Kajol: As a kid my mother made me sweep the house and clean the bathroom

Kajol will soon start filming for her next with Pradeep Sarkar. She spoke to a news agency about her equation with Shah Rukh Khan and her cameo in Aanand L Rai's Zero. Kajol also spoke about the importance of cleanliness and values.
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Kajol who will soon start shooting for her film with Pradeep Sarkar attended an event in the city recently. Kajol spoke about working with Shah Rukh Khan in Zero and about the discipline acting requires.

About working with Shah Rukh again, Kajol said, “We actually shot for half-an-hour but it was great. It’s always fabulous to work with him. He is a really amazing man to work with because he is 300 per cent involved in whatever he is doing. It’s great fun because he is such a fine actor that it comes very naturally to work with him and alongside him.”

She added, “I’ve come from a time when we used to work from 7 in the morning till 9 in the night on a daily basis without the comforts of sitting in an AC room. Somewhere down the line, you realise that work is God. You have to take it seriously everyday, it’s the most important thing,” 

She also spoke about the discipline the profession requires. Kajol said that she has tried to imbibe values in her children.

“As a kid my mother made me sweep the house and clean the bathroom. She said if at any point you don’t have servants in your house, you should be able to look after the house. I did it. Somewhere it gives you amazing work ethics. Nobody’s job is less, one should respect all. I’ve even made my kids broom the house so that they learn not to litter,” she says.

Credits :PTI


Servants? Yes, that's what you'd all call them, but please kajol, you are meant to be intelligent and sensitive enough to know not to use such terms. I must say though, these "stars" are just that "stars"..they've no concept of hard work as they barely have to lift a finger. I've also understood why they're so rude; it's because they sit around shouting orders at their "servants"

I don't believe it. Tanisha was prove enough in Bigg Boss that the sisters are not used to doing work

So what it is normal to help around the house and clean your own house. This has made you less retarded then other useless star kids.

So what? Does she mean her mom did something bad? It is normanl, to help around the house, why even mention it

Coz most of them have servants ? And the children does nothing ?

Kajol screen presence are amazing . But she is rash; and rude

Self help is the best help.

Then why did you turn out this way? I'm the biggest Kajol fan ever but I have yet to read a positive fan experience review. She doesn't seem like a nice person to be around

Love you beautiful and talented lady. Really loving to watch your movies as your screen presence is amazing.

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