Hrithik Roshan shares a series of pictures captioned 'Sun suits me' and we couldn't agree more; view PICS

Hrithik Roshan is called the Greed God for a reason and while we've never denied it, these pictures are indeed alluring. Check out the photos he shared right here.
Hrithik Roshan shares a series of pictures captioned 'Sun suits me' and we couldn't agree more; view PICSHrithik Roshan shares a series of pictures captioned 'Sun suits me' and we couldn't agree more; view PICS
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Hrithik Roshan is called the Greek God for a reason and well, looks like he does in fact never proves us fans wrong. The actor seems to be aging in reverse and has proven that age is just a number after all. Hrithik keeps sharing pictures on social media and we have seen pictures from his workout session to those with his adorable kids, and with this one picture here, we are sure having a time in trying to get over it, or, even take out eyes off this man and his picture.

The actor shared a couple of pictures and captioned it as 'sun suits me' and we see no reason to believe otherwise indeed. Hrithik and his stubble, or those eyes, and his pretty face, it is a sight to behold for sure. In fact, it isn't just us who is going gaga over the picture because even a couple of people from the industry did go on to drop by some love through the comments. Also happens to be in the comment section is producer and director Karan Johar, who went gushing over his eyes in the pictures.

Check out his post right here:



Sun suits me selfie

A post shared by Hrithik Roshan (@hrithikroshan) on



A post shared by Hrithik Roshan (@hrithikroshan) on

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Meanwhile, Hrithik has been in the news off lately as the actor's upcoming film, Super 30, earlier slated to release on July 26, 2019, has now been shifted as also releasing on the same day now is Kangana Ranaut and Rajkummar Rao starrer Mental Hai Kya. A lot has been said about both the films, however, Hrithik finally decided to move his film to some time later.


There is so much to learn from this man. Epitome of grace and calmness. Respect u for the person u are.

Everything suits u. Ignore the haters. They are those who reached for the Sun and fell on their faces ;)

Cute and Handsome. I wish i could wake up looking like this lol

Reading some comments, it can be seen that Stalker still stalking Greek God.

Good looks but an ugly soul makes him ugly in appearance too. Used to like him not anymore. Ayushmann and Rajkummar are much better with good a good soul.

Thank God, he can be free now. So, stop stalking him again

Do you know him personally to call him an ugly soul? Hrithik is a pure and a good soul. Everyone who knows him and worked with him say this. Kangana stop using rajkumar and ayushman. They too called Hrithik a good person. One who is ugly is you and kangana.

So do you mean you know Hrithik personally or Kangana personally to talk nonsense about her. You are so obsessed that you go and reply to every negative comment about him and vomit all your negativity on her post. You are mire obsessed with HR than Kangana Get a life.

Its kangana who speaks nonsense about Hrithik and every other star. You are obsessed with him just like your stalker idol. You always bring Hrithik on every post and spew hate on him . Fyi kangana is hated by all the fandom for obvious reasons . ITS normal for fans to be obsessed with their idol. But you hater and your stalker are obsessed with Hrithik and can't stop thinking about him. Get a life and stop stalking.

You know what you are a real stalker who waits for a response and then copy paste and interchange names hahaha. Kangu is at Cannes idiot she got no time for all this,maybe you are stalking her more lol ..don’t worry I have an Amazing life abroad and don’t go around making actors my idols like you. I only admire the work the do. So good bye and keep hating and copy pasting that’s what you are good at. By the way there is a new article about kangu praising her so go vomit there too hahahahahhahaa good luck

Stalker calling others stalker hahaha. Fans cant be stalker. You actually her PR who came, write negative comments and and then reply to his fans . Get a life stalker. Kangana and her fans are sick and obsessed with Greek God. Stop spreading hate and stalking.

Hi stalker kangana stop stalking HR. Your obsession with him is insane.

Hahahaha hahahaha Hrithik fans get so easily riled up lol..take it easy Mr or Ms you seemed more obsessed with HK than kangu.

Stalker spotted.

Eyes that lie

mid life crisis.. trying to take selfies when touching 50!

Still looks hotter than Sooraj Pancholi's step mom

Why is taking selfie at 50 is a crime or forbidden ? I bet you cant even look 1% how Hrithik looks at 45 when you will be at his age.

Stay Strong. Stay Blessed. God is with you.

I just love him man

So pure heart man reflect on his beautiful face. God bless

Dream man in every sense of being a dream man.

Keep your face to the Sunshine and keep going! :)

Hahaha He is so cute and does things which we normal people do. There is a innocence in him that he has managed to preserve despite some Evil persons crossing his way. God bless him

Giving Kangy sleepless nights for sure.

Drool worthy.

Is he for real?

Perfection thy name is HRITHIK ROSHAN.

He is giving sleepless nights to girls. :p

HR eyes are distinctive and hypnotizing.

I cant even breathe. Hell gorgeous.

No one in Bollywood, I repeat no one in Bollywood can match Hrithik when it comes to looks, charm, hotness, handsomeness, sexiness, dance, and fitness.

And Maturity. He is the wisest of them all

How can someone be so perfect? Good looks plus a great heart!

Man with beautiful pair of eyes and soul. Allah bless you my love.

Look at him. This is a reason he is declared as the most handsome man in the world 2019.

Killer eyes.

His looks ,his hotness and his handsomeness is unmatchable and unattainable.

Hrithik is an angel. So pure and so cute.

Love love love.


I am dead. Exceedingly gorgeous.

He is so handsome

His eyes are stunning.

Hot hot hot.

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