Mira Rajput is all smiles as she cuddles daughter Misha Kapoor in these pictures

Shahid Kapoor's wife Mira Rajput was snapped with daughter Misha Kapoor today. Mira was all smiles as she was cuddling her munchkin and they look really cute in the pictures.
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Mira Rajput was snapped with daughter Misha Kapoor in the city today.
The mother-daughter was captured by the photogs in their car. Mira was all smiles as she cuddled Misha while they were heading home. 
These pictures are too cute and Mira and Misha look adorable.
Check out the pictures below:
Mira has been enjoying motherhood and since moving to Bombay two years ago is more comfortable about getting papped. She said in an interview, “I think I am much better than I used to be (smiles). I am quite used to the paparazzi, because these days, they are literally everywhere, regardless of whether I am going to the gym, taking Misha (their daughter) to her playschool, or just running some errands. I think that’s something one has to deal with because it’s the reality."
A couple of days back, Mira expressed her displeasure with the paparazzi always clicking Misha's pictures. Mira took to Instagram to post a strongly-worded message. She wrote, "Guys please be kind. Let kids enjoy their childhood and leave the photographing to the parents."
In terms of Misha being in the limelight, Mira had told a leading daily, "As far as media attention is concerned, I know it's going to happen. I can't keep Misha behind closed doors all the time. I want her to have a normal childhood. I want her to know that she has the privileges that she has because of her father. She has to respect that. I just hope that she doesn't get swept away by the tide. Obviously, I want to share what Misha does with my family and friends. Shahid also wants to do so with his friends and family. She is our pride, but there is always a line. I want to protect her as much as I can."


What does she have to do to stop the media from clicking her daughters photos? Complain to the police?

She gets clicked becoz of Misha..may ppl enjoy watching Misha's sweet face!
If you'll don't like her, don't click on the posts..don't post comments..simple.
She gave a couple of wtf statements earlier, but some posters here just can't seem to stop with theirs..

Stop her posts for one week and then see the change @_@ Trust me you will love it PV

Very true please PV do this..

Does this family have a private moment? It seems they are on a reality TV, and that too happily!

Why does Mira even need a nanny if her full-time job is being a stay at home mom? She can't even do that right and criticizes who works hard for their kids.

You mean several nannies

Her face looks huge here

Why there’s so many post on this woman. Such a waste of time. She’s just an ordinary woman whose done nothing, it’s annoying.

She is still ordinary I don't understand why pinkvilla promoting her mira dumbo

Hypocrite wants to be clicked when the nanny is not around so that she can show off as mother India.


How fake is this women

Wow were getting to see mira and misha daily.

She is appearing on pinkvilla daily, stop it pv

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