Mahira Khan looks resplendent in a saree as she attends a film festival in New York City

Mahira Khan is currently in New York to attend a prestigious film festival. Mahira posted photos of her look on her social media account as she attended the film festival.
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Mahira Khan made her Bollywood debut with superstar Shah Rukh Khan in Raees last year. She won the hearts of the audience with her portrayal of Aasiya in the film.

Mahira is one of the most stylish actors and makes a style statement with her elegant looks. She debuted at the Cannes Film Festival this year and her red-carpet look was impressive. She kept it classy in a black off-shoulder gown and teamed it with statement earrings. Mahira’s look made it to the best dressed lists this year.

Mahira Khan is currently in New York to attend a prestigious film festival. Mahira posted photos of her look as she attended the film festival on her social media account.

She looks stunning in a multi-colored saree which she has draped with a twist. Dewy make-up and open hair completed her look. Statement earrings and minimal accessories completed her look.

Check out the photos here:

Mahira captioned the photos, “Big lights will inspire you.. “

Mahira has teamed up with Humsafar co-star Fawad Khan for her next film, Maula Jatt 2. The actors have started shooting for the sequel of Maula Jatt which released in 1979. The actors recently graced the cover of a popular magazine and looked magical together. They looked every bit royal in their designer outfits on the cover.

Mahira Khan’s last release with Shehryaar Munawar, Saat Din Mohabbat In has received widespread appreciation. The film did a decent business at the box-office.







My idol MK ,love :)))))

Why are banned artists being featured here..and don’t copy Indian styles plz!

Hon it's Sana safinaz she is wearing not Manish who copies

Weird face, like a horse

And yet you remain nameless so get a life

Looking very classy, and stylish , lovely mk, in nyc!

Boring as ever

WOW!!! Absolutely amazing. Sonam take note; this is how you make fashion wearable.

damn!!! why ? why ,,why? why Mahira? just Ma sha Allah <3

Her colors are bright colors like Red, Orange, Blue, parrot green but she wears white almost all the time.

How is this Bollywood news? Shes from Pakistan.

Yes not keen to know much of her but goodnlukc

Hun, don't click on her post, and make this same comments on every post, you are only one, 107,000 views on pv, enough said. next!

Missing RK..its NY and July...last year this time there romance was steaming hot...ufff

None of exes Miss him hon they are all dp/kat doing/mk are just fine

This is how you wear a fusion sari , in nyc, very urban cool vibe, MK looking like a up town girl , stunning!

Mahira PR just relax okey

Why is she relevant on pinkvilla ?

Look at the number of hits. 80,000 now times it with 10cents

Firstly, her strong sense of self resonates well with her equally alluring persona!

Mahira, thank you. What would we do without your self-promotion idk

She's too good for rk as were deepika and kat. He can stick to ayan and his mum. Alia will disappear as quickly as she arrived

Love the way she looks!

She is so gorgeous head to toe! And always so stylish!

Omg I loooove her! Addicted to her Instagram page. She is sooo classy!

me too<3))))

Mahira is looking jaw dropping gorgeous! Her film 7th DMI, was the highest among the pak released films on Eid in Pak!

RK there is still time

she's better off without him
probably won't have that amount of money as the Kapoors
but healthy relationships and peace of mind are worth so much more

Hamza Ali Abasi's net worth is 150 million dollars. Just saying : D

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She is multi- millionaire, FYI, she is doing just fine on her own!

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Always breathtakingly stunning

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