Janhvi Kapoor recently draped her mother Sridevi’s dupatta and we cannot get over the nostalgia that hits

Janhvi Kapoor is a spitting image of her mother Sridevi. These latest picture of her draping her late mother’s dupatta is proof.
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Janhvi Kapoor is a spitting image of her mother and late veteran actor Sridevi. The actor made her Bollywood debut this year with Dhadak opposite Ishaan Khatter. Many compared Jahnvi to her late mom in several scenes in Dhadak as well. However, it was recently when Janhvi draped an old dupatta belonging to her mother Sridevi which literally left us stunned with nostalgia hitting hard. 
Janhvi and Sridevi have been one of the most adored mother-daughter duo. Sridevi’s sudden demise this year left us all teary eyed but it is her memory and legacy which continues to warm our hearts. Such sudden reminders leave us all nostalgic, what about you? Janhvi has always maintained that Sridevi was more of a friend than a mother to them. She even wrote a small tribute for her at the beginning of her debut movie Dhadak. 
Check out the picture here: 
On the work front, Janhvi will next be seen in Takht which boasts of an ensemble cast which includes Ranveer Singh, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Vickt Kaushal, Alia Bhatt, Bhumi Pednekar and Anil Kapoor. The movie is slated for a release in 2020 and will based in the Mughal era. 
This is Janhvi’s second Bollywood movie. In Dhadak which released in July, Janhvi managed to leave a lot of people impressed.

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Jhanvi you are simply a love...dnt loose over the stupids opinions of people throwing venom at u...all th best

they might show to the world theyve moved on but i dnt think its easy for the girls&its just a facade..losing a mom is the most devastating thing which can happen to a person so lets just cut them sme slack.

How long this drama will go on?

this will go on until sridevi comes back, may be missing mom will be a drama for you and this pic of sridevi is literally unknown to public but sridevi fan pages or janhvi fan pages notice everything and post this stuff orelse it would be just an another pic of janhvi, but wearing her moms clothes is just like holding her mom tight. Many of them use their parents stuff on important occasions some will see their parents photo as soon as they woke up or leaving from home. How is she different from others that she will have no memories or emotions to say it’s drama. When you loose someone then you will understand this drama and will know how long that drama will go.

Nice article

I had high hopes for her but she was a dissapointment.

Awww this breaks my heart. She must miss her so much.


Yawn... moving on with our lives now..

sridevi only looks like her mom from certain angles... khushi actually looks more similar to sridevi

sridevi's hair in that photo is pure gold! <3

A child is missing her parent. :(

Chill guys there is something beyond career, she is a human in first place, might be thinking of her mom for some reason and wore this orelse she might have felt it’s a matching dupatta.

Its really getting boring like her stale movie dhadhak.

lol what are you getting bored for... she is using her moms dupatta, so how did this bored you, no one asked you to click on this post and you are not in her place so will write anything that pops in your mind.

I am genuinely heart broken with the loss of this legend

Jhanvi needs to stay out of her mother's shadow. Make your own identity. She keeps milking her mother's fame which will not end well for her. Indian public will not spend their hard earned money to see sridevi's daughter. They want to see an actor who can actually act and entertain audience. Sridevi entertained the public by being herself not being an extension of a star kid.Jhanvi needs to improve her acting or leave the industry for the real actors.

No problem, she can stay in her mother’s shadow and be like her mom, and if her acting reminds of her mom then no one could stop her from becoming superstar.

She is just a young girl trying to be close to her mom, don’t spell venom, she is left with only memories, so let her live with those.

Jahnavi has beautiful hair

This girl will never get out of her mom's shadow, probably because she doesn't want to because this is her only claim to fame.. Btw, leave some gimmicks for your sister, she'll need her mom's legacy too. If you appropriate everything, how will she get famous. Don't be so selfish

Sri was a true legend. Lots of respect to her for working so hard.

There never was, never is and never will be another Sridevi

Do you get paid each time you mention Janhvi to be a replica of her mom? Or write something like "This pic of Janhvi will melt your heart...." etc etc.
News for you: Janhvi is NOTHING compared to Sridevi. Let the readers decide if the paid crap you write will actually melt their hearts.

Super like

Super Duper spider batman robin he-man Thor Iron Man Like... faaaaq these paid trends...

Miss you so much Sridevi maam

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