Katrina Kaif's new BFF in the town is Salman Khan's sister Alvira Khan; see pic

Katrina Kaif took to Instagram to share a picture with Salman Khan's sister Alvira Khan. Going by the photo, Kat has found a new BFF in Alvira.
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Katrina Kaif is currently in Malta shooting for Malta. The Bollywood diva is quite active on Instagram and keeps updating her fans about her whereabouts. Today, she took to Instagram to share a picture with Salman Khan's sister Alvira Khan. Going by the photo, Kat has found a new BFF in Alvira. They both looked radiant in the picture. Well, that's surely perfect picture. 

Check out the post here: 



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Ever since she has joined the team in Malta, Katrina has been teasing her fans with some mesmerizing photos. Her latest pictures are a proof that she is living every moment on the sets. 
Bharat is quite in the news after Priyanka Chopra walked out of the film. After Priyanka walked out, Katrina Kaif has been roped in to play the lead opposite the Dabangg star. Bharat also stars Tabu and Disha Patani in pivotal roles and is being directed by Ali Abbas Zafar. The film marks his third collaboration with Salman after the 2016 film Sultan and Tiger Zinda Hai.
Well, we are happy to see Salman and Katrina togther. What about you!!


Alvira ,arbaaz and Sohail looks alike.

Why after all these years, she posted pic with Salman's sister? What the hell is wrong with her? If Alvira introduced Kat to Salman then why all these years not mention of her and suddenly Alvira became her BFF?

Let’s just use the term “friends with benefits” that would fit her so called friendships...

Goddess Katrina :)

She had said Karan Johar was her bff, then Mini Mathur, Kabir, Ali Zabas...she is so full of it. Anyone who can benefit her is her best friend.

Katrina turquote is an opportunistic.

Gold digger Kat.

Katrina.... Priyanka....so awkward using Salman's sisters to get through to him...

Katrina face is huge and getting weirder day by day.

What happened to her BFF Mini Mathur?

Now that there is no ranbir in her life she has latched on to Salman and his family again.

Fake user

It was Alvira who introduced the Boom actress Katrina to Salman. And the rest is history. She definitely owes are whole career to this family.

Teasing fans with her mesmerising photos? Her photos are boring. Her nstagram is full of just pictures of herself. No photos of nature or the world around her. Self absorbed much?

Kat only deserves friend like alia. They are a perfect match.

She's her old friend and it's through her she got to know Salman. They used to go to the same gym when she was new in India.

she changes her BFFs like she changes clothes

Does she ever get tired of the posing with same expression in every pic.Its been 15 years that she is having the same hairstyle ,same face ,same expressions and same 15 mins cameo apperances

So much desperation

She leaks pics and videos of each and every place she visits.She is Leakrina kaif

Sucking on up to his sisters as always. She is literally nothing without this family.

I think Katrina and Salman will soon get married

Keep dreaming katrina .

Kat is such an embarrassment for her fans. I pity her fans.

Salman #Paani, Katrina#Aasmaan,Salman's love - his mother,katrina's love - Salman's sister.

Katrina BFF changes according to her convenience. :P

Wow Katrina is looking so pretty... Bindi is making her look so so pretty

Now what will Kat fans say? They bash deepika when she pose for a pic with ranbir sisters.

How beautiful she look, so gentle, soft soft.

Katrina must be regretting leaving Salman for Ranbir....she lost a diamond in search of a rock! He spoilt everything for her!

Kat is the most manipulative and most plastic and unnatural woman in Bollywood has ever seen.

Salman refused to pose with this cunning user Kat so she post a pic with his sister.


They have always been close, hardly anything new about this.

And a new face for so called natural beauty kat.

kat itna mat giro.

katrina trying desperately for her ex salman. She knows he loves his sisers and cant say no to them.

Kat just wants an approval stamp from the Salman's sisters for their brother. Doubt Alvira likes her though.She is mature so obliged for a click, otherwise, everyone in B’town is well aware of Kat and her scheming ways.

Katrina again buttering and using Salman sisters all of a sudden. She knows her ways,doesn't she?

The only way this talentless kat can stay in limelight is salman and his family. flop user.

Katrina faking to be every one friends just to show she is the sweet bit every one knows she is fake and a fair weather friend.

Again Salman Khan factor. Proved again Kat is worthless without ex Salman.

Relationship breaker Kat using alvira to get Salman back as she is nothing without EX Salman.

Katrina is the most manipulative and calculative person without any ounce of sincerity and genuineness about her. #fake katrina

If deepika poses with her Ex Rk sisters so she is desperate and want him back according to Kat fans. But if Kat shares pic with her Ex Salman sis so she is friend with her. Hypocrites .

Katrina turquote can't get faker than this.

Using his ex sister to stay in news. User fake Kat

Everyone who can benefit Kat is her bff.

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