Khushi Kapoor looks elegant and gorgeous in a recent photoshoot

Sridevi and Boney Kapoor's youngest daughter and Janhvi Kapoor's little sister Khushi Kapoor recently did a stunning photoshoot. We got our hands on a few photos and they are truly unmissable.
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Sridevi and Boney Kapoor's youngest daughter Khushi Kapoor is a supermodel in making and has done a lot of photoshoots. The pretty young girl is a true blue fashionista. Khushi along with her sister Janhvi Kapoor make for a stylish sisters' duo.

Today, we got our hands on a few photos from the recent photoshoot of Khushi. In one of the photos, Khushi is seen wearing a satin silk maxi gown and her cherry red lips rounded her gorgeous look. In another photo, Khushi wore a black outfit by Christian Dior and a black jacket. She tied her hair in a messy bun.

Check out the photos below and tell us about it in the comments section.


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Stunning and how!

Recently, Janhvi spoke at length to Vogue India about her equation with Khushi. She said that her little sister is maternal to her and puts her to sleep sometimes, the way Sridevi did. During Janhvi's shoot for Vogue India, Khushi was present with her sister. In one of the videos, Janhvi is seen asking Khushi for a big kiss like a pampered baby and the video was too cute for words.

Janhvi and Khushi will soon be heading to London with Anshula Kapoor and Boney Kapoor for a small vacation. The family will join Arjun Kapoor in London and then head for a break together in the United Kingdom. Janhvi and Khushi have been bonding with Arjun and Anshula and are often clicked at Arjun Kapoor’s residence.

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Her eyes are her mothers all over again...

At 17 khushi is stunning .

All I can say is, her cosmetic surgeon is a magician.

i think she looks amazing. i dont understand people who r able to make a negative comment about anything and anyone. so what if there is good lighting and a professional makeup artist, that can be said of all the models in the world, and all the actresses and actors too. the fact is she looked stunning at sonam kapoor';s wedding also, .

She’s got major major lip fillers. Also, a nose job. Fab make up artists and photographers working ON her. No wonder nepo kids have it good..funny when they all cry in unison saying they have had to struggle too. BS. I mean... look at this privilege. She was not good looking at all, and looks totally stunning here. Let me see a non nepo kid have this transformation BEFORE even joining the industry.

This girl knows better about her feathers and giving perfect shots than janhvi.

She has to come in movies...She looks more like Sridevi jee

Jhanvi looks the same from childhood, kushi seems to have changed from a to z, how does that work?

she's a scorpio.

model tho banta hai.
if she can look that kamaal with make up that is all that is required for model. ( not everyone can look that good with make up - tons of eg around )

She could be India’s Kendall Jenner

Wow Khushi has really big bold eye brows!!

She looks stunning!

Much better looking than Jhanvi.

Wow it’s amazing what makeup and lighting can do!

Sridevi lives on through her eyes

For some "extraordinary" people everything is average!!! God knows what on earth do they expect

Wow her face really takes to makeup...the only other lady I can think of who completely transforms with makeup is Bipasha...Khushi looks absolutely stunning!!!

she isn't good looking in real life do wonders!

Thought the left pic was Kendell Jenner at first glance

looks like sridevi in tofha.

Makup ka kamaal

janhvi should try this kind of makeup, a confident type, hot rather than looking like baby.

whatever.. but she is very attractive.

Makeup ka kamaal

she will definitely enter bollywood, even if she’s not interested producers will drag her into their movies, she is stunning.

That’s why sridevi thought of khushi becoming actress, her features are charp and she is just 17, she will grow up into beautiful swan.

shes gotten some excellent work done on her face. really charming.i think jhanvi's procedures must have been more trickier so the end product is less charming. but great work nonetheless.

People wont get work done who are under 18.. She is still 17. The only work in progress is her teeth. She got perfect mix of genes..

Ever heard of KYLIE JENNER and her plastic surgeries?

she actually got best of sridevi.

Seems like she's got her lips done too.

not the lips..just the nose !!!

Wow wow wow just gorgeous

Now she's a nepo kid that is definitely worth it in terms of looks

She is absolutely stunning! Got best of both sides of the family

Errrr I don't see anything super model- y about her she is average

Perfect.. Wonderful mix of North and South..

Gorgeous <3

She is looking so damn good..

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