Katrina Kaif, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan & Priyanka Chopra perform at the TOIFA Awards

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Katrina Kaif, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan & Priyanka Chopra performed to their hit Bollywood numbers at the TOIFA Awards in Vancouver.

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nice katrina kaif dance

Love Aishwarya.

I am posting the same comment :p sorry :P
@KITTY..wow really ??? u r so lucky :) Did you met SRK , Katrina , PC , Aish...any of them ?? how was the experience ?? How was the function ? the atmosphere ? Umm i am sorry for so much questions :P but I am so excited !!

Kitty, lucky you! Please tell us more!

Katrina looks fabulous...Ash trying to fit in 20 plus crowd...she looks so old...

Kitty tell us how your experience turned out. Also what celebs did you meet, how were they in person, and please post any photos. Thanks

@ Great Kitty!!! Read in the media that Aishwarya stole the show..........is that true?? I loved the way she was styled for the performance. The dark blue eye-makeup, Big bindi, lovely jewelry on her hair makes her look like a delicious APSARA:)

Hi everybody, I went to Vancouver to see TOIFA and it was super awesome. :) I met a lot of celebs too. :)

Ash should just give it up and act the age she looks which is 50. Why on earth does she keep pretending that she's a young woman?

Aish's performances are now just as dull as her personality, rehearsed politically-correct speeches, and dowdy dressing. Kat and PC looked hot!

Priyanka (PC) is the personal computer in which SRK stores his pen drive every night:-)

Just because Katrina always work opposite older men like salman khan, akshay kumar, ect 40++++ men. It doesnt mean that she is old. She is 28 ok? So get that in your head.

did anybody watch PC's performance at Femina miss india.. She got 8 indian fusions into one song 'desi girl' and danced on it to perfection wearing a sari... I've never seen such a performance ever.. it involves creativity and honestly saying this women has got it.!!

Wow Kat is like a breath of fresh air, I just aspire to look like her. So lady like, so dainty!

saw kats performance on net since many were raving abt it..d same sheila,chikni,mashallah..i wonder wats interesting in dat.....

Priyankas performance looks interesting..she look HOT!

Katrina looks sizzling hot. She stole the show from the rest

Aish-looks heavy
pc- amazzing:)
kat- no chikni chameli,sheela ki jawani n masaallah again....tired of them...neither she is a good performer atleast

One and only Assssssssssssssssssssssssssssh

Mon, 2013-04-08 01:25 — Anonymous

Gohar...how jel can one get? U must be so bessotted with kat..that even tho ur idol ash is there ur only noticing kat and commenting on her body ;)

Anywaysssss if i had a stomach like that i dont think i would hide it...and thank god we dont have ppl like ash showing their stomach eh or we'd probably be blind forever.
My idol Aish? Thank you for informing me because I didn't know about it.... Actually I have no idols so all this "jealous" talks are pointless... Aishwariya not even my fav actress... I was just wondering what happened to Katrina's " No expose and no kiss" rules. She shows her belly on stage and in movies all time and then feels uncomfortable when people don't take her serious as an actress and look at her as only sexy item girl...

Katrina the best...

Kat *Love*

PC is soooo copying JLo. Omg.

I don't understand y pc always has her pic in the back ground plz if any body has a answer to this ?

Kat is lukg weird ....
in toifa

id dnt like her pics ...starting from airpot

here ash n pc is really really lukg good


katrina's waist to hip ratio is very small frankly speaking. her hips aren't that visible. she's just lucky she has a big bum.
can't lie, for an almost middle aged, 30-something woman, her body is banging.

the face is showing a lot of aging though, despite all the botox.

Ash looks gorgeous and Priyanka looks beautiful!

Sun, 2013-04-07 01:11 — Gohar

Gohar's picture

I think Katrina is afraid that if she'll cover her belly, audience will not recognise her.


Kat looks hot

Priyanka had the best performance. She was amazing, TOIFA was a great experience.

Priyanka always has the best performances! Can't wait to see her once again.

All three of them look great! Aish is still wearing midriff covering outfits so I am guessing she hasn't lost her belly yet.

Katrina looks hot.
seriously why in every priyanka's performances she show her pics in background? even at tribute to Yash Chopra she did it! she suffers from narcissism!

I'll watch it for PC performance. She always bring something new to the tables. Her energy, her moves, her screen presence is just getting better with time.

Im sorry but all biasedness aside...i think katrina looks the best here...just look at that face and the hair!

However if ash was skinny like before her face is so amazing that she could give them all a run for their money...

Pc is just pc and she is just amazinggggggg

Gohar...how jel can one get? U must be so bessotted with kat..that even tho ur idol ash is there ur only noticing kat and commenting on her body ;)

Anywaysssss if i had a stomach like that i dont think i would hide it...and thank god we dont have ppl like ash showing their stomach eh or we'd probably be blind forever.

I dont like pc's hairdo and cloths it didnt looks nice and katrinas 2nd dress is also hilarous bt her hairdo is nice aish is lookng like a princes

Aishwarya is looking hot here.

All of them r nice bt Honestly saying aish's dress,makup,hairdo da whole look is very great

always look fwd to PCs performances ... everybody elses are so predictable

why won't any of my negative comments on katrina don't get published ?


hahahahahahaha giant aish

I think Katrina is afraid that if she'll cover her belly, audience will not recognise her.

+ 1

Where are pics of SRK? I heard the crowd was the craziest during his performance!!! Ash and PC just look stunning. And Kat mehhh, not so much in front of those beauties

Aishwarya is now looking more beautiful. She is looking happy and content.

Aishwarya looks gorgeous and stunning as always!! Love u my angel

let me guess, katrina performed to "shiela ki jaaawani" mixed with "chikni chameli" mixed with some other trashy song that she's done.

Eagerly waiting to watch Aishwarya's performance. My darling.

Honestly, Aish looks so out of place with these other girls performing... (I personally dont like priyanka chopra at all.. but ok she atleast looks like someone whos dancing around on stage and making it look good.. Aish- No. she shld be in the audience now. nobody wants to see 40 year old mommies perform on bollywood numbers atleast.

Ommmmg I sick m tired of this bimbo kat dancing over and over again on the same songs and In same style :/

@Fiza_Khan - ;-)

I swear kat had a fat belly few weeks ago did she get the fat sucked out??

omg i ash was the best i swear just look at her she loks like a princess than u see fake katrina

aish cannt show her 3D stomach.

can't wait for PC's performance.

AIshwarya is the most beautiful of allllllllllll

i think all three actresses are beautiful but seeing katrina and pc after aishwarya's pic.. they look normal.

Katrina looked great in the pic where she is covered up. She needs to realize she doesn't need to show skin to look good.

Priynaka looks like a 12 year old boy

Ash looks beautiful, her poses look graceful and elegant, looking forward to Ash and PC's performances.

priynaka's pics are so funny

OMG! OMG! The last pic of Aishwarya is so so so STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!! Now i will not be able to sleep;);)

Ash's pics look so elegant, graceful and of course beautiful, looking forward to Ash and Pc's performances.

Not bad aish you are still called to perform even at 40! Good for women folks!

@Gohar... agreed

Only two actresses rock. Aishwarya for her sheer presence and Kat for her dance skills.

@Gohar - Agreed :P

OMG cant wait for Pc nd Aish....

Aishwarya looks heavenly. She is looking sexy and beutiful.

No actress has a stage presence like Aishwarya.
No actress can dance like a Katrina.
The rest are blah.

Wow aish is looking like a princes love her look waitng for performance

Ya just like if Ash showed her stomach we would faint. :) So Katrina is smart :)

Ash looks the besttttttest..hands down!like an angel.
Though pc gave the best performance there.

Ash looks like a princess..royal and excruciatingly beautiful!

kat n pc were really gud....ash was ok....abhishek was live wire...n ranbir anushka as hosts were really gud..overall a nice performance.

PC looks nice and ash looks like a bloated, old 90s star

KATRINA looks FAB!!!!

Couln't recognize PC

A fan on twitter said that ABHI went crazy and stood up eagerly when Ash's performance was announced!! aww..how sweet he is


Katrina is dancing every where these days. zee cine , BSEA , IPL 6 , Kabbadi world cup , Film fare , Umang and the list goes onn.. this is so boring Katty. Please ..we are bored to see you dancung again and again.

Aishwarya finally loosing some weight, is she finally working out. COme on Aishwarya work on your arms so you can wear a sari tooo. Miss her in sari!! She looks stunning facewise

All of them look fab

LOL! Ms Piggy has a huge portrait of herself in the background! Now that jus seems a l'il too self obsessed dontchathink?

@Gohar katrina is not afraid but you seem jealous of her belly.only jealous ppl talk lyk dis.

Sun, 2013-04-07 00:49 — Anonymous Katrina is lookin fine as hell...damn I would definitely marry her if I had the chance

Haan dhakkan with make up to koi bhi shaadi kar lega but without make up seedha divorce dega ...yakeen na ho to airport pics dkh le pvilla par hi hain
Darr jayega

The day that a Bollywood Awards show is telecasted live, is the day I'll start taking them seriously. The editing makes them tackier.

Gonna watch it for priyanka and aishwarya.


Aishwarya looks stunning!! So pretty and elegant

Can't wait 4 performence of very sexy hot diva.....

kat looks like she danced the hell out of it but her outfit is dreadful - what are we in the 90s. pc's performace looks more down my lane even tho i dont think she looks particularly attractive - thoutfit is better than the others i guess. ash looks like she did a slow dance - undecided on her outfit choice maybe something less fitter would have made her look smaller and less flabbier. question -

Can't wait for PeeCee's performance !

dying for the video now...
Aish is sooo sizzling hot here...

Ash is breathtaking!

Ash looks like a royal queen...more like a goddess!

Aishwarya looks like a princess and she is soooooo graceful!

Ash looks beyond ethereal!!!!!!WOW!


Aishwarya really looks like an GODDESS from heaven!!!WOW!

Aish looks like PC n Katrina's mum

@gohar sooo true

plsssss upload the video
jus cannot wait to see aish rocking the world
she certainly looks like a queen in the last pic

Sheila ki jawani alwz rockks.
Real diva chikni chameli.
MiSs katrina.k

Katrina is real chikni chameli.
She is hot lyk hell.

Katrina on top

did Aish perform to Udi Udi again?

I m dying to watch kat's katty & sexy performence... Can't wait.

Katrina alwz rockks.
Pc is average.
Aish doesn't matter.

I can alreadysee 'khwaja mere khwaja' and 'dola re dola'. LOL. lets see what happens.

can't wait for pc performance.
Pc on stage= dance+expression+energy+entertainment

LOL kat is back with her belly. Looks like she has taken her little belly dancing thing in sheela ki jawani quite seriously.But she looks pretty as usual.
Priyanka looks very energetic.
AND Aishwarya looks like a QUEEN! WOW! First pic looks like she is dancing on 'kwaja mere kwaja' from jodhaa Akbar. Its medley so I wanna know what are the other songs.
Damn why are these awards not live?! :@

Looking for katrina performance...she always sets the stage on fire with awesome performances:-)

Can't wait to see Katrina's performance. Girl could dance

I heard three of them rocked the show completely :) Well i can't wait to see the performance , specially Aish's >>> Oh yes , exactly !! Please show them LIVEE !!

Katrina is stuning,gorgeous,beautiful with sexy fig...
Wht shld i say...... Can't stop luvng u.

My jaan katrina can't wait 4 ur sexy dance.

pics are not very clear,but my mind is very clear abt kat....super sexy.
I wanna suck her yummy tummy& navel.

I think Katrina is afraid that if she'll cover her belly, audience will not recognise her.

Aishwarya looks Sstunning!The hairdo looks wonderful...And seems to have given a ever so graceful performance...Her grace is unmatchable!
PC seems to have given a very energetic performance..And kat as usual.

Can't wait for PCs performance!

peecee hilarious in second pic

Pc rocked it. love her.

katrina is awesome...

Katrina is lookin fine as hell...damn I would definitely marry her if I had the chance

PC and Ash looks lovely.

Kat ur so tacky

katrina is looking super hot.ommhhhh.

Aish is looking best..
loved her dress & hairstyle...

Pc and Aish looked stunning...,

1) KAT
2) PC
3) AWB

she looks so trashy in the first pic

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