Imtiaz Ali shares a throwback picture of Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor from the sets of Tamasha

Imtiaz Ali shares a picture from the sets of Tamasha on Instagram.
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Two years back, Imtiaz Ali delivered a masterpiece Tamasha which starred Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone. The audience was divided over what they felt about the movie. While some did not like the film, there were others who could not get enough of Tamasha. 
The movie will complete two years of its release on November 27. Imtiaz Ali shared a throwback picture from the sets of the film. Earlier, he had also shared an anecdote on Facebook. 
He had said, "The day Tamasha released Ranbir and I sat in a corner of PVR Icon. Deepika was pacing up and down. Our first show was running. Then she asked me - “How do you think the film will do?” I answered without thinking - “It will take at least two years for us to find out how this film has done.” It’s going to be two years of Tamasha guys and now we would like to know how it has done. Could you tell us? Send in comments and videos. Thanks."
Talking about Tamasha, in an interview, Imtiaz had said, "I do realize Tamasha's trailer was not true to the film, it was a mistake."
Meanwhile, check out the post: 

remembering tamasha...

A post shared by Imtiaz Ali (@imtiazaliofficial) on

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Mahira stop living on rk's post. He will not marry you.

Rkdp the best couple of this century

Rkdp are made for each other

Rkdp rocks

Dp still depresses n obessed with rk lol

Rk koh jab bhi dekho mera dil dewana boleh ole ole ole;)

Adore you RK

here is dare for Imtiaz Ali write a story where the story does not involve travel as a metaphor for life's journey .

Rk marry me;)

That's what Imtiaz Ali films are about - roaming around the world making the same hackneyed themed movies about self discovery and inserting pseudo intellectual crap

RKs holding onto deepis hand ;)

What's the wrong with jobless Imtiaz?!...

Rk missing u baby

Rk u r so handsome

Imtiaz with Bobby Deol haistyle

Imtiaz should put effort in finding a good script for his next movie. All he is doing is tagging deepika and rk to get publicity. Have faith in your craft Imtiaz!!!!

what a strong beautiful Deepika is haiiiiiii

Tamasha is one of the finest Hindi movies ever made!

Lol. You clearly don't know what fine filmmaking is. If Tamasha was to be reviewed by Hollywood critics, it would be bashed left, right and centre for its glaring weaknesses. From a filmmaking standpoint, it was a very very poorly made film. But yes, if you liked the subject matter and the songs and are attached to the film for sentimental reasons, then it's alright.

Imitaz n rk r very close

Ranbir my love

Rk i move u

Rk smile is like a hot knife in butter

Rk u r so handsome n adorable

This aunty is still after rk

aunty kat PR calm down. Its a pic by Imtiaz so why blame DP? she is over RK so better you get over RKDP.
dare not to ignore

Ranbir is adorable like a small baby

Jst look at rk so adorable

Ranbir so cute

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