Malaika Arora performs at NDTV Greenathon

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I am not sure why would anyone need these sleazy dance numbers to promote a noble cause like Greenathon :(


Wannabe Indian Posh Beckham. As if Posh wasn't wannabe enough.

she looks too thin these days. is she starving herself??
i hope things are ok in her life

why people even ASK her to perform anywhere just baffles me.. she cheapens anything she touches.

since arjun was at the event ..any surprise that malaika too had came

MILFU Malaika is once again looking red hot!!!

she's definitely gotten work done on her face...don't like it since she had a great face to start with

dahling sirf entertainment entertainment aur entertainment ;)

DAAAMN she has really nice shoulders! I don't like her, but IO love her figure. You gotta commend her for maintaining that figure. IT's amazing! It takes real hard work to get a body like that.

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