Kareena Kapoor Khan: I don't have a degree, but I will always push Taimur Ali Khan to finish his education

Kareena Kapoor Khan spoke at length about her regrets of not completing her education and starting her acting career at the early age of 17. She also said that she will make sure her son Taimur Ali Khan completes his education.
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It is always said that education is important! Several actors in Bollywood have often said that they regret not completing their education so as to start working at a very young age. Recently, Kareena Kapoor Khan on her radio show opened up about her regrets of not completing her education and starting her acting career early. She stated, "I always feel that I should have started my career a little later. I took a very quick decision and started shooting at the age of 17. I feel that I should have studied a lot more."

She also said, "In today's times, education is very important and I should have actually got my degree. I could have started doing what I wanted to do which is acting and that I could have done a bit late. Today, that's what I feel, of course, I couldn't study a lot and I don't have a degree, I will always probably push Taimur to finish his education and then do what he wants to do. That's his choice of what he wants to become in his life. I think that I would push him to finish his education because this is one thing that I would have wished, I should have made that decision a little later."

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Meanwhile, on the work front, Kareena will soon start shooting for Raj Mehta's Good News alongside Akshay Kumar, Diljit Dosanjh and Kiara Advani. The film is co-produced by Karan Johar under his home banner Dharma Productions and it will release next year.



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Finally Kareena has learnt a thing or 2 seeing Sara. Kareena mostly spoke nonsense and Sara speaks only sense that’s education. Glad for Taimur

A college degree is important as with higher education you get perspective, gain understanding and maturity. Even if the kid ends up in the entertainment industry he will have an option of another career, if he wants. It is a great security blanket and it’s important to not rely on fickle entertainment business of short marketability spans depending on youth alone.

Education is something that makes you wise and it shows in all of Sharmila’s children and grand children. Soha ended up in the film industry but she judges a quiz show and writes books - she’s no bimbo. There are alternate professions but only for people who are educated.. actresses have an expiration date, unfortunately. Sara also sounds very classy and humble, which is why she’s so likeable. This is all coming from good upbringing and a solid education.

What's the point in spending on an expensive degree if you are planning to join Bollywood? Soha Ali Khan has pricey Oxford degree but she has the same Instagram career that Kareena does which is sad because both Soha and Kareena deserve good roles. Bollywood heroine careers are short-lived if they ever get to win the rat race that is. Degrees from foreign countries cost a few $100000. It's probably no big deal for rich families like those of Sara, Soha, Aryan, Navya etc but it's stupid to throw a fortune at something for "fun" or "personal experience".

why not? Personality development is key - Look at the way sara speaks and other speak - there is a marked dfiference.

who needs education to make money. High school drop outs and some forgot to go to school, making tons of money just doing item numbers.

One of the best things u can do for your child is give him/her an education which brings knowledge and opens up the mind. Nobody can take it away from you .Well done Kareena.

I wish Kareena would stop belittling herself like this always. She talks as if she never stepped foot in a school but she's more educated than most in Bwood with two years of college, then some law studies then a summer course at Harvard. Others don't reveal their lack of education and some pretend that they were higher educated in America when in fact they never stepped foot in a college. The only females with degrees are Sara, Soha and Parineeti. Same goes for Saif too. He studied at good schools and even at Winchester.

Lol, can't believe people are making comments that degrees are useless. Saif is clearly so much smarter than Kareena and his been around the block and back with two kids already, he knows what to do with them. Everything Saif and Amrita did with their kids clearly worked out, people adore Sara. Kapoors sprout nonsense, be it Kareena, Rishi, Ranbir, and so on.

I wish Kareen would stop belittling herself. The only people with degrees are Sara, Soha and Parineeti. She actually went to college for 2 years and is more educated than most. She even studied a bit of law and a summer course at Harvard. Others keep quiet about not even accomplishing this and others pretend they are highly educated in America but never stepped foot in a college. Same goes for Saif, not everybody can say the studied at Winchester

Wisest thing she's said in a while.

Degree is overrated, esp. since degree and job skills are not related. Basic but quality education till 10/12th is good enough if one is going into entertainment, business, sports, etc. with millions of returns.

Its only the job market that requires a degree that too has no value in real work. And returns are very less, barely touching lakh.

Kareena, stop using your child for publicity and then you can get him educated

There are so many people in Bollywood wotourt degrees... PC does not have a college degree , nor does her husband Nick Jonas,, nor does kat, nor does dp nor does ........ and ... and list goes on and on

Kareena does not need Saif to influence her, in this day and age any person would like there kids to be educated specially after Kareena having so much exposure inth eoutside world

This is saifs good influence on her. Saif is very clear that his kids hv to get a degree before entering Bollywood. So I think he’s made this clear to Kareena as well

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