Mijwan Fashion Show: Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor look magical on the runway

Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor walked the ramp for Mijwan Fashion show. The ex-couple closed the show in style and dazzled on the ramp. Check out the photos.
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Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor walked the ramp for Mijwan Fashion show. The ex-couple dazzled with their outfits on the ramp. Ranbir donned a black sherwani with intricate embroidery. Deepika looked stunning in an embellished outfit. Nude make-up and statement earrings completed her look.

Shabana Azmi hosts the Mijwan show every year with the goal of creating employment opportunities for women and reviving the art of embroidery. Each year, A-list celebs walk the ramp to create awareness about the Mijwan Welfare Foundation, founded by Shabana Azmi’s father Kaifi Azmi. Manish Malhotra will be putting up a spectacular show, ‘The Walk of Mijwan’. This is the 9th annual fundraiser for Mijwan.

Check out the photos:






Manish Malhotra had earlier shared, “I am really glad that both Ranbir and Deepika's health allows them to walk for my show. We are excited to showcase our design direction for Summer 2018 spotlighting the art of Chikankari. Both actors truly embody the global-Indian appeal that the collection stands for.”

On the other hand, Deepika had shared EXCLUSIVELY with us, “I have walked the ramp many times before, but this is truly a fashion show with a difference because Manish Malhotra bridges the urban-rural divide by taking the traditional craft of chikankari and fashioning it into contemporary silhouettes in his signature style.Mijwan Welfare Society's work over the last 9 years has been instrumental in giving the women and girl children of Mijwan the confidence to negotiate a better future for themselves. Congratulations to Shabanaji and Namrata for carrying forward Kaifi Saheb’s dream and inspiring us to become active participants in the process of change." 

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I noticed just two things. 1. Why does she have chipku haurstyle always. 2.her uper lip is slimmer than usual, no lip filler this time.. (Same thing during vogue bff).

While beautiful, her hair sleeked back does not do her any good in photographs. What happens is that she gets this long chin-pinch look, wish she would know that and be her beautiful loose hair self or soft tendrils with long ponytail something like that...she is too gorgeous for this

Why walk the ramp with your ex? So close to marrying ranveer and yet.....

OMG he has a BRAND NEW hairline! Must be nice to be rich and have access to all that...wish regular folks could also afford such hair replenishment procedures - remember how Ranbir's hairlike was totally receding? And notice that everytime these actors starting losing hair and going through the procedures to put the plugs on, they sport hair bandannas - see Ranbir, Saif, Amitabh, Salman, SRK...

Amitabh wears a wig, SRK does not and will never need a hair transplant. saif ‘s father had a full head of hair when he was in his late 70s, not sure how saif can go bald. Salman and RK have definitely had hair transplants

Number one thing just only looking at this picture... no much chemistry ... just two people did a ramp walk unlike their previous pictures where they had a great chemistry... no eye contact ... Deepika looks very focused on the ramp walk with her smile ... Ranbir looks very lost ( dnt knw ) they definitely dnt look close like before... NB - dear Deepika pls try a different hair style ... it’s repetitive now ... other than that she looks beautiful...

It is just a ramp walk for charity, good cause, annu, srk did it last year, they did not have any chemistry either, but srk was funny! these two needs a sense of humor!

It doesn’t look magical this time. They look so distant. The vine between them is so weird this time. She seems so ready to marry Ranveer Singh. And he looks completely lost

I probably think that he regretted ever leaving her?

Ranbir looks like he on to something. The vibe between Deepika and Ranbir look so awkward.

It looks like they cant stand each other.

More like they are angry with each other for some reason.

they should merry she is external indian beauty and he is a royal indian king

They look HOT!!! I think KJO is going to bring them together in a movie, hence the walk for BF's show!

Ranveer doesn't give the "life partner" vibe when he's with her. He's more of a casual friend. It'd be great if Deepika and Ranbir end up together.

Deepika's foundation looks so uneven and she looks like she has aged 10 years since we last saw her? What's going on? Ranbir looks bad overall! Bad hair, clothes, and he looks so incredibly tired.

Too bad Ranbir looks stoned!

They are adorable. Period.

Rk looks so hot omggggg

RK loves Deepika...look at the way he holds her hands, their body language and everything, its magical. Hope no one comes in between them. Bless them! They are made for each other.

Is no one else noticing how low Ranbir’s hand is in a couple of the pictures ? PV please post

They are familiar and comfortable with each other. That closeness will never go away. But It seems that they had a fight. Maybe thats why the show was done at a later date.

In the picture where her hand is on her hip, his hand is on her behind. That is what my boyfriend does, and I will be so uncomfortable if any one else did that. Regardless if i consider them a friend or not.

I love DP and RS but DP and RK are so beautiful together too!!! <3

Why don’t you focus on your favourite and leave RK alone. Did RK hurt your ego too?

She looks stunning...he needs a shower, haircut, shave stat

I noticed just two things. 1. Why does she have chipku haurstyle always. 2.her uper lip is slimmer than usual, no lip filler this time.. (Same thing during vogue bff)

What's up with his hair? Did he get plugs or is that a wig? looks like he lost half his forehead. His hairline starts at least an inch from what we see in these pictures.

Deepika looks gloriously beautiful. Ranbir looks tired. He is probably still recovering from his illness. He is great to look at usually and he will bounce back.

How much Deepika is paying her PR to make RK look bad here. Oh, Deepika willl never do that. Is it Ranveer then?

hoe come she looks sooooo bad?! fire your stylist, hair, make up peep

Rk looks disinterested while dp seems to be making babies in her head

Ranbir is very very talented. If only he had the guts to quit doing all these PR stunts and distance himself from mediocre gang of Kjo. He badly needs to regroup and reinvent himself.

clearly, Deepika has moved on ...but Katrina still holds grudge against RK and probably is crying in a corner

It looks very clear that deepika has moved on after RK and KAT broke up; Since then we never saw her clinging to RK or even giving explosive comments. So by this i can say that she sucessfully got her revenge by breaking them up intentionally.

this is how professional secure women act with their exes. unlike Katrina who wanted to kill Ranbir during Jagga promotions lol

Deepika the beauty queen while RK the drunk fat Kapoor as usual

He looks like her creepy drunk uncle. Girl dodged a bullet!

Ok dp pr

From reel life sanju to real life sanju ........dats how rk is lukn now , haggard n druggie , he is nwdys in news only bcz of his linkups n exes ...its high time he sorted out his life ,his contemporary ranveer n even his juniors like varun n tiger hv left him far behind

Love that Deepika held herself well unlike the Tamasha promotions when’re she was falling all over him. Seems more mature and professional now!

Firstly they don’t look bemaar at all...rk was playing football a few days back n dp was going to saloon...they definitely had a fight over this walking ramp together....by their body language dp seems so disinterested in ranbir n ranbir is looking desperate and trying hard.....ranbir is maybe trying to create the same ex-couple affect as salkat....salkat r comfortable with each other while ranbir n dp r looking awkward...dp hardly looked at rk which is good caz she is a self made actress...........I think ranbir has completely lost it...dated dp, ditched her, dp got with rs and is happy with him, both dp n rs doing well career wise n so ranbir cannot get back to her.....meanwhile dated Kat, ditched her, she got back with Salman, career boosted again, happy generally n so ranbir can’t get back to her as she don’t have any space left for him....so he has nothing to offer except stupid zabardasti kid controversies...he lost both the girls n career went downhill...

Why is RK looking bored? Or is he stoned? DP looks beautiful despite the same boring outfit by Manish.

Hard days for mahira. Long distance is hard. She will soon have a cryptic Instagram post hinting at RK again.

yup u have a head injury

abbay can you plz take u meds

RK=drunkard nowadays godd what is up with u man? don't spoil ur career and life becasue of such habits pls

Deepika is coming off another successful film, brand value keeps growing, is planning a dream wedding and looks beautiful and happy. Ranbir needs her popularity more than she needs him. She’s a kind soul to still do this event when they’re clearly using her for popularity. She deserves the best and she’s getting all of it. I like Ranbir but let’s be real, even Varun has a bigger audience pull than he does. That’s got to be hard on his ego

will she ever give a solo hit in her entire career? her brand is made by linking names with boyfriends and PR team and using actors to her adavantage...

Love you Deepika. Want to see you in more films

If audiences think Ranbir is the most handsome in BW, Oh God where is the world going to ??!

IMO never thought that he is handsome or good looking, just fair skinned.

Deepika is glowing, stunning, and confident, even in a manish outfit! Ranbir isn't aging too well, I think he's wearing more makeup than her! Funny how 10 years ago no one would have pictured deepika at the top..and here she is

One person aka Kat PR posting negative comments here again and again

All I see is most people praising Deepika.

Manish’s designs are starting to look the same all the time. What’s up with the white theme all the time? At least a different colour would have made it look different from the one Kareena wore recently.
Deepika is a beauty but her makeup and hairstyle has been the same for quite some time already which doesn’t make her stand out. Again, what’s up with the celebrities not trying out new styles. She’s forever pulling her hair tightly to the back, Kat is forever having her hair open and then Anushka with her hair straightened and middle-parted.
Ranbir looks bad. His movies have been flopping, terrible grooming, bad reputation for cheating women. If only he wasn’t a Kapoor, he would have been out of the industry already.

Rkdp is like srk-kajol: exciting, everyone loves them. Deepveer is like ajay-kajol: boring and nobody cares.

I don't understand why people compare them to srk-kajol. RKDP have actually dated. Deepika even has his name tattooed on her. That makes RKDP the superior couple.

Lesson to all girls,never tatoo a man name on your body, now, deepika looks like a despo,because he did not tatoo her name!,this could make any one go into depression!

Deepika Ranveer ki shaadi kab hai?

Ranbir definitely sorted some white gold right before walking the ramp

No, He simply looks disinterested!!

Again the chipku hairstyle - why oh why?

DP looks gorgeous. I wish they'd paired her with a tall and stunning model like Gurmeet. Now its like the beauty and the blah!

The "blah" is at least natural. The way Indians are photoshopping themselves to 20 shades of white and peach it just tells that whites are not racist, it's nonwhites anger towards their desired skin color. Indians are racist.

Triggered much? Clam down crazy.

Sure, Her nose and forehead need another lift. How does she watch herself in the mirror after all the skin color phtoshopped videos and pics. Fake.

The same you watch yourself in the mirror. With a lot more pride of course and the mirror won't shatter.

I don't think so, Katrina. You are being racist to we Indians.

Magical? I'd say just ok , nothing magical because they seem disinterested. I like Ranbir's outfit. Deepika is stunning but they could do better with her hair and make up

Kareena was just wearing the same outfit few days ago on the ramp, LOL

The problem with this relationship was that she loved him more than he loved her. I am so glad that she found someone who loves her more.

Rk looks high!!

DP is needy for RK and wants RK to give her some love lol. Always keeping tattoo. RK doesn't care, he dump her and others, he only after Mahira. DP should thank him, he got her all her contacts and roles. She is where she is because of RK helping her. Evn now RK gives her fashion show when she is unemployed.

Not a fan of Deepika as she always appeared not genuine, however she looks great here and it’s a shame Ranbir couldn’t stay off the stuff long enough to at least appear put together today.

I think that they are married to each other in their hearts. They just can't live together. They make a stunning couple BTW.

He should have shaved and she should have worn a softer hairstyle...but they still look good

She's gained weight

They dont look the same hot and hapening. deepika look

Deepika looks bad here with very dull eyes!

Vin disel keh rani padmavati deepika

Ranbir n ranveer is too good for her i think she dserve vin

Vin is good for her

She looks professional as always. Meanwhile Ranbir looks like he just rolled in five minutes earlier after a day of binge drinking.

Sorry, a fan of Padukone, but I DID NOT Like the hair and makeup at all!!! That hairstyle needs to go and she needs to get rid of it. There are other ways to pull your hair back. That is SOOOO unattractive on her, and does not suit this outfit at all!

She's just beautiful....and humble very professional as well.....i just love her vibes....I personally love her with ranveer, I think he worships the ground she walks on.....so @deepikapadukone......go for the man that loves you with all his heart. Am sure ranbir's parents will find him a wife when he is ready....right now his still trying to find him self.

These pics show they are professional and move on in life.

Deepika looks ravishing! A bit insulting that the man she walks the ramp with looks like he got off a booze night minutes before the show started. Unshaven etc..tsk...
Also, rk fan, stop spamming us with your absurd fantasies, our DP will not go back to a cheater, get it?

I'm a big fan of RK and never really cared with him being with Deepika or Katrina .These three doesn't deserve each other.Katrina is a user and her best chance was to Marry Salman only if he agreed too. Story of past!! She should stay single now. Rk should never marry especially any Bollywood actress.Deepika should marry a decent guy and settle well. She give nice homely vibes with rooted cultures.

People here saying dp has moved on as if RK is crying buckets of water for her.

Looks like he still recovering , whater ever bug he had, hope he gets well soon!

Deepika is radiant and ranbir needs to watch his hands, get them off that fabulous booty

HE looks like a prince and is much better than DP..And RK has Mahira.. and even Alia or other girls if he needs, he dumped DP long ago. She is despo for him, not RK for her.

They compliment each other. Hope they get married. Most beautiful couple, Deepika and Ranbir.

Ranbir wow..uff

He looks very hot

She looks very average

This cheater anty is nw cheating on ranveer

Yea ranveer singh u r aging badly

too cute

She looks like done way more makeup to look fair

Ranbir u desrve better to ramp with

He deserves nothing, for sure not DP. Look at him, dishevelled and unprofessional. DP is a pride and joy. Glad she is not with him and hope she never even comes near RK and KJO and all these fame hungry nepos.

She looks old n average

She looks so average even alia looks preetier then her

Alia could live for seven lifetimes and still not look like the sensuous beauty that deepika is, so hush !

deepi is not a match for RK! look at these pics guys. RK is a prince. The girl marrying him needs to be a match.

I had the exact opposite reaction!

It's good she's on cordial terms with him after everything that happened . A feat his other ex could not repeat .


Katrina . I guess there's too much bad blood between them for it to be forgiven that easily . The 'mansplaining' MTV interview was like watching cats & dogs snapping at each other .

wait alia in not yet an ex bcoz no pics leaked lolz

Mahira and RK are friends, because they were long distance, this is the beauty, of long distance, no time for bitterness, hate, so, neither have any thing negative to say about the other!

Women have to take so much care to look good while men just walk out of their bed unshaven. I know he wasn't well but he could have still cared to look better.

He is always grate,only DP is bad cause she not good enough, only flirty with him and he so genuine and good only love her and she lies to him today and Ranveer tomorrow. She change men AND ALL ACUSE rK FOR WOMANISING. RK is beast all women love him forever.

He looks like he walked out of a drinking binge and straight into the show, lol.
At least Deepika looks great and professional.

He's not into her. Accept it.

Ranbir is ageing badly

sorry but you can easily tell she has moved on

Such a gorgeous couple

Look at her smile she eis really alive when she is with him n he is like her auooort system wow

Thy look gorgeous I mean how do you forget rk you just can’t man not possible dp is like not wedding pheras ramp walk it is then

Lol ranbir hates doing ramp walks

Manish Malhotra fails to design a decent costume for RK

Correction: even Manish Malhotra cannot hide under makeup and nice clothes the fact that Ranbir is ageing badly.

No, rk is so destroyed by excesses that even a Manish Malhotra costume and a lot of makeup cannot make him look good.
Look at Deepika, she is radiant and beautiful.

RK ❤️

no, he deserves better

Sure, rk and kareena. Can I just say, you two must lead some dull lives that you dedicate so much time trying to bring DP down.

No she deserves better.

I personally feel that she is still into him. Can't forget RK. Hope she heals soon and invest her time into the right person instead of this man.

Sure, crazy rk fan, she is still into a cheater that cheated on her TWICE. Really?!You cannot seem to understand how stupid this sounds. You think she would go again after a guy known for womanising and cheating? pfft.

Made for each other

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