INSIDE PICS from Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan’s bash for Kaajal Anand

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan hosted a birthday bash for their friend Kaajal Anand. B-Town stars had a gala time at the do and clicked selfies & posed for photos together. Check out the inside pics from the bash.
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Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan hosted a grand birthday party for their best friend Kaajal Anand as she turned 50 today. The celebrations were hosted at Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan’s residence, Mannat and co-hosted by Karan Johar. Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Arjun Kapoor, Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Ranbir Kapoor and other celebs arrived for the party.

Stars were seen having a gala time at the bash. Gauri Khan and Shweta Bachchan posed for photos. Karan Johar shared a photo with Natasha Poonawalla and posted, “Blinging it on”. Raveena Tandon posed with Ranveer Singh and captioned the photo, “Of a mad crazy time #partyingitup ! #fullfun#withmyfavmen in the world !”

At the party, Gauri was seen having a gala time. She looked stunning in an embellished black dress. The theme of the party was ‘shimmer and shine’. Shweta Bachchan Nanda also looked gorgeous in a white shiny gown.

Anu Dewan, Sussanne Khan, Maheep Kapoor and Bhavana Pandey also posed for photos in their shiny outfits.

Check out the inside pics from the bash!



Of a mad crazy time #partyingitup ! #fullfun #withmyfavmen in the world !

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#sparkling #TheWall

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Kaajal Anand has been extremely close to Gauri Khan. I find her the wisest, most sensible and most unbiased person that I know. She has the cleanest mind that I have seen. I’ve seen her really call it as it is — whether to Shah Rukh or to me. And I really respect that about her, for just a purely sensitive view, I’d go to Karan.”




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But where is srk, at his own bash

He is there serving around his beloved wife and taking any advises from her concerning his own behavior in public, precision, personal connection and life in general.

Majority of the people there need to learn how to apply makeup properly, and act & dress according to their age...they come across as so shallow and cheap...nothing to look up to...

WTH ! they are all dressed up like going to a carnival

Karishma looking good.her dress is good.she should not pout . Kareena dress like teen is looking like a kid.malaika dress is too revealing.some of them have not so good makeup.

guess this kajol anand is like another amar singh of bollywood

Beautiful ladies!

i feel this anand lady must be wealthy & powerful otherwise no bollywood celebs will hangout or attend anybody's bday party or call them best buddy!

OMG!! Rahul khanna <3 <3

Where is SRK? Not a single pic of him

Rahul Khanna, you hottie! We want to see more of you in the movies.... and Akshaye xx

One of the two girls standing with Karisma is Ranbir's Mumbai girl.

Rahul Khanna!!!!!!

Only Sweta Batchan and Karisma are dressed nicely.

So weird that Suzanne and Shweta hang out now like nothing happened ...

Why? Nothing did.

Why the hell is Priyank Sharma there?

How come the superstar of pinkvilla, Mrs Mira Rajput Kapur, wasn't invited? :O

i wonder ..when people comment on party being classy is the parties of the commenters..;-)

Kaajal Anand is nicknamed putlu. She is everybody’s best friend in Bollywood. I think Kjo and she were childhood friends.

They all look horrible and tacky. Perhaps that's what you come to with money.

someone please please tell me who kajal anand is. i mean i KNOW she is like gauris best buddy and she is always with SRK but who was she before that and how did she become such a big part of this high society inner circle? google is not helping me. pinkvilla please publish and blessings to the person who satisfies my curiosity to know this :)))))

Kajal Anand is a lawyer and she owns a home design business like Gauri

Kamal Anand is a lawyer. She also runs some sort of home design business like Gauri


Ranveer and Deepika are goals

looks like the theme was bling

Good lord! Rahul Khanna looks hot y'all! So handsome.

As usual PC wasn't invited she's been boycotted royally lmao or else she would have taken the first flight out of NYC to attend. hehehe thats what happens when you f around with married men karma catches up to you eventually.

Who is Kajaal Anand ? Sussanne looks much healthier now . So all of them were there together - HR , Sussanne & Shweta Bachchan ?

She was a lawyer, a part of Sanjay Dutt's legal team way back in the day and she might have played a big role in introducing Rhea Pillai to Sanjay. Then she left law after his case and started multiple ventures and I think is one of the directors of Birla lifestyle and has some other venture with Avanti Birla........In short, she has been in this circle forever, was a lawyer so knows how to keep things quiet, keeps a very low profile, is not a suck up and barely talks about her famous friends which is part of the reason she has so much good will, I take it.

Thank you ,that was interesting to know .It also explains why the Jethmalani woman is there too. It's always nice to see a lady doing well in what has typically been a male domain .

law not a male domain .. esp not for damily law matters..

You don't really have many hotshot criminal female lawyers .

Rahul Khanna doesn't age at all. He looks so young and handsome. He is also very talented. Both Vinod Khanna's sons are very talented but they couldn't make it big for some reason.

wow seeing rahul khanna after ages..he looks better than all the half naked women posing

Where is rk click with his fiance

They all look a bit off!

So tacky

Aishwarya with Kareena.....Hrithik with Ranbir..... no clicks?


The wife looks like an Alian now

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