Ladies man Shah Rukh Khan poses with Kajol, Rani Mukerji, Sridevi, Karisma Kapoor and Alia Bhatt

Shah Rukh Khan poses with Kajol, Rani Mukerji, Sridevi, Alia Bhatt and Karisma Kapoor for a picture.
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Shah Rukh Khan is surely a charmer and the latest photo uploaded by him is a stamp on what we just said. He took to Instagram to share a collage wherein he is seen posing with Kajol, Rani Mukerji, Sridevi, Alia Bhatt and Karisma Kapoor. He also wrote, "Sum nites the stars with u shine brighter than the ones in the sky. Thx ladies for ur graciousness beauty & love." 
The picture wherein he is posing for a selfie with Kajol and Rani Mukeji will take you back to the times of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and will make you wish to see the trio once again sizzle on the screen. It's a rare sight to see Kajol and Rani in one frame, but the only man who can really make this happen is SRK. All the three are smiles for the camera. 
SRK has worked with all the Bollywood divas in the frame. The Dilwale actor shared screen space with Sridevi in the film Army. He was seen with Karisma in the cult film Dil To Pagal Hai. SRK and Alia's little hatke chemistry in Dear Zindagi was appreciated by both the critics and the audience. 
SRK is truly the King Of Romance and he has been paired with all the divas in the frame. But, SRK hates the tag of a romantic hero. In an earlier interview, he had said, "I had hated to be (called) just the 'King of Romance'. I enjoyed doing Don. I was completely in love with how I approached my role in My Name Is Khan. I would like to be remembered as an actor who is trying hard in a commercial set-up. I don't think I have any image of being a romantic actor. When you say that I have done romance earlier, I have to make sure that I have to do every role differently, which becomes a little tough. I don't think I have done any romantic characters that are similar."
Meanwhile, check out the picture: 

Sum nites the stars with u shine brighter than the ones in the sky. Thx ladies for ur graciousness beauty & love.

A post shared by Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) on

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SRK has such a beautiful dimples smile!!

KING and QUEENS minus Alia

Only SRK can be this loved by women. Lucky dude!

Alia really? I'm sick of her being so overrated and the amount of attention and support she gets from the industry. Her generation is not comprised of her obly and she is not the only promising actress. Just because she gets amazing movies and roles easily and plays roles with conviction doesn't mean she is the best. Her opportunities are really that make her over others.

Gosh! Everyone looks GREAT!
You cant even tell that SRIDEVI is the OLDEST (50s) and ALIA is the youngest (in her 20s)
However SRK does look HELLA OLD.. and that has A LOT to do with SMOKING! Chalo kher yeh baatein choodo

I want SRK to stop smoking but tbh he looks so cute and hot here. No need to be envious.

SRK you are the best.

All those ladies look a thousand times better and younger than SRK. He looks like Devanand and still acting with 20 something girls. Ewww


karisma&rani look the best

LOVE YOU KARISHMA. As far as I'm concerned, you're the best actress, when you're on screen, nobody else is noticed in the same frame and you were a superb dancer without anyy training compared to the other ladies who had years of training. You outdid Madhuri in the Dance of Envy, you're magnetic.

Love Kajol! Best of them all!

Best- Rani and Karishma
Worst- alia

i love u karisma

Love love love!! I'm happy

Trust the king to bring the queens! wow!!!

Trust the SRK PR brigade to litter up on swoons

Wooooooow!!! Love it!!! SRK you are the best!! KING

ONLY SRK can bring Kajol

KING xoxox

Rani and SRK always look so comfortable together.

In love with Srk and his love with all these women. They seem to love him as well.

SRK looks amazing and the girls look amazing too.

Karisma is the Best !!!
Looking fresh, stylish and so much younger. Kajol usually look very good, but not in this picture.
I don't know why SRK is so uptight and serious. It seems like something is eating him alive in the last two years. He has aged a lot .

Flop SRK always living off of nostalgia.

I think it's wonderful that unlike his contemporaries, SRK still involves his older leading ladies. When last was Salman/Aamir/Akshay paired with a leading lady from the 90s?
SRK has been recently paired with Kajol (MNIK and Dilwale).
Has Aamir given his 90s best onscreen leading ladies, Juhi or Manisha an opportunity? Has Salman given his 90s best onscreen leading lady, Madhuri an opportunity? Has Salman and Aamir given Karishma, who had incredible jodi with them any opportunity?

What about Akshay? None, especially when he had affairs with them (Raveena and Shilpa).

Ajay Devgn has given Tabu opportunities but she's not paired onscreen with him (Drishyam and GolMaal4). Rather, he's paired with ladies in their 20s.

So, at least, appreciate what SRK has done.

S R I D E V I !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy to see SRK Kajol n Rani again in one Frame !

Good to see SRK Kajol n Rani again in one Frame they share a pure bond with each other !!!!!

Maybe I'm the only one who wants Karisma-SRK most, then SRKajol.


ya Priyanka..we know

sri and lolo looks best here

karishma is goddess she so fit and stylish

King and Queens.

SRK looks so so handsome. Masha Allah

Kajol should give respect to Rani Chopra..the Maalkin of Yashraj

Kuch Kuch Hotaa haiiii. ❤️

I see only Shahrukh kajol

! I love the pic of SRk-Kajol Rani I really hope they will make a movie together again :) I am sure lot of people miss seen all those 3 big stars coming together !!!

what is alia doing with all of these amazing people??

OMG! I love the SRK-Rani-Kajol pic so, so much!Beautiful ladies.

legden sridevi

wow karisma so beautiful and young

Sridevi the queen, enjoying life to the fullest! God bless.

Shah and Rani in a movie please. Karishma should do a movie please.

Karisma as always looks great and healthiest of all

Stunning women! All women in bollywood love SRK because he is such a gentleman!

but PC loves him for some other reason

they alll are gorgeous.... rani is ... cute

srk kajol looking regal together

Plz someone cut alia ugh


These are old pictures. Kajol and Rani hardly talk now. Even in this picture, there is a distance between them.

It's a pity Kajol and Rani aren't friends

Its clear from the pic that SRK only wanted to be with Rani in the pic..but Kajol forced herlself upon him

being a rani fam im asking you to shut up!


SRK-Rani >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> SRK-Kajol


Only SRK can get Rani and Kajol together in a picture otherwise they totally ignore each other at events. Kudos SRK! Btw I love all three of them

All these ladies who people call them aunties looking younger than SRK

If only he would treat his wife with the same respect he treats his female co-stars.

We love you SRK

Alia running this picture


Where is this ? Looks like everybody was present at some party . All the ladies look lovely , especially Sridevi who must have the longest career out of everybody there ,including SRK !

Gentleman' would be more of an appropriate term for him.. The way he treats the ladies around him and what every man should aim at learning.. Love sharukh..

O give me a break Madame BS

rani looks so beautiful :)

Wow Rani!!

Lovely pictures. Where's Madhuri btw? Haven't heard about her in a while.

Making rotis back home

Trust me on this.Making rotis ,managing home and kids is way harder than being on set & pampered by all :)

And what is wrong in making rotis? or in the world where you live making rotis or doing something for your family is so outdated and not modern at all.

Kajol, leave SRK and go be with your husband. He'll take sides wih Rani because she's Rani Chopra.

As a huge Kajol fan, I'll rather see her take up more serious roles like Sridevi and Vidya. Without SRK. Love him but there are other actors besides he and Ajay Devgn

Kajol wants to be with her husband but does her husband want to be her?

The day SRK is paired with Alia Bhatt is the last time I'll watch his film

ahhhahahahaaa....they could do an ae dil mushkil when Aliaa falls for an older man.

Only SRK is capable of bringing Kajol and Rani in one frame. No single interaction between both cousins during the Durga puja festivals.

Wow , RANI-SRK-KADS , the golden trio in every sense :* really made my day and hey QR please do us a favor , spare this post from your negativity !!!

Only SRK could bring back Rani and Kajol in one frame and make us say Kuch Kuch Hota Hai – lol


Rani's Mukerji face is marvelous ..sensitive and her smile is sunshine.She and her cousin Kajol have strong ,interesting faces.

MG kajol n Rani together..?? Am I dreaming??

SRK does not look same any more. He is aging, boring. How long can you ditsos breathe aww nostalgia nothing else. BW is in a humongous state of decay. This happened in US in late 1970s-early 1980s. Stagnation and silly hanging on to Sinatra, Elvis impersonators, Lisa M, D Martin, old entertainers, coz nothing new was happening. Old fossils will fade and you better not blink, you will miss the turn.

Kajol looks so beautiful! Want to see more movies of her and Srk.

My fav 3 Someone please direct Rani-SRK-Kajol once again.

The ladies man SRK

Boy, you do at least one movie with each of those girls, excluding Alia, before you get any older!


SRK together again with his latest one night stand Alia! Oha Gauri!

Rani is the queen of all actresses. She can buy whole bollywood with her power. Even Shahrukh knows this. That's why she is his favourite co-star.

SRK has lost his star power. I used to admire him during his DDLJ days and now I don't find him good looking or worth watching in his senseless films. He messed his personal life too. Time for him to move on to character roles and stop making more of the meaningless films

Not yet. Sorry.

Sharuk looks the best with Rani than Kajol.

Love Rani's chemistry with SRK but her best chemistry is with Abhishek Bachchan. If they had acted in more films together and even married each other, they might have become a legendary Jodi.

Sorry to disappoint you but SRK-Kajol are the legendary Jodi of Bollywood with the likes of Raj-Nagis and Amithab-Rekha

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