Hrithik Roshan, Rekha, Rishi Kapoor and others attend Rakesh Roshan's birthday bash

Rakesh Roshan celebrated his birthday yesterday.
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Filmmaker-actor Rakesh Roshan turned a year older yesterday and hosted a birthday bash in the city. The party was attended by his family, close friends and team Kaabil.

Rakesh's son Hrithik Roshan made a handsome appearance at the bash. He was seen wearing a white long sleeved T-shirt with blue jeans, a black cap and a stole tied around the neck.

On the other hand, Rakesh was all smiles for the shutterbugs while posing with his wife Pinky Roshan. Veteran actor Rekha marked her presence at close friend Rakesh's party. She looked beautiful in a golden Kanjeevaram saree and heavy jhumkas.

Also spotted was Rakesh's close friends from the industry Rishi Kapoor with wife Neetu Kapoor, Randhir Kapoor and Prem Chopra.

Team Kaabil was elated to be a part of the bash and were clicked by the paparazzi as they were seen at the venue. Yami Gautam looked pretty in a playsuit and long shimmery shrugs.

Kaabil's director Sanjay Gupta and villain Rohit Roy were also spotted at the birthday bash.

Cricketer Harbhajan Singh was snapped with wife Geeta Basra and their little daughter Hinaya Heer Plaha. They were all smiles for the paparazzi present there.

Check out the pictures below.


Meanwhile, Rakesh Roshan completed 50 years in the industry. He spoke to us about it saying, "I started my career as an AD in 1968. I worked for 3-4 years and then debuted as an actor. It has been a great learning experience. I have always kept myself going by learning things. I learn from all my assistants, technicians, other films, actors and everyone."

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BW only adopt the life style, and fashions, partying ways of the west. However, in marriage the HW couples that cheat is held in contempt! Public even in the west does not look at this behavior as positive. Look at all the divorces that happen for this reason. How do these BW superstars, and others in power gets away with this ?

Nice pictures

Looks more like a solidarity meet than a birthday bash..the hosts look grim!!

U hvnt seen the inside pics and videos then

Seems like one cool party. Liked the tehzeeb of Rekha and Rakesh.

Hrithik seems like such a loser now. All that drama of him acting like a family man when he's had so many affairs (like other actors). Hopefully the kangana episodd is a good wake up call to the sleezy married mem thinking they can get away with everything

Look at his face! There is no joy in it! Poor fella!

This is like Fan 2 + Aitraaz

REkha is beautiful! Such a shame Rishi Kapoor let himself go .

Randhir looking so cute...

Sonu Nigam n Adnan Sami Jugalbandi video from party was awesome!

this big celebration itself speaks that how much they are affected by kangana's outburst at them. They invited other actors also just to show that the other ppl are also supporting them.

They organize parties every year. U are just frustrated that nobody cares a hoot abt ur Drama Queen n her Attention seeking lies

I can just imagine rekhas wardrobe. Filled with gold saris

i wish rekha was married to amitabh and abshishek to karisma

Suzanne is not his friend why they invited her

Happy birthday Roshan senior! I hope you read this sir. Khoon Bhari Maang is such an epic film!!! Fantastic to see you and the star of that film together.

Hrithik is looking great as usual!

The dumb woman kangana did not know is, every single word she spoke publicly will be used against her by Hritik's legal team. The case is under subjudice. She is so dumb she made those statements, she can actually go to jail.

Lol no one of substance came to the bday! Only old friends and B-grade

seems the whole of tinsel town attendd his bday...they dnt give a damn abt kangana.

Which tinsel town dear? Looking for the huge stars of Bollywood but can't identify any. SMH!

A very nice and dignified way of flipping off and dismissing someone. I am sure we'll get more interviews following this. We all You Know Who can't tolerate being ignored.

well said!

Nice pics!

Happy birthday Rakhesh roshan

Looks like Hrithik spent hours commenting on Pinkvilla post the party.

Is Rishi Kapoor wearing a gurdle around his waist?

It's a back brace. People with lower back problems use them, but usually under clothes.

Neetu Singh always wears trousers only. Seems her full wardrobe is full of that

How come rishi kapoor is mum on this issue.apparantely kangana sent nude pics to his son Ranbir.doesnt he know that

In saavdhdan India there were so many episodes of how women were missing either law r women card to show man is wronged.roshans should sue her

I love this humble and dignify guy even more

Hrithik's scarf must be keeping him warm and toasty in the chilly mumbai weather, ha.

Happy Booooooo Day...Accha naam roshan kiya


Kangana is now looking very bad coming out of this. She is losing her pretty fast. She is sinking...

She is pissed off that Hrithik not only rejected her advances but also exposed her habitual stalking. So, took 1 yr to cook up a flawed bizarre story to save her face. Those who are supporting her either dont know the case or are to dumb to use their own brain. Common sense asks where is the proof. And how come Rajat or Barkha never asked her about her evil forged pic attempt?

Yami is the epitome of Strength, Beauty and Dignity. Kangana is the epitome of Evil, Weak and Ugliness.

wasn't Yami involved with a married dude too?

OK sussane celebrate Ganesh chaturdi with all of them

My heartfelt respect to hrithik & his family.take a bow.can a dog ever ruin heaven if it keeps barking.

Facts can be overpowered by convincingly told lies only for sometime. But, Truth will always shine in the long run. We are with you, Duggu!

Facts can be overpowered by convincingly told lies only for sometime. But, Truth will always shine in the long run.

Everybody in the industry knows the Truth.

Truth is with Hrithik. His actions are the prove. Only empty vessels make more noises.

Yeah what se but Hrithik had an affair with Kangana and manny more. Nobody can change the reality. These Roshans have nothing to say the more they will say the more secret gonna come about about them. So they they decided to zip it.

I'm lovin it! If only Sussanne hadn't tweeted. This is how it's done, take a bow Roshans.

I loved Sussanne tweet.

I am sure she meant well. She seems to hold him in the highest regard but total silence would've been epic.

Where is good soul's ex wife ? Not invited?

She is not present in the partry n didn't twitted abt it means she must hv problem with the in laws not with HR . n may b HR didn't take her side when it's have been came to choosing between wife or parents. So may b she divorced him. It's happened in normal public's life also. So she is friendly to HR bt not with his dad.

oh kangana you are dying to see Suzzane with your Phantasy . she may be busy or outside india.

Kangana survives on controversies!

Silence is golden, world knows what's the truth, rest leave it to karma.

Wow. These lovely pics make my day. I love hrithik so much.

Silence is the Best Reply to a Fool.

Rekha shud change her wardrobe :/

How Beautiful it is to stay Silent when Somenone Expects you to be Enraged. Respct you Hrithik for being so dignified and graceful despite being a victim of that Manipulative Stalker

How Beautiful it is to stay Silent when Somenone Expects you to be Enraged. Respct you Hrithik for being so dignified and graceful despite being a victim of that Stalker

Yami is the most beautiful actress among newcomers

God bless you, Superhero!

Hrithik looks so hot. Love you. Stay strong.

Suzan was here ?

Where's Urvashi?

Yami and Hrithik shud date. They look awesome together!

ROFL Kya Beizzati ho rahi hai Kangana ki. Media k alawa tho Koi bhau hi nahi de raha usse. Ab Publicity k liye aur kisko target karegi?

This is just like Aitraaz movie how PC manipulates the whole thing using woman card.

Love you Hrithik! Stay Strong. Truth is on ur side. This Evil Media plot will last till her film releases. Dont feed them for a week. Later, sue her big time!

They are smart. They know not to react till her film releases. After that, they will sue her. Wait and watch. She is in for a lot of trouble!

hope they sue her.

Now, thats called a ROYAL IGNORE! :D

Please post inside pictures from the party are awesome!Seems they all had lot of fun!

till last last year he never celebrated his birthday but this year he did y is kangana is the reason to show his star power..who knows.

what star power? I dont get it.. bunch of old semi retired actors getting together .. Hritik is defntly not a star right now!! Yami must have come hoping for a role in their next production

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