Kim Kardashian can't stop gushing about Priyanka Chopra; calls the actress pretty

Priyanka Chopra and Kim Kardashian were seen bonding recently at Tiffany's Blue Book Collection Launch Party. Kim took to Instagram Stories to share a photo with Priyanka, calling her pretty.
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Ever since Priyanka Chopra made her American Television debut in Quantico, the actress has been mingling with many Hollywood celebrities. From Meryl Streep to Tom Hiddleston, we love when our desi girl gets to hang out with them. Recently, when PeeCee attended Tiffany's Blue Book Collection Launch Party, the actress was acquainted with reality tv legend Kim Kardashian of the Keeping Up with The Kardashians fame. The two were all smiles as they even posed together for the paparazzi along with Rachel Brosnahan, Mary J. Blige and Zoe Kravitz, amongst others. 

Priyanka looked gorgeous in a sparkling silver gown which had a thigh-high slit along with a sexy low-back. The actress paired the look with strappy perspex heels and Tiffany's jewellery fit for a princess. On the other hand, Kim too took the risky route yet again in a white low-cut dress with a sexy low-back and paired the look with strappy perspex heels and
a Tiffany's choker. Kim took to Instagram Stories to share a photo with Kim where the two are seen posing together with huge smiles on their faces.

Check the Instagram Story below:

Along with the photo, Kim was all praises and could not stop gushing about Priyanka as she wrote, "She's really pretty!!!!! @priyankachopra." 

Two stunning ladies we stan for sure!

Meanwhile, at the launch party, when Priyanka was asked her favourite Tiffany-owned jewellery, Priyanka pointed at her engagement ring, gifted by fiance and singer-actor Nick Jonas. PeeCee said, "I guess it will have to be this."


Both made their careers by sleeping around!

Kim Kardashian is very beautiful and so is Priyanka. They look gorgeous in these pictures.

Haters keep burning

Priyanka is really pretty, the world know and recognizes it! Just people on this site are jealous.

Exactly. On many posts I see lot of amazing and insightful comments. But I see lot of hate comments particularly on Priyanka and Katrina's posts, sometimes outright nasty. When Priyanka's mom said to media "Ask Salman", I saw really disrespectful comments about her mother too. Any idea why?

It at times become difficult to praise Priyanka because she gives this impression of being better than everyone all the time. Like trying to show others look how good I am in your comparison. Don't know how to describe but sort of full of herself and not connecting with others. We all get our share of happiness eventually no need to compare with others all the time. She is successful and beautiful already what's the need to prove anything. Of course if somebody trolled her mother, that's only bad upbringing on their part. Just relax.

PC cannot stop at all ..All Self Prise thts all, that will still not make her Queen tiotle. There is only one King King Khan and only one Queen and it not PC

You need mental help

Lol Buddha srk khan u meant hope he isn't part of me too

PC haters are on attack mode.Keep getting jealous whole queen PC rules.

perfect match!!! both are full of plastic, both are fake ,both can go any extant for fame and money, both are nothing but show off plastic doll!! they are truly soul sisters!! p.v post it.stop being partial please.

Both are worth millions of dollars and you are not.

Get a life

How much was that check for?

Go Priyanka!!!

Priyanka makes even Kim look average

Of course! They are both plastic fantastic!

Validation from Kim.... Yay! What everyone wants! no? (Sarcastic)

And then there's us. Calling her aunty and all. Sheesh!

So cute

Loved Kim’s Instagram story

When I meet Priyanka one day I’m going to fangirl like Kim too

God,Chopra and her lame PR again. Yawn!

God,Chopra and her lame PR again. Yawn!

She sure is

fake friend.

Kim's more of a fan than a friend

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