Hrithik Roshan trains with Kris Gethin

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I would like to say something...but I'm hypnotized!

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hrithik has the bestest body

i lyk it rithik slim fit body

most musculer body in bollywood.....i love tooooo......

oh my godddddddddddddddd....hrithik hats offfff,haters you cant even dream of this so shut your mouth or take my d**k

so many dirty jelouse people are dying ,i can see...........common..........give up haters....and enjoy watching him.........i'm sure lots of ppl,even haters would've thought of losing their virginity with him,even most of below bunch of drunckies n gays.

He is the most handsome man in India!

He is too small in front of the real big guys.

what is so wow about this? anyone can make that kind of physic if an international trainer is given. By the way he looks like a steroid homo.

This is probably for Krissh 3 but not attractive to the female lot at all. just a fit body is enough and hrithik is always fit and lean never seen him fat ever. So why this? maybe to promote the body builder's profile etc. If its for a film there is always C.G.I to ensure one appears muscular and stunt men for speed. Its simply unnecessary to bulk that much and affects the body when ur older and slump. so take it easy mr roshan, no one is dying without it :) Watch out for Arthritis, muscle displacement, achs on your lower body at a later age (upper body too bulk for the slim legs). no need to be disproportionate. just eat well and run/swim for overall fitness.

ewwwwww...too bulky! love arjun's physique any day!

ROFL....Brad Pitt? YEH RIGHT! :| Brad can ACT besides looking drop dead gorgeous!

Too much steriods,he looks abnormal

Salman Khan is the brad pitt of Bollywood. And his body has totally something else to offer.

so so so much batter than slaman ....

no dobut , he is the best .........

i would have liked to see the DVD of his workout.awesome body

too bulky. cross over to from sexy to just plain upper body building level.
i don't like it. Jugh JAckman knows how to look SEXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXY. I wish someone would have his physique in bollywood.

Um no, too roidy for me!

I can't take such arms on men. It's too much and actually a turn-off. I prefer lean men. If this is to improve visual interest and get the oohs and aahs then I don't think, atleast women-wise, this is going to help. If it's for an action movie and one needs that look as well as strength, that's another thing. Being fit and healthy doesn't have to look like this, but it's personal choice. I give it to him for the level of commitment one needs to push through to see such results. It's not easy. Men seem to be under equal pressure to look all muscled up in the industry, as much as women are to look beautiful and appealing. They should remember to not go overboard, because they just sometimes end up looking worse.

his body is certainly different from what we have seen in the past...I' m saying it's better, but for someone with a bad back like Hrithik he shouldn't get into these kinds of long as he's healthy, it's alright...I guess, he's obsessed with bodybuilding, which explains his shirtless photoshoots...

yuck...are those arms or crocodiles sitting on their shoulders. Steroid overdose!!! Scary.

so much better looking than brad pitt!

sorry for me this is disgusting....i prefer men lean and slightly built!! personal choice dont bash

Sorry to say but Salman Khan is the Brad Pitt of Bollywood

His arms are a little too big.

ewwww!!! all the men have giant steroidal arms! gross! their body lacks proper proportion

Hmm too bulky

I hate Hrithik's physique, he should tone it down!!!Q


While Hrithiks waistline and abs look fabulous,his chest and arms are ridiculous. Why would a movie star need a body like that? Is he planning to play Hercules? Don't think any of his future films require a body builders physique. Bigger is not always better.Tone it down Mr Roshan.

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement