Malaika Arora looks minty fresh as she kick starts her weekend with a run to the gym; See PHOTOS

Today, Malaika Arora was snapped outside the gym and as always, she flashed her smile before heading for her workout session. See pictures!
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Every day, during this time of the day, Malaika Arora steps out of her home to sweat it out in the gym, and today, this Chaiyya Chaiyya actress was papped outside the gym. Soon after getting out of her swanky car, Malaika smiled at the paps before heading inside. In the pictures, Malaika is seen wearing mini shorts paired with a black ganji and tied hair and needless to say, she has yet again nailed her gym look.

It was only yesterday that Malaika had sister Amrita Arora for company as the two sisters decided to sweat it out together in the gym, but today, Malaika was snapped solo. As we all know, Malaika Arora is dating Ki & Ka actor Arjun Kapoor, and while sometimes, the two are snapped together attending a party in the city, on other occasions, we have Arjun and ladylove Malaika enjoying a night out with their industry friends.

For the longest time, grapevine has been abuzz with Malaika Arora and her wedding with Arjun Kapoor but Arjun has dismissed all the wedding rumours as he said that he is only 33 and in no hurry to get married. In a recent interview, when Arjun was asked about the age gap between Malaika and him, Arjun had said that he wouldn’t even want to speak about this and give it importance as it doesn’t matter to him and so he doesn’t want to justify anything.

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Without paying the media they won't do anything like this. To click pictures everyday she is not a star having extraordinary career.

If u watch carefully...Maliakas body is not fully toned... lok at her skinny hands & thighs esp .... nevertheless she looks good

What she does for living ?

Shoes her legs

Maybe she pays them to click her. I see no other reason why this woman is on PV every other day! Achievements- tardy item numbers in the past, scandalous relationship at present, working out everyday and sucking in her cheeks! Slow clap!

This is sponsored by Reebok. She wears their clothes every day, if you notice !!

Who is she?

This woman is pushing 50 and still dresses like a teenager, short shots, little nap sacks,well JLO is almost 50 and still posts sexy pouting pictures on her Instagram page, Halle Berry is 52 and she is a stunner, who am I to complain she works hard to look this good and she is dating a man 11 or 12 years younger than her, so girls gotta play young thang to keep her boo intrested.

Yes but JLo has a huge business empire and Halle Berry is a great actor so they don’t even need good looks, their talent outshines their looks. Apart from looks what else does Malaika have??

Hot ...she is truly fitness goals...this is her body at 48 years and her skin ...amazing results of self care

It’s tragic the way Indian media has become? Why would they wait to click pics of Malaika every day - are they getting money for her pics??

That's the only work she does

Minty fresh or chewed

Looking hot is the only thing she's got. And the effort she puts into it is commendable. Going to gym everyday 24x7x365 is not easy.

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