Pathans....

Fawad is a Punjabi - he looks very Indian.

Fawd is half Pashtun and half Punjabi but he took after his Pashtun mother.

Fawad is a pashtoon. And i dont think india has many of them

Fawad facial features are also Pashtun just like aristocratic features of SRK, Amir, Feroze Khan, madhu Bala, Salman, Raj kapoor and borthers. It's not about the skin color only.

For us Pashtuns, most Punjabis are swarthy looking and have features but for Indians they are fair looking. Ask Pakistani Punjabis they know better and have seen their 22% of Pashtun population at least once in their lifetime.

Once in their life time do you live under a rock .

Look at the pics of his Punjabi father and Pashtun Mother. He took after his Pasthun mother and his sister took after her Punjabi father. huge difference even though they got mixed genes.

His surname is khan. His father is a pashtoon.

Now, that’s aura and regal. Padmavati, here’s your Raja.

Sahihd guy misfit lol have u had seen sahihd body n muscles lol

Who is Kjo to guide anyone on Hollywood? There are many Pakistanis working in Hollywood-including directors. Use a thing called Google. Not our fault if your media keeps you ignorant

Pv post his pics when he is directly looking at Camera.... It fixes my constipation and many things.

LOLWA, Pakistanis know more what is happening in America than any Karan Johar. Google, Pakistanis in Hollywood. Pakistan has been ally of America since 1947 and has been a tourist spot for Americans . Even now, one can see scores of Americans in Islamabad. Google Mrs Kennedy favorite holiday spot in Northern areas of Pakistan. India has been ally of Russia till 1990s.

Had he had shahid role in padmat boy deepika would have gotten her hrithik like jodha akbar.....

Wow, he is so handsome, such a wonderful actor too, its too sad because of all the politics he can not work in Bollywood, sabki chutti ho jati.. Such a fine actor he is, I wish he was with Deepika in SLB's movie, he would ve nailed that character, look at his expressions, amazing he is.. I have seen so many posters of Shahid, guy is such a misfit for that role, no aura, nothing, no expressions, he looks constipated all the time..He is going to ruin that movie for sure..

Fawad shouldn’t go to hw - he is a quintessential Bollywood romantic hero.

no thankyou

Oh Fawad!! Miss you!

I wish he played the role of Padmavati husband. It would be the ultimate powerhouse casting. These pakistanis destroy themselves. No good international cricket in their country and these talented movie stars cannot work in movies in Indian cinema. Pakis, such losers.

Hope they come to some agreement to lift the restrictions so artists can work in movies

please his fans are more thn happy he is not part of Padmavati. look at the political mess around it can you imagine how bad it would have been if a pakistani muslim was play a rajput king. please spare Pakistani actors the any more death threats.

True. But let’s be clear that he personally didn’t do anything wrong yet he was banned. Art and movies bring people together, hope we can keep our politics out of it.

Never liked Fawad in angry expressions. otherwise he is handssssoommee.

Koi isko vapas lao yaar

Drooling lol...nice joke pv

Third Last...hmmm

Now that's what I can call 'good looking'. The beard needs to be trimmed a little more though.

The beard is for his role for maula Jatt to be released in a few months

Wow he was perfect for Shahids role in Padmavati and he would've looked smoking with Deepika.

His eyes!! Fawad is not just a pretty face, he can emote. Please get him back!! We need to see him in more movies.

Fawad is so good looking. But, more importantly he can act.

But m not drooling lol he is so short

He is 5"11, much taller than Ranveer Singh and all Khans.

Poor fawad trying hard to sell this rags that his wife design to the Indians...apparently he is not aware there is way better clothes in regular stores in India than this nonsense...
post pv what's the wrong?!...

Look it up, India is the biggest buyer of Pakistani fashion. A bulk of the money earned by Pakistani fashion industry is from India.

I feel pity on you for your ignorance in this age of information. Paki fashion industry is thriving, ask your designers. Indian designers are good at stealing.

I feel Pitt on you for your thick on guys stop imposing yourselves on India...
pls post pv...

Steal and then ban Pakistan's fashion industry, TV, movies, actors is the mantra. Just let their aloos, sugar, sports goods, leather.......

What you are not aware of that fashion Industry in Pakistan is huge and very thriving. Don't believe me, ask your designers who not only take Paki Models but also steal designs of Asim Jofa, Maria B, HSY, Deepak Parwani etc. Ever wonder why there's a ban on Pakistani fashion shows, news free harmless TV channels like Coke Studio, HUM, Urdu1 and movies? Think think .... what is it that shouldn't get leaked to Indians?

fawad you are rubbing salt on our wounds... maha rawal ratan singh would have been so perfect if you were doing it.. its like watching mughal e azam with zeenat aman as anarkali, randhir kapoor as dilip kumar and jagdeep as prithviraj kapoor

Can't stop laughing after reading your comment.Unfortunately it's true.

Imagine him playing Ratan this is what a king looks like.

He would have KILLED Khilji's role Man!!! Look AT HIM!!!!!! JUST LOOOK AT HIM!

I am waiting for your comments guys...usually this guy post is hilarious...

His clothes brand is stumbling...New actors taking his place...ahad replaced him as the one in pakistan cares about he trying to sell this to the Indians...ok...

The fact that you have to belittle fawad and spread lies about him shows how not so great you fav Ahad is

Hello, Ahad, you have not replace Fawad. Just compare the two, fawad is still the top. reality check!

ahad has acted in overrated tv dramas he is also a product of nepotism . you are delusional fawad is here to stay your fav ahad has a long way to go prove his acting

Madly in love with him..

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