Kareena Kapoor Khan rocks the all-black look as she heads to workout at the gym

Kareena Kapoor Khan enjoys working out and she is often spotted outside the gym. Even today, the actor was clicked outside the gym as she was heading to do her workout.
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Kareena Kapoor Khan is a fitness addict and loves to workout and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The actor is spotted almost every day outside the gym.
Even today, Kareena was clicked outside the gym as she was heading for her workout regime. The actor rocked the all-black and cool shades look.
Check out the pictures below:
Meanwhile, talking about her size-zero days and her current transformation, Kareena earlier stated to a leading magazine, "I don’t know how the size-zero thing started—but I was only 27 and I wanted to do it for a role. It looked amazing, but that was then. I’ve been in the business for a long time since, and I’m more mature—now, it’s about being fit. I’m definitely comfortable in my skin right now."
She further spoke about her healthy dieting and workout regime. Bebo said, "I’ve never been fat, but I’m a Punjabi girl—I like my food. I ate well when I was pregnant—sometimes too well. I’d put away six parathas, and eat white butter. But I avoided all processed foods and kept myself super active. Two months after Taimur was born, I started working out, first with light workouts, then to cardio, yoga and Pilates a few times a week."
Recently, while speaking with senior journalist Rajdeep Sardesai at the India Today Conclave 2018, Kareena recently said, "There are many superstars from yesteryears and not all of their children are superstars. If nepotism exists everyone would have been superstars and number one. But the fact that today Ranveer Singh, (who) does not have mother or father who is a superstar, out of sheer talent and hard work he is where he is today. I don't think nepotism exists." She further added that being a star child was a difficult task as one has a legacy to live up to and a lot of expectations. 
“It is about talent, we maybe children or grandchildren of somebody but once you are on the silver screen you are that part. When you have generations of actors and a huge legacy behind you, it is actually difficult for a star child to live up to it and succeed in this industry,” she said.


A person is allowed to work out whether they have movies or not. I mean I don't have any movies but I work out. This is coming from someone who isn't even a kareena fan.

Then why does she need to call paps everytime??

"I think the mould and mildew on my gym walls don't exist."

Find it funny how people here acting like they know that she's not getting movie offers.

Okay then please tell us what movie did she sign after VDW? Thats right it's ZERO!

I am glad no ones giving her any movies

Why is she working out if she isn't signing any movies ? taimur pics, gym pics and vacation pics :(

Lol..if only going to gym would get people movies

Look at me look at me, I am God's gift to humanity cause I work out in the gym everyday paying no attention to my toddler. Yeah ! I am the best !

whats the point of all these gym sessions when she doesn't even have any movies???

Uhh to be healthy and fit?

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