Lovebirds Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora enjoy a date night in Mumbai; view PHOTOS

Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora were spotted on a dinner outing at a popular restaurant in Mumbai. Here are the photos.
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Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora were spotted in Mumbai today as they stepped out for a dinner outing with friends. Arjun and Malaika have been linked with each other for several years now, but they have never spoken about their personal life. There have been hushed whispers about them being in a relationship, but Malaika had once said that they are good friends, but people give it a different meaning. Malaika and ex-husband Arbaaz Khan separated in 2016 and were granted divorce last year. Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora have attended many parties together. Tongues started wagging when they walked hand-in-hand and danced on the stage with a contestant on India’s Got Talent.  

They stepped out for a dinner date today at a popular restaurant in Mumbai. Arjun Kapoor opted for an all-black look, whereas Malaika kept it chic in a white ganji, rugged denim and boots. They were spotted as they exited the restaurant. Arjun and Malaika seem more comfortable being clicked together now. They were spotted walking hand-in-hand at the Milan airport recently, where Arjun had accompanied Malaika to ring in her birthday. Sources informed us that the couple plans to take their relationship to the next level soon and may tie the knot in April 2019.

Here are the photos:

Malaika had shared cryptic posts about love on her Instagram account during her trip to Italy. Recently, they attended Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan’s Diwali bash and were colour coordinated at Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla’s bash. 

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wohhh!! just thinking about malaika's bride's maids- ammu bebo & lolo ....ONCE MORE !! ONCE MORE!!

arre ye BW hai bai! isme kutch bhi chaltha hai aaz beta kisi ki bewi se shadi karega kal bete ka bap bete ke bewi ko date karega....aur sab bollywood wale jashn manayega!!

Arjun never got so much publicity. He should be thankful to Malaika for that. Any publicity is good whether negative or positive. They found love in wrong place,wrong time but they are together for 9 years. This is love. Never saw Malaika so happy. She used to fake being happy just like Mrs. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

arjun's life isn't going anywhere, stuck with a lady probably old enough to be his mom, don't remember a hit movie on his list since 2 states, loser guy with mommy issues. I still can't believe anyone would want to be friends with a snake like Arjun. His action is wrong on so many levels, no moral compass.

and even in 2 states, it was a hit not coz of him but coz of dharma, chetan bhagat, good music and also alia.

This makes me happy. And I believe it's more than skin deep if they've stuck it out for so long.
Yes, she was married when they fell in love. Doesn't mean that she living a married life with Arbaaz.
There is a difference.
I'll be pleasantly surprised if Arjun makes it official, as he seems to be doing with the public appearances with her.
Good for them.

Arjun and Malakia have no remorse. When they were a couple they lied we are just friends and not dating each other. Malakia wants to set certain image but the truth is she had an affair with Arjun when she was married and that's why she left Arbaaz.

Arjun and Malakia have no remorse. When they were a couple they lied we are just friends and not dating each other. Malakia wants to set certain image but the truth is she had an affair with Arjun when she was married and that's why she left Arbaaz.

The blind items were right - Arjun and Malaika were having an affair while she was still married.

Good luck to this happy couple. You both look very happy.

Hawas 2

Love birds ?? Arjun Kapoor ?? which bird ?? Ostrich !!

Lol lol lol rolling on the above comment...

From Arpita to Malaika, wow. Massive upgrade. Wonder what Arpita's feels about all this...?Why is Arjun dressed like a rapper??

It's easy to say age gap does not matter. But these young men older women love stories hardly ever become happily ever after stories. Even if they marry, they divorce after a while and the man marries a younger partner.if it works out , I am happy for such couple. But I see it is rare.

This incesty story will even make game of thrones writers blush. Arjun was Arpita's bf, considered a younger bro by Khan fam. And then he starts an affair with a married Malaika i.e. his ex girlfriend's bhabhi. And this while he's been complaining about how sridevi broke his parents home, while he himself's been breaking his bhai's home? I mean.....this is messed up.

It's not about being open minded. But ethics and decency naam ki bhi koi cheez hai? I guess not for them. *gross*

thankfully someone people still see how wrong this is, whatever you feel about Salman or his family, this is just wrong on SOOO many levels, this dude claims to say he owes his career to Salman, yet backstabs his family. Arjun is the type of person who show their true colors after they have used you.

Leave them alone. Love in secrecy for 10 years now given the light of day is true, celebrate and be happy for them. He and Sri’s stories are poles apart. Stop judging and go examine your own sorry lives. Malaika’s hair is thinning, time for her to go see Ashwarya’s wig maker.

Arjun dated Sonakshi , Athiya Shetty ,(allegedly a fling with the inevitable Alia Bhatt too) & Mallaika had her own men (including an influential UK richie) during these 10 years so lets not spin it out like it's a fabulous poignant love story. If Arjun can indulge in fits of judgmental self pitying ,so can we . And a completely bald Mallaika would still be hotter than Arjun .

Malaika’s hair is thinning, time for her to go see Ashwarya’s wig maker...
hahahahaha that was funny

Arbaaz and Malaika competing with each other and showing off their partners!

But Arbaaz doesnt seem happy at all with his new gf....he simply shows her off....he looks pissed and irritated most of the times...

It's not about the age difference , let's be honest here-Arjun is damn lucky to have Mallaika at all. What makes it odd is getting it on with 2 women from the same family at the same time,more cringe worthy when the other woman is a married mummy . This happened way before the release of Ishaqzade ,the story was broken by Masand and was so ludicrous u simply can't make it up!

i dont know why Arjun gets so much negativity, he's a goodlooking guy, needs that moustache to go though. He looks great when he is in shape. And he's a decent actor. But hooking up with malaika is unethical, given his proximity with salman khan and how close he was to khan family . PV please post this, you never post my comments

Arjun's appearance is a matter of opinion . Hooking up with Mallaika was unethical not only because of Salman ,it's because he was officially dating Arpita Khan and two timing her with Mallaika . He's always moaning about his own situation so one expects such a person to have more ethics , not act like a cuckoo in the nest himself .

Eis ne apne sister in law ke boyfriend ke saath he matlap oh news Sach tha

dont compare this to sridevi's situation.

this is like a sridevi dated boney kapoor but whilst cheating on anil kapoor, and also hooking up with jeetandra, rishi kapoor and all her other co actors at the same time.

think : arjun dating malaika while cheating on arpita, and also simultaneously hooking with sonakshi, athiya, and potentially alia.

this is that.

I remember Arjun Kapoor once saying that his grandmother wanted him to find a bride and settle down. Given how ‘conservative’ the family seem to be in some ways, I wonder how the grandmother will feel about Arora as a potential bride for her eldest grandson: a divorced older mother known for her ultra sex bomb image. It should not really matter of course, as long as they like each other that’s the main thing. But it’s interesting to note that Sridevi when she married Boney K was still younger than him and had no children with other men. That goes for other actresses too who have gone onto marry men who were married before. It looks like that is a big issue especially in a place like India. Usual double standards of ‘ok for the men to be like that but not women’

also to people comparing arjun-malaika's affair to abaaz's.
its not about the age gap or about whose older.
its about when the affair started ( before/during marriage), and also arjun's hypocrisy in his snide remarks on sridevi.

well eventually age is gonna catch up with malaika - if not now, 10 or 20 years from now.
then what will arjun do?

Goddess malaika arora is an ageless wonder. She has not aged since the last 20 plus years. she will not age in the next couple of decades as well.

He will master bate in his own and look to having affairs with other actresses, if they’ll have him lol

hey! all you cynics calling arjun out for being selfish towards malaika's boy, arbaaz and arpita.

listen up ok.
arjun is doing this coz he's that good a brother. he just wanna give janhvi and khushi a new mommy to ease the pain.

so chill on the hate.

Arjun is doing this deliberately to hurt his Dad , as once his Dad did the same and the entire family was hurt badly. Never in life time a parent would want his son's life going in wrong direction. Malika no doubt is hot but the age difference and mother of a teenage boy all seems very weird, but in bollywood the famous saying "they both look happy together ".

Arjun got lucky man! She is super hot. Usko saat janam me esi ladki nahi milti.

living the young love life that she missed. poor guy.

arjun is a lucky dude gets to devour yummy desert nowadays.

How strange is the Indian mentality of men. Arbaz can go out with his GF who is some 20 years younger and that will not affect his son. But if Malaika wants to go out with a man who is 10-11 years younger, there is a huge issue. As if only men are authorised to over infidelity and women cant fall in love with another man when in marriage. Rules should be same for either gender. I am against infidelity , divorces and remarraige. But such decision would be theirs who are going through those tough situations. Judging is so easy. Both of them are not going against indian constitution. This whole comments section makes me feel like I am living in Pakistan and not in India

Don’t talk like an imbecile!! It’s not about judgment. Just the way society functions. You may feel it’s wrong but this has been happening for aeons. A woman’s/wife’s/mother’s contribution to a family is generally more significant than the mans. I’m not saying men have no role, they do of course but a mother is a mother. The relationship that a mother shares with her children is the most unique relationship in the world. It’s just the plain truth of life. So when that mother betrays the trust of child/husband, it’s more devastating. I don’t blame Arjun for anything. He’s like a dog trying to sniff if there’s any food in this household. I blame Malaika for breaking her own home to fulfill her own and arjuns desires!!

It’s not really the age factor..but infidelity..Malaika and arjun were having affair since Malaika was very much married to Arbaaz..poor Arbaaz he had to move on

It’s not really the age factor..but infidelity..Malaika and arjun were having affair since Malaika was very much married to Arbaaz..poor Arbaaz he had to move on

What the HELL is this????

They have full right to live their life. She is divorced and she have fully right to live her life with whoever ma she wants. Same goes with Arjun he can chose life partner for himself. Arbaz can go all the places with that young lady. No one has problem and thinks about their son. now when she does this, everyone is against her.... let them live their life... their son is well brought up teenage and he will be happy with his mother’s decision. So stop worrying for them. They are happy and living their live and they don’t know that we even exist in this world.

When a few years ago the rumors came out, Malaika and Arbaaz denied it vehemently and Arjun did the same talking so good about Salman bhai. I think all blinds are true, sooner or later the truth comes out.

Nauseating to say the least..he has betrayed his mother- he has done everything she would be against off.

Shut up

Jab pyaar kiya toh darna kya :)

if arbaaz can openly go out with his gf, malaika can do the same too. age is just a number. happiness is important.

In all seriousness, If her son turns out to be messed up, Both her and Arjun are to be blamed.

i know how you feel as normal human being.....but these are BW celebs, nothing effects them look at arjun he was a kid when his dad cheated on his mum...n look at him now. One fine day arbaz-malaika's son will date either his dad's girl or his cousins wife.....and the whole BW will support.

And arbaaz and his gf too..

All these blind items are mostly true. rumors about these two started before malaika's separation from Arbaaz.

She is HOT!

She is HOT!

She needs to burn all his clothes asap.

Trying to be cool

in 2018 some low mindset still have issues with age gap. good they don't worried about others any more

In 2018 infidelity is now okay, right? That's what people like you think.

Let's see how long this will last from Mr.Bootycall

If thr relationship s new post her break up means all power to t couple .. but if it was while she was married n he z seeing arpitha khan then it’s t dirtiest ..

I hate hypocrites after cheating and denying the truth all of a sudden its a happening love story. They just did bad sorry but not easy to forgive yeah I know your ex husband has moved on but the anguish you put through people, love sometimes is such a hurtful and ugly word!!

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