Koffee With Karan 6: Abhishek Bachchan and Shweta Bachchan roast some coffee beans on Karan Johar's show

Today, Karan Johar shot for a new episode of his controversial show Koffee With Karan Season 6 and it was Abhishek Bachchan and Shweta Bachchan Nanda, who graced the couch.
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The sixth season of Koffee With Karan started almost a month back and people like always are hooked to the show. Four episodes have already been aired and people can't wait to see who will grace the couch and who will win the Koffee Hamper. Till now, Deepika Padukone - Alia Bhatt, Akshay Kumar - Ranveer Singh, Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif - Varun Dhawan marked their presence on the show. Several other duos have already shot for the episodes and even today Karan Johar shot for a new episode.

Yes, today siblings duo Abhishek Bachchan and Shweta Bachchan Nanda graced the controversial couch and Karan visible looked excited to have his best friends on the show. Shweta took to her Instagram page and shared a candid click with Abhishek and Karan. In the photo, AB is seen sporting a handsome look wearing a white T-Shirt and royal blue trousers with an orange jacket. While Karan wore a black shirt and trousers with a black sequined blazer. Whereas Shweta looked gorgeous wearing a white fringes top with choker neckline and black leather pants. Shweta posted the photo stating, "Flanked by the best boys!!"

Check it out below:



Flanked by the best boys!!

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Meanwhile, on the work front, Abhishek made a comeback on the big screen after a sabbatical of two years with Anurag Kashyap's directorial titled Manmarziyaan. Currently, he is shooting for Anurag Basu's next and was in Kolkata for the same. Reports have it, in this film AB won't have any female lead opposite him.


Never liked Ash and Never will I

Abhishek is doing Tit for tat, in front of public he is posting unbelievable husband goals post and in real he is hanging out with sis and giving her run ha ha ha

So much hatred for Ash and so many inside emotionally charged details about the family. I have no doubt that Shweta is herself writing these comments. Can’t believe the amount of venom and hatred she has for Aishwarya. Poor Ash, can’t imagine what it’s like for her at home with this woman trying to turn everyone against her. But remember life comes back full circle. Shweta, if you are unhappy you should focus on sorting yourself out not bringing down other people and hating them - that won’t help you at all. Pinkvilla please post

Salman Khan and Vivek Oberoi should come as a duo and grace the couch. They will surely roast some coffee beans.

Karan decides the guests for his show. He is inviting sibling pairs for some episodes. Arjun came with Jhanvi. It will be good to see Abhishek and Shweta share their childhood stories. They are Big B and Jaya's children and as a fan of Amitabh and Jaya, I am interested in learning more about their family. Aishwarya doesn't have to be everywhere... however she is already everywhere. She appears on many shows alone or with her mother and daughter...why doesn't anyone say where is her husband or her sister in laws (Shweta and Shrima)? As soon as Aishwarya's fans see Shweta, they start spewing hate and their favorite dialogue of being jealous with Aishwarya.

Shweta should understand that she has no right to use Bachchan surname. She should not come on TV. She should not spend time with friends. How dare she spend time with her parents. She should get out of sight as soon as possible because her mere presence is hurting Aishwarya's fans. Only Aishwarya Rai BACHCHAN has the right to use Bachchan surname. Only Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is worthy of all love and fame. Aishwarya can roam around the world with her parents but Shweta can't visit her old parents in Mumbai. Everything about Shweta is bad. She should just quit the world. She has no right to live or breath. Only Mrs. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has the right to do everything.

Not sure why Aishwarya fans hate Shweta. She has never said anything bad about Aishwarya neither has she done anything bad to hurt her. Seems like Shweta's only crime is that she is Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan's daughter. Why are Aishwarya fans burning just by looking at Shweta's picture? Shweta is an individual and she is free to do anything she wants to. Why is Shweta coming on TV or spending time with her friends being met with so much hatred? She seems like a nice friendly person.

Shweta didn't get married at the age of 21. She got married at the age of 24 after she completed her education from US.
Why are Aishwarya fans full of hate for Shweta? Earlier, Aishwarya's fans used to hate Manisha Koirala, Sushmita Sen, Salman Khan, Vivek Oberoi, Rani Mukherjee, Shahrukh Khan. Now they have included Shweta in their hate list. What is her crime? Hanging out with her friends and spending time with her parents? Everyone does that. Shweta has never said anything negative about Aishwarya. Aishwarya fans think that every person in the world is burning with jealousy of their "beauty" who has never shown her face without 21 kgs makeup and 11 kgs white foundation...she never steps out without her green contact lenses and wig.

why is leather pants so bad. dont think there is anything with her leaving her husband if it is not working out - after all they got married at 21/22 and these marriages rarely lost.

but she shudnt come on kwk, she was horrible in neha's talk show

Insecurity and mid life crisis is what Shweta is going through. Her hideous clothes, daily party photos, leaving husband and in laws proves it all. She doesn’t need to work hard to earn money so all she does is party, gossip and break others marriages. Once a while her dad sponsors designer label shop or publishers for her pathetic books. Miserable life

Aishwarya has always left her husband and in-laws to party around the world with her parents and daughter (she calls her trips work commitments but we all know she travels to party and mix it with work to fool public). As Aishwarya is becoming older, her makeup is increasing too. She has bald patches (just like her mother Vrinda) and wears a wig everyday. Aishwarya has started showing her cleavage a lot more in the last few years. Clearly, it's a sign of insecurity and desperate attention. Abhishek and Shweta are younger than Aishwarya. It must be stressful for Aishwarya to be an old mom to Aaradhya. Shweta's kids are pursuing higher education in UK and US while Aaradhya is always skipping school to accompany her mother to glamorous events. Aishwarya is giving her daughter a miserable life. Aishwarya has no friends and her only from are her 67 year old mother and 7 year old daughter. Shweta has lots of friends and spending time with friends is not a crime. Shweta is happily married to Nikhil Nanda for 22 years. She's not breaking anyone's marriage. Aishwarya's fans should stop blaming Shweta for everything.

Lol. Shut up Shweta. Your hatred for her is burning you

Lol, Shweta is writing about self made Aishwarya who has a career, lives with her husband, daughter and in laws. From when did the meaning of marriage change to leaving husband in Delhi for years and spending time with friends. Aishwarya is loved by many fans since 1994 and continues to be admired even today. Applying makeup isn’t a crime when you are a bollywood celeb. For that matter Shweta, you apply a lot of makeup too but you can never look half as beautiful as Aishwarya. Keep trying though. It is better for Aishwarya to spend time with her daughter, husband and mother who are real than having a fake life like you where you spend time with gossip aunties like Karan and others. Your daughter is not doing miracles for the world, so stop telling us that a six year old Aaradhya should not travel with her mom but attend school. Do you know that a mother can teach all of kindergarten lessons better than leaving the child like you in some far away countries. If your 22 years of marriage is as happy as you claim, what are you doing in Mumbai all these years when your husband is in Delhi. Aishwarya travels due to her work, endorsements and Cannes, she supports her husband in earning. You will never understand since you do not know how to earn by yourself. Now go back to your drug smoking instead of writing nasty comments about Aishwarya. Your brother is happy with her and they will be happier if you stop hovering over them all the time

Since, you have sugar-coated the hypocrite and while ways of Mrs. Aishwarya Bachchan, I would want you to go through my comment too –

Shweta, a well-read highly educated girl (studied in Switzerland), was married off at an innocent age of 21. Once married, she devoted her entire life to her husband and bringing up her children. She brought up two kids, managed a household, never rode on the tail coats of her maiden surname – ‘Bachchan’. Being tied in a relationship at a young age, she never got a chance to live her life her way. She was well read, she could have had a fantastic career before settling down for marriage. But, unfortunately she was not destined for an independent life. She spent her prime time of her age in fulfilling her duties as a mother, wife, daughter-in-law.
At this point of time, rumors are rife that she is pretty much separated. Agreed! She chose to get separated from her husband. There can be any reason behind that. Why blame a woman for that? The biggest rumor we have heard is that her husband Nikhil Nanda was cheating on her. If in such given situations, a woman chooses to walk out of a marriage and start afresh, is there anything wrong in that? At least, she made sure that her kids were mature enough to understand the equation which she and her husband were having. Her kids are at an age where they can make decisions on their own and aren’t dependent on their parents. In fact, she also kept her kids away from the limelight and made sure they invest their time in studying rather than hopping from celeb event to another. She had the full means to do that. If interested, she could have even launched her daughter into Bollywood who is at the ripe age of 21. But, she didn’t do that. As she wants to give a normal life to her kids and not take advantage of her Bachchan surname.

Now tell me, is there anything wrong if such kind of a woman who devoted her entire life to her husband, children and in-laws wishes to live life for own self. Is it wrong for this woman to live a life on her own terms? Is it wrong if she wishes to realize all those dreams and goals which she failed to accomplish during her 20s?

On the other hand, if we compare Ash to Shweta, it is literally like comparing apples to oranges (and that too rotten ones). Ash’s only saving grace is her beautiful face. She won a title in beauty pageant. Some argue it’s an honor for India. But, people fail to realize that she didn’t win a Noble prize or even an Oscar. All she did was to look beautiful in movies, played damsel in distress, danced to seductive numbers etc. And don’t even get me started on her alleged affairs with Salman, Vivek and the like. She got married pretty late at 34, made sure to take maximum advantage of the Bachchan tag and just when her biological clock was ticking away, she managed to give birth to Aaradhya.

Everyone knows the kind of upbringing Aaradhya is getting. She is not allowed to mingle with Abhishek, Amitabh, Jaya, Shweta and her kids. She is hardly seen with any cousins from her mother’s side too (except for the rare photo-ops which are done for PR purposes). The poor kid is made to drag from one event to another when she should be busy playing with kids of her age. So much is the obsession of Ash with her non-existent career, that she has even put her married life on stake. She never cared for Abhishek’s feelings for having another kid (a complete family) or Aaradhya’s need for having another sibling. Aishwarya is the most self-centered celeb I have ever seen who would go to any extent to stay in the limelight to earn millions. Living a life of substance was never her forte. She only cares about her life, her fame, her career and her image.

P.S. – For people who feel its Shweta’s foul – play to have created a rift between Abhi-Ash. Shweta has never uttered anything negative about Aishwarya since day 1. You can see Koffee with Karan episode of Jaya, Shweta, Hema and Esha. Karan asked her (Shweta) what are her expectations from her future sister-in-law. And she (Shweta) just said in one breath that she (Ash) is perfect. She doesn’t need to change. The interview, I guess, is still available on YouTube.

People fail to realize that if the Bachchan’s attitude towards Ash has changed is because she herself is at fault and not otherwise. The entire Bachchan clan doted on her, praised her, and bought her awards and even endorsements. But, now they have finally realized that Ash definitely is definitely not worth it. They all have moved ahead and care a damn about her now!

An excellent comment. Jaya Bachchan deserves much more respect for the way she kept her children away from limelight and gave up her career to keep her family together. Jaya supported her husband and lived with her in-laws. Shweta and Abhishek went to school in Switzerland and college in US. Shweta is an educated woman. She finished her college from US and got married at the age of 23 (which was the average age of marriage about two decades ago). Shweta has been married for 22 years. She's the daughter of living legends Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan but she never used her Bachchan surname or her parents name to hog limelight. She got married into Nanda family..her father in law is one of the the richest business man in India while her mother in law Ritu is the daughter of Raj Kapoor. It takes a lot of work and effort to maintain a high profile marriage. Shweta is Jaya's daughter and like her mother she supported her husband, focused on her children, and kept her marriage intact for 22 years. Shweta comes from a strong educated family...her grandfather was Oxford educated and Bachchan family is also politically well connected. Even though she belongs to an elite family, she was a simple shy girl with no attitude. Shweta's marriage brought Bollywood's 2 biggest families (Kapoors and Bachchans) together as well as India's richest family Nanda. It takes lot of sacrifice for a women like Shweta who came from a big family and went into a big family to keep everyone happy. Shweta lived with her in-laws. She's best friends with her sister in law Natasha. Shweta dedicated her life to supporting her husband and focusing on her children's education. Her children are getting excellent education.
Aishwarya on the other hand has made a career by using and abusing people. She won Miss World 1994. There have been 6 Indian women who won Miss World since then. Aishwarya has brainwashed people in believing that she's the pride of India. What exactly has she done that is beneficial for India? Indian women are making progress in Arts, Medical Science, Engineering, Technology, and Business and Finance. Aishwarya's job is to sell makeup for her employer Loreal. She goes on Cannes red carpet to represent Loreal not India. Why should we proud of her? Be proud of Sushmita Sen who adopted 2 orphan girls in a country like India where girl child is considered a burden and female infanticide is common.
Aishwarya has never supported Abhishek. She has always focused on her career only. She is a selfish woman who only thinks about herself. Aishwarya has unfairly used Bachchan surname to her advantage. She manipulated Amitabh at a time when she was considered bad in Bollywood. After Salman-Vivek fiasco, everyone was avoiding Aishwarya. She outsmarted everyone in Bollywood when she married into Bachchan family.
Aishwarya was a flop actress in 90s. The thing about people loving her since 94 is greatly exaggerated. She debuted in South movies because no Bollywood director considered her a beauty. She was involved with Subhash Ghai to get Taal. Then she was in a 4 year relationship with Salman Khan to enter Bollywood. Salman recommended her for movies between 1998-2002 that built half of her flop filmography. Salman took her to Bollywood parties, award ceremonies, and promotional events. When she got established in Bollywood, she wanted to get rid of Salman and shamelessly lied that she was in an abusive relationship. As long as Salman was making her a Bollywood heroine, she was happy and professed her undying love for him. Then she ruined his reputation just because she wanted to end that relationship as she didn't need Salman anymore.
Aishwarya then trapped Vivek and pretended to be in love with him just because she wanted to manipulate him to hold that press conference against Salman. Vivek became a butt of jokes while sanskari Aishwarya dumped him and started running after Abhishek to become Bachchan bahu.
Not many people know she was in a relationship with Rajeev Mulchandani during her modeling days to get in the industry.
After so many affairs and relationships, Aishwarya calls herself "dignified" and all others are bad.
Aishwarya doesn't even pay taxes because she earns her paycheck from Europe. Yet she lives in India and continues to use it's infrastructure. And she tells us she's pride of India and we should be proud of her.
Aishwarya is raising Aaradhya just like her mother Vrinda raised her. Soon she will make Aaradhya work to earn money...just like her parents used her.
Aishwarya is an extremely cunning woman who has used people throughout her life and career. She has no friends. She takes advantage of people and twists the story to always portray herself as innocent.
As soon as Aishwarya got married, she pushed Jaya aside and used to latch herself to Amitabh to bask in Bachchan limelight. She used to sit with Amitabh on front row of every event and go everywhere holding hands with him. She used to be in the center with Amitabh on one side and Abhishek on another. Poor Jaya tolerated this behaviour for years.
Aishwarya was never considered a beauty. After she dumped Vivek by using him, she went to America to escape the drama and left Vicek to be a butt of jokes. In America, she hired a publicist and spread her "most beautiful" tag by using Julia Roberts name. Julia Roberts doesn't even know Aishwarya.
That's Aishwarya for you. A liar, fraud, cheat, cunning, jealous, vindictive, manipulative woman who thinks she's God's finest creation and is self-centered and everything has to be about her.
If you think Aishwarya is a good daughter in law, then you're mistaken. Go and see videos on YouTube where she is behaving rudely with Amitabh and Jaya. Aishwarya started calling Rekha maa and hugging her on stage just to annoy Jaya. She follows Amitabh everywhere just to annoy him. She cares a damn about Abhishek. Go and see Durga Puja 2016 video where Shweta comes to say hi to Aishwarya and Aaradhya but Aishwarya pushes her away and rudely ignored her.
Thankfully, Bachchans have realized after a decade that they were being used by Aishwarya. But it's too late now.
But as always, Aishwarya is being considered as "sweet humble down to earth" "dignified" "best woman" while Bachchans are painted as evil. The same thing happened with Salman, Vivek, Rani. Bachchans are now in the list of people used and abused by this "kind lovely natural beauty" Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

aiyooo, ash is full of herself but after watching shweta's interviews ( one with neha included), it is clear she is full of herself too. they are both obnoxious.

abhi is the only sane member of this entire family, unfortunately he is too lazy.

I knew Shwetha had issues, but leather pants takes it to a whole new level. Give this aunty a make over.

What the hell is she wearing?


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