Khushi Kapoor bonds with sisters Shanaya and Anshula as Janhvi Kapoor resumes Dhadak shoot

Janhvi Kapoor has resumed the shoot of her debut film whereas Khushi Kapoor bonded with sisters Anshula Kapoor and Shanaya Kapoor. Anshula Kapoor shared a photo on her social media account and credited Khushi Kapoor for the clicking the picture.
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The entire Kapoor family is grief-stricken after the untimely demise of veteran actor Sridevi. Daughters Janhvi and Khushi are being comforted by cousins.

Arjun Kapoor and sister Anshula have been standing by their sisters Janhvi and Khushi. When the news broke, Arjun and Anshula rushed to Anil Kapoor’s residence to be with Sridevi’s daughters. Arjun has been a pillar of strength for his father.

Anshula Kapoor even hosted Janhvi Kapoor’s 21st birthday dinner and the sisters made the day special for her. Anshula Kapoor stood up for sisters against trolls on social media.

There were reports that Janhvi Kapoor would be taking a break from the shoot of Dhadak. However, she surprised everyone when she arrived on the sets yesterday. Janhvi resumed the shoot of DhadakBoney Kapoor had gone to Haridwar with brother Anil Kapoor and other close friends to immerse Sridevi’s ashes in the holy river.

Khushi Kapoor bonded with sister Anshula and Shanaya Kapoor. Anshula Kapoor shared a photo on her social media account and credited Khushi Kapoor for clicking the picture.

There have also been reports that Arjun and Anshula will move back into the family home. “So far, Arjun and his sister Anshula Kapoor have led pretty much independent lives, away from their father’s family. But now Arjun feels his father and his stepsisters — Janhvi and Khushi — need him. He has begun to feel as protective towards his stepsister as he does towards his own sister Anshula,” a source told a leading daily.

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This pic from janhvis birthday night in anshu last house from what it appears...

Glad they are all together. Please note that Arjun/Anshula are HALF siblings with Janhavi/Khushi, not step siblings. They share a biolgoical bond, as they have the same father. Please don't create more divide between them.

dont they go to school or college .

Anshula has a big heart, Arjun once said because of they're father's other family they had a tough childhood, boney never gave them the love n time as he did with sridevi's kids. Imagine how lonely they were especially after they lost they're mother n they still didn't get this much support as Janhvi n khushi r getting, heck sridevi never even gone to meet them.

khushi isn’t alone she got her older sister with her, older are caring and loving just our mums. Proud of Anshula

so much respect yar for anshula .God bless my dear

Poor girl all alone now. Sridevi never kept anyone away but people don’t change until it’s too late. Anshula was always there it’s just Arjun that had a major chip on his shoulder. He couldn’t get over it and it’s not easy to when your father has a new family but again that doesn’t make anyone a bad person. People divorce all the time

Unfortunately now Sridevi will look like the bad person who was keeping the family apartment.

The point is many people suspect Boney is responsible for sridevi's death which is not true. So the family is now showing too much closeness to kill that rumour!

so khushi is basically alone at home given her sisters gone to kolkata for shooting and her dad's in haridwar...
its good that atleast anshula's there to support her - she is after all the youngest in the fam, and may have taken it really hard...
i wish however that they had not needed a death and that too of sridevi, to bring the half siblings closer... there could have been nicer things to bond over than mutually lost mums.

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what does "log" mean?


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That didnt take too long, did it?

i was so worried for jahnavi and khushi but thanks to arjun and especially anshula for the care. Monaji will be very proud of her kids. Jahnavi & khushi stay happy

I like it, keep 'em coming. It is better than covering Kardashians or some other dirty gossip.

Now it’s getting too much publicity on these sisters

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