Justice For Asifa: Twinkle Khanna, Kiran Rao, Rajkummar Rao and others join the protest

A peaceful protest was held in the city asking for justice to Asifa and punishment for her rapists and murderers. Celebrities like Twinkle Khanna, Aditi Rao Hydari, Kiran Rao, Rajkummar Rao and others participated in the protest.
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A protest was held in Mumbai asking for Justice for an 8-year-old girl Asifa Bano, who was brutally gang-raped and murdered by a group of men for over three days. The horrific incident that happened in January 2018 in Kathua’s Rasana village near Jammu has shaken the entire nation.
A lot of people participated in this protest that demanded the rapists and murderers to be punished. Celebrities like Twinkle Khanna, along with son Aarav, Kiran Rao, Aditi Rao Hydari, Vishal Dadlani, Kalki Koechlin and others joined this peaceful protest.
Check the pictures out:
Asifa belonged to a Muslim nomadic tribe and the men were Hindus. In early January, the little girl was grazing her horses when a man called her out into the forest. As the police reports, the man drugged her with sleeping pills and dragged her to a temple where they locked her inside. The two men along with an "invited" guest from Meerut continuously raped her for over three days. In the end, they strangled her before one of the men insisted on raping her one last time. Her body was dumped in the forest and was found days later. The reason given by these inhuman beasts was to drive away the nomadic tribe from that area. 
The case that took place earlier this year is gaining momentum now mainly because of the religion factor and everyone is making it a communal clash. But should rape be measured on the grounds of caste, religion, gender or colour? Can any reason, however solid, ever justify such a monstrous act? How can religion come above humanity? How can a nation fail over and over again in protecting the women of their country? How can the people in power sit on this sensitive subject and not do anything? How can a section of this country defend the accused? Have you stripped yourself off the basic humanity and is a division on the basis of religion the only claim to one’s identity? If the Government of today fails to take any credible action against the accused, it will without a doubt be an incident of national shame.

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But the accused are already in jail and the first hearing in court has already began. What they demanding through this protest is done by the gov, police and courts already. It was a three months old case and the adequte action was taken there and then.So, what's these ruckus for NOW? Bollywood should stop playing politics over a tragedy.

They are still not convicted and punished. There is no politics. We are shocked that it was lying low for three months. Don't you remember Nirbhaya case, the public outcey went on for months even when accused were caught. The rapists should be hanged for what they did to a child.

A genuine question - if this happened in January why are the protests and stories coming out now? What am I missing?

Big respect to each and everyone marching even the celebs who were present. Just to show how this brutal act is beyond any religion ras or cast. I have more respect now for these celebs who made an effort. Lets focus on the issue and make a change. Being a part of your neighbour country I hope our culture and governments take stand and make a drastic change towards these cowards vilt!!


i am wondering were are all the big stars like Bachchan's Khan's and a lot of more of them! were are these guys. to busy checking their bank balance! they are just dead People, no time no feeling for no one no emotions!

the big stars don't get involved in events or causes unless they are paid for their appearances. they do not give free appearances.

it actually seems as if twinkle is walking in the crowds without bodyguards? is that right?

kiran rao looks FIERCE AF. she is not an attention seeker, you can tell she cares about this cause. we all need to unite and let the barbarians know we are coming for them, and anyone who chooses to harm children or women will not get away. i normally don't defend mob justice, but that is exactly what i wish for the beasts who did this to asifa, mob justice will make them WISH they were dead

Pinkvilla, isn't it shame that these are women you always write blinds about & your fav top heroines none of them were there.. NONE of them..

When will Bollywood protest Kashmiri pandits? Just because it doesn't suit their agenda, the life of Kashimir pandit's children and the modesty of their women mean nothing to them. Fake Bollywood.

Nice to see all the celebrities using their star power to create awareness.. And PV missed Patralekha with Rajkumar.. she's not a star yet but a great actress..

I am so proud to be fans of these individuals. Kiran Rao is the wife of a mega star and is standing in a crowd of fellow Indians holding a justice Sign. That's humility. Look at Helen Khan fronting for little Asia. I hope something changes so this doesn't happen to anymore little girls.

i agree. the thing about this case is whether you are a superstar or a beggar, if you are human being, and especially if you are a parent, you feel actual real heartsore pain for that little girl. i can't even bear to look at her face and think of the pig that snuffed out the light in her eyes. twinkle kiran etc are humans and they are mothers, they don't have to come out in the crowds like this but i think they feel the page and outrage too that compels them to do this. these "men" i mean pigs need to be thought such a lesson that no many will even ever think about doing something like this to a woman or child ever again/ #justiceforasifa


I can't help but think how some of these women are at the receiving end of so much negativity. We don't know them or their lives but we judge them based on rumors. Here they are putting their time and effort and face in support of womens issues. Perhaps we shouldn't be so quick to judge and malign them. Ok-- done with my thought for the day!

They can sentence Salman to 5yrs in prison for poaching but cannot bring justice to a raped child. India's law system sickens me! What a shame, India! The blood of many innocent souls are on your hands!

Relax ... Salman got jail after 20 years and was out soon so nothing will happen here also as this is how our judiciary works

Would you like to tell Asifa's parents also to relax? I dare you...do it. Can';t right? Go hide behind your system.

When did Salman get punished. He used his money and power to get out on bail. His case took 20 years so wait for 20 years and the rapists might get sentenced, but again the rapists just like criminal Salman will get away without punishment using their money and power. Stop idolizing criminal Salman, he is no better than these rapists, he tortured and got the police constable Patil killed in addition to tampering all witnesses who saw him killing people on the pavement after drinking and driving

I know, in 3rd world countries... attending court dates, going through weekly scrutiny, public backlash for 20 years is not a punishment. Punishments are when your head is chopped off or you are beaten to death on the streets.

Much Respect to each and every one of them. So much more meaningful when you spend time rally and protest with the community instead of just holding up a placard with make up on.

Where is fake kareena now all she can do is hold poster!

Why kalki smiling is she there for fun??? what happened to Asifa is serious!

this is so overwhelming. the faces you see at the protest are not the ones you see daily in papparazzi pictures and posts on pinkvilla.

Well you do see them but more in relation to scandals to create sensationalism. It’s nice to see them in a more real relatable light. They are much more than just their celebrity life

So true! That just shows how fake those people are like kareena who just posts pic with poster when in fact they dont care they just care about their public image

Agreed this makes me love Rajkummar Rao even more

Good for them! I hope many more 'stars' will come out and take a literal stand instead of just typing words on social media. Kudos

Why not justice for the little girls getting raped in Assam and WestBengal by Bangladeshi muslims. Why does bollywood not talk about it

Yes this is how we have become sadly cannot post a

Even over here, they can't remove their shades

It's good to know that there are still decent people in the world who will stand up against atrocities. It's absolutely devastating that criminals are getting away with hideous crimes against children. Hope Indians unite and there is justice for Asifa. It's so hard to fathom such barbaric behaviour. Hope the monsters get punished.

Why not

Why is kalki smiling'?

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