Lisa Haydon shares a picture of breastfeeding son Zack Lalvani with a powerful message

Lisa Haydon posts numerous pictures of her son Zack Lalvani.
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Lisa Haydon gave birth to a baby boy on May 17, 2017, and named him Zack Lalvani. Since then, the stunning beauty has been sharing a few glimpses of the tiny tot on her Instagram page.

Today, Lisa shared a picture of breastfeeding Zack with a powerful message. She said, "I've gotten loads of posts asking about life after having my son... esp to do with weight and fitness. Seeing as it's World Breastfeeding Week- time to give some credit where credit is due. Breastfeeding has played such a big part in getting back into shape after giving birth to my baby. Breastfeeding has been challenging+time consuming (literally hours spent everyday trying to stimulate milk supply) but it's such a beautiful way to bond and connect with your child plus all the nutritional benefits that your child gets from your milk. Look out for my blog post on on breastfeeding. Happy #worldbreastfeedingweek"

That's inspiring!

Yesterday, she shared a picture sleeping beside Zack and it looked too cute for words. She captioned the picture on Instagram saying, "Weekend vibe"

We love this mother-son duo!

Lisa tied the knot with her long-time boyfriend Din Loalvani in an intimate low-key ceremony in October last year.  Talking about her marriage, she had earlier said "Life has not changed much after marriage. I went straight back to work. But I guess changes come after having a baby, not after marriage, especially if you are married to the right person who understands your lifestyle and profession. I think I was married to my husband in mind before it happened officially. When you fall in love, you make a commitment to each other. It's all about that.”


I love u Lisa haydon

WOW. Where are Kareena and Shahid's wife ( I forgot her name)?

no makeup at home breastfeeding and she still looks like a goddess. those supermodel genes. btw breastfeeding isnt taboo in india. when you dont have safe water it can mean the difference between life and death of the infant. but sexist attitudes prevails as to when a sexy woman uses her breasts for feeding her child and reminding sexists that shes not a sexual object here.

Such a gorgeous bond between mommy and baby..stay blessed..happy breastfeeding week y'all..#keepingitreal

A mother feeding her baby.....its a beautiful picture, I don't get the hate. If it offends you, don't click on it. No need to preach, she knows how to raise her son more than strangers on the internet.

This "breastfeeding in public is normal" message is getting wayy too out of hand. I see more women defending it than people protesting it. Honestly, no one cares. Breastfeeding is very normal and has been normal for ages and no one ever complained about it. One crazy guy speaks against it and the entire internet has its tits out :/.

People need to grow up....nothing is showing...she is breastfeeding her baby!! Goodness.

Why show your melons to world tho ? Btw She is married to a paki muslim.He must be a good man.

Cheap and archaic attitude. They are her melons, she can do whatever she wants with them. Oh and he must be a 'good' man to let a woman do something. Pathetic mindset

You can do whatever you want with you melons in private. Please cover up in public.

What's the need to share such a private intimate moment between a child and mother with the whole world who has nothing to do with you? Would u also share a picture of yourself peeing ?

You are comparing peeing (discarding waste from the body) to breastfeeding, which is an emotional bonding experience, something that is beautiful, natural and every mother should be proud of. You must feel that breasts and breastmilk are shameful - or maybe dirty, like urinating or defecating? And before you say, "oh but in our culture blah blah", don't say it, it's just an excuse to remain narrow minded.

Folks wud like to see ur kids face for a change!

Imagine ur son viewing this pic on the net when he grows up.he will.see through ur game...oh dear..postpartum blues

What will happen when her son see's it? Please explain

He will be proud of his mom , forgoing every other thing and taking time out for such a natural bond. Surely he won't be narrow minded abt it. Thank god he won't be brought up with such little mind sets

Stooping to a new low ...never expected this from her.Bebi is better than this despo.Lisa...stop it...u r demeaning urself...u don't need to support a cause like this!:-(we can see through the game

"Plus all the nutritional benefits from breastfeeding. LOL LOL LOL !

If I grew up and saw me n my mom in a pic like this on social media, I think I will go crazy how my mother is showing this private moment to the whole world. Why do these women do such things? Ok breastfeeding is good but why show all the naked breast? She can cover up and still show that she is breastfeeding. These celebs have no shame not even from their parents or from their kids when they grow up and see all this.

she totally told someone to take her picture , so that she could show off her boobs on social media. if she wanted to show 'breastfeeding' try checking out shveta salve's instagram on her breastfeeding. that was done right

Indians are so stupid

Lisa you don't mind showing off your boobs but you mind showing your baby's face? Don't get the logic here

She is milking it

LOL !!!

This just screams 'ATTENTION'

That was the whole point

Excellent and keep it up,,, it is natural thing

Raj kapoor showed this in one of his film to break the taboo. Then everybody criticize him.

well, we did not see the picture on delivering your baby... why stop only at breast-feeding.... through movies you showed nothing you may as well make hay now...

woah....those basketballs..

DESPERATE......she'd do anything for publicity. She takes absolute pleasure in showing off her big Boobs in the guise feeding like the true exhibitionist she is but won't show the baby's face.....must be ugly

Proud of u Lisa... But in India it is a natural thing to feed her baby by a one make it publicly...

Proud of you lisa. Actually I never saw breastfeeding being a taboo in india. It's only in the US that I have seen it. Breastfeeding is a biological natural thing for every mother

That is nice to see. A mother putting child before hearsay and her body.

What next

Smart and beautiful but why play such bimbette role in adhm ?

She aced that role, so why not?

She played it because that's the role she was given

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