Kapoor sisters Kareena and Karisma look ultra-stylish as they step out in the city

Kareena Kapoor Khan and sister Karisma Kapoor were clicked in the city today as they visited close friend Manish Malhotra. The sisters looked super-stylish and were all smiles for the media.
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Kareena Kapoor Khan and sister Karisma Kapoor were clicked in the city today as they visited close friend Manish Malhotra. The sisters looked super-stylish and were all smiles for the media.

Karisma looked beautiful in a white printed top and black denim. Minimal make-up with a bright shade lipstick completed her look. Kareena looked stunning in a black and gold top which she paired with rugged denim.

Check out the photos:

About their style, Karisma had said to a daily, “My style is more sophisticated, while Kareena is more edgy. Everyone knows I love black and white, and structured looks, while Kareena likes bold colours and flowing clothes.”

Kareena and Karisma are very close and are often clicked together in the city. About her bond with Karisma, Kareena had said, “Her simplicity is her beauty and charm. That’s why, all her life, everyone around her has bullied her. But everyone who is a part of my life knows that if Lolo (Karisma’s pet name) has said something, then it’s like gospel truth for me."

Karisma too had said the same about sister Kareena in an interview. “She is my sister and we are very close. I think she is more of a friend to me than just a family member. We share a great bond and she is a blessing in my life. I think there has never been a precedence where two sisters in Bollywood have been successful working simultaneously as heroines in same decade or same generation. I think we have been lucky and fortunate to have had great careers 


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Does Karisma have help looking after her kids? Only she always looks really fresh. Whereas Bebo only has the one child and a nanny and still looks like a normal exhausted mother would look without help.

Feel bad for kareena with the amount of backlash she's receiving lately.

My mom us even more fairer then these so she is not indian lol ur colour dosent show u r indian or not but ur upbringing n they have indian features

Oh stop it they looks staright indian yar they r punjabis n look straight punjabi girls not a firangi like kat....kat fans got it

Yes they look indian k not katrina n they r punjabis yar n punjabis r genreally helathy n fair

Bebo ignore the haters pls want to see taimur missing him soo much.

It's been 5 days now with no taimur sightings. Missing the munchkin

They are very average women. In both looks and talent.

These pictures are from right inside their building private parking areas. There is no way media can get this close and entry into private residential floors. These photos are taken by the PR of these publicity hungry Kapoor sisters to keep them in news. How cheap that they pose for PR pictures to be published everyday. No meaningful films so both these once more sisters use personal life, family and kids to get publicity

Say what you want about Kareena, she is damn lucky, rest of us dont even have 10% what she has!! She is independent and can pay her bills so easily and if you say "money doesn't matter" but it does, ask those poor people sleeping in the streets and I hate it when people say this because they themselves never struggled to pay bills!! You would know this when you dont have money to pay rent or just basic necessities and I have been there, so I know!! And, she has a good life and she is happy and looks beautiful and fit!! Lots of people are stuck in families they dont like or are abused by their in-laws or women dont have freedom to make their own decisions so Kareena is definitely so blessed!! And, she is mom of Taimur, that kid brings a smile on my face like no other, there is something so special about him!! I could only wish for the things Kareena has in her life, sigh!!!

why kareena face is huge?
Thats the reason even when she becomes size zero she never looks size zero.

so kareena got inspired by the kardashians...balmain balmain !!!!

Balmain has been in business since 1946 and is worn by yesteryear stars such as Ruth Ford. But obviously you can't see beyond Kardashians. Also Kardashians don't own the brand

kareena looks wow she loves balmain

i swear if i didnt watch bollywood n i saw them id guess them as ukranian or russians. they dont look indian at all. theyre more firangi looking than kat

May be camera is not angled right this time

I like Karisma’s dress sense even when she’s in casual wear she looks smart. Kareena’s trying very hard to stay trendy.

Lovely kapoor sisters

Kareena looks tired

Both sistas are looking simple and beautiful

Karisma looks pretty. Kareena slet her hair open too

They both look pretty

Kareena looks pretty when she smiles

kareena's face looks so weird.

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