Love Is In The Air: Anushka Sharma and husband Virat Kohli are twinning in the same T-shirt

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma tied the knot on December 11, 2017, and since then, the usually private couple is going all out with the newlywed PDA. Time and again, the two have set major relationship goals.
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Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma solemnized their relationship in December last year after dating for over four years. Now, both Virat and Anushka do not shy away from sharing their love for each other with their fans on their Instgram accounts. 
Time and again, the two have set major relationship goals. In the morning, Anushka was spotted at the airport wearing casual t-shirt which had 'State of Mind' imprinted on it. Virat, too, has the same t-shirt. Is she wearing his t-shirt or they have both bought the same one? The two are head over heels in love with each other. Aren't they just adorable?
Check out the picture:
According to reports, Virat has bought a flat in Raheja Legends apartment on the 40th floor. The palatial flat is about 2675 sq ft for which the duo will be spending a whopping Rs 15 lakh as monthly rent. The Indian cricket captain has paid Rs 1.50 crore as a deposit for the property. The duo will be spending a whopping Rs 15 lakh as monthly rent.
Virat had earlier bought an apartment in 2016. Virat and Anushka have moved to their swanky new apartment in the city after their marriage. Their sky-bungalow is on the 34th floor. Virat shared a photo from their residence and captioned it, “Where else would you wanna be when you have such a stunning view from home!”
About their luxurious 5 BHK house, a source had earlier told a daily, "The project has flats on bare shell ‘Bespoke’ model, which means the flats can be designed as per the owner’s style and taste. The builder offers only a floor, with no columns in between. It’s like a playground and the owner can make anything inside. One can have any size of a bedroom to a king size hall or a study." 
After the series win in South Africa, doting hubby Virat had said, "My wife has been keeping me motivated throughout, she deserves a lot of credit for this. She has been criticized a lot in the past, but she is one person who has kept me going throughout this tour and when times have been tough and I am really grateful for that."


anushka puts as much effort as any other actor for airport looks. i don’t think she’s ever repeated anoutfit but here she is repeating her husband’s hah!

People who think that sharing clothes with hubby is creepy, please visit a marriage counsellor. LOL
When you are sharing a lifetime with a person, whats the shame in sharing a T-shirt? Of course, everyone needs to take care of the hygiene factor. Happily stealing my bf's/hubby's softest T-shirts from the washer/dryer since last 5 years :)

I have started liking Anushka now. She seems quite new age / fuss-free compared to other actresses competing for dated gym/ airport looks. My husband and I are of the same age and I love wearing his Tshirts/clothes. And trust me its so much more comfy!

Attention seekers

A lot of times I also pick lose-fitted, comfy kinda t-shirt from my husband's closet and wear it. This may not be a show off of their love or relationship. Its more accessible to her now since they live together and also probably its in her nature to wear easy going comfy clothes and mostly not dress up unless its a requirement for her to wear fancy designer clothing

yes same but with all due respect, we are NOT celebrities so nobody would be able to confirm we are wearing are partner's clothing. They, on the other hand, know it very well.

My parents will beat me up for wearing such a tshirt.

Mine too, especially if they knew my husband and I are sharing t-shirts - first question would be "are finances OK?"

Such a show off couple,Virat plays well but he is one of those who can be appreciated for work than his personality, He is Ranveer Singh of cricket world and I am shocked at otherwise private Anushka's behaviour

People who are genuinely in love don't flaunt their relationship to prove it

Sweetie--- pl note the honey moon is over. you are just a mediocre actress and milking. enough

She is hardworking and trying to make her mark in this field and milking is not wrong, she is atleast putting efforts. She is better than a lot of celebrities who are famous and milking just because they are born to bollywood industry parents. Its good to be appreciative of people who try and work towards achieving something. Honeymoon over or not, these days we all share tshirts and sewatshirts with boyfriend or husband

This whole sharing clothes thing is super creepy.

They do it because they know it will get them attention and then she'll have the audacity to say don't talk about my relationship.

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