Just Married: Imran Khan and Avantika Malik Khan

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Just Married: Mr and Mrs Khan!
Avantika is looking gorgeous!! And Imraan is looking hot!!

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she looks like a chalu punjaban

Couldn't he find a Muslim girl? I mean, whassup with Bollywood Muslim male celebs marrying Hindu women. Hindu males don't seem to marry Muslim girls.

What is this deal? I fail to understand. I don't know even one Muslim male actor who's married to a Muslim woman. Emraan Hashmi, maybe. ..

why did u have to get married sooo sooon? ahhhhh
good luck babes!!

i love amir and imraan bond....perfect mama mamu!!

u both make a cute couple..congrates.. may u ve all the happiness of the world

the simiplicity is beautiful

Congrats, guys!

i believe this is not the wedding function...it is in lieu of the registered marriage
they have flown off to Phuket where the actuall ceremony is to be held

imran looks like danny n avantika looks like hema malilini,but they dnt look as bride n groom,it seems they r jst attending someone`s marriage along wth hot mama n joker mami...

avantika's flower reminds me of aarti sequeira on FN. lol. but she dressed quite nicely and appropriately. well, happy for imran. guys don't be critical about everything.

imran looks dapper...avantika wilts under pressure...i guessed she would be a sweet level headed girl, but turned out to be a f-word spewing socialite when i saw her at a do...

what on earth is that weirdo wife of his wearing? LOL
Amir looks like a sadakchaap goonda
Imran..haaaaiii..tooo cute yaar and Shorty for a change looks lovely :)

imran def is a one women man... dated her for years !!!

I never liked Avantika for her weird sense of style but I am surprised how beautiful she is when she dressed properly. She is looking so beautiful and I love her outfit plz keep up the great look Avantika.


both of their outfits are NOT gorgeous at all! Avantika looks so underdressed & her blouse doesn't even look like its been tailored correctly & that hairstyle looks yuck...Imran's hair looks gross w/that bang thing hanging out

someone should tell aamir that if he goes for a day without speaking to the media, he wont die

i wish she had put more mehendi......i really liked her outfits and d way she wore her jewellry both d daz she dint overdo

this is d first time i likd avantika's dressing she looks absolutly gorgeous....all d 3 outfits she wore r beautiful.....dey both look gr8 wish dem d best :)

She looks gawwwgeous and loving Imran's suit. I sure hope this one lasts.

beautiful mashallah

Beautiful couple. They look so happy and in love. God bless them and keep them in this state of bliss throughout their lives.

this is not your home production Aamir ! why don't you let the couple and their PARENTS take charge of the event? your need to control everything is horrendous ! is this why you divorced your first wife, you couldn't control her ageing ?

gawjuss couple.. god bless!!!

Avantika is glowing !! She looks beautiful here !! And imran is hot ...they look wonderful together !1

Any photos from the actual wedding ceremony?

They both look great..nice..Although I think Imran is too young to get married.. But again, its ok.. Wish them very happy years together..


did avantika really add khan to her last name? that's weird because emran's last name is actually not khan because her mom is a khan, sister of aamri khan, but his dad is not a khan, he is hindu but don't know his last name. so eman's last name is khan in the film industry just to get more attention

wish them happiness

imran' wearing black in all functions!

avantika is looking nice.. the jewellery seems too heavy!!

congratulations to both of them

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