Mira Rajput can't handle the pain of separation from husband Shahid Kapoor; misses him majorly

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput are the 'it' couple of Bollywood and the two are just perfect together. Shahid is off to Uttrakhand for Batti Gul Meter Chalu and Mira can't stop missing him back home.
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Shahid Kapoor's wedding to Delhi-based girl Mira Rajput was the most talked-about event of the year 2015. The Twitterati raked up a storm and B-Town poured out their congratulatory wishes. The couple's big fat wedding has definitely been a fairy-tale dream. Shahid always plays a chivalrous husband when he is with or around Mira. 
Shahid and Mira are just perfect together and keep treating their fans with the pictures of the two. Currently, Shahid is off to Uttrakhand for Batti Gul Meter Chalu and seems like, wife Mira is already missing him. She took to Instagram to share a picture of the two and captioned it, "Major Missing." 
In the picture, Shahid is seen giving a kiss on Mira's cheeks. The two are in their gym outfits. Check out the picture: 
During an interview with a leading daily, Shahid talked about the changes that Mira brought into his life in recent years. He said, "She has changed my life completely. She has turned me into a domestic animal. Earlier, I used to be a wild animal running around in the open fields. Now I am leading a disciplined life – there’s definite time to eat, sleep and work."
When asked what does he love about Mira, Shahid said, "That she gave me Misha. Also, she’s a balanced personality, her intent is always positive. She wants to do good for all and thinks from everyone’s point of view. It’s nice when someone gives you a refreshing perspective. In many ways, she’s mature than I am. When we were having Misha, she was in hospital for three and a half months. She couldn’t get off the bed. She couldn’t sit up. She had to just lie straight because of some complications. Not many would have able to endure that. She’s so strong."


Mira and Kareena's daughter Sara are of same age. I don't know why their fans are fighting with each other. There is clearly a generation gap of almost 2 decades. So what Kareena said it first? Mira can't miss her husband ?

Why do i get the impression she missed the camera only posing for what she really missed. shahid probably missed her and that affection is only showing from his side in the photo.

Its valentine day people. Are you missing something?

Gets her insecurities from her hubby or is it vice versa

Whover wrote that Saif is close to 55. Sorry even salman amir and sharukh are not even 55 Saif is 47 that is way younger than you are stating and about expressing your love well it is not age restricted anyone can express their love feelings no matter how young or old they may be. About Saif having kids who are close to 25 well Sara is close whereas his other son Ibrahim is not even 20 anyway doesn't mean you can't love someone or express your love for them because you have grown up kids. Whoever wrote this has sick mentality

When will Shahid and Mira understand that the 'IT' couple of Bollywood is Virushka and not them?

No theyre trying to copy Saifeena

I always thought allegations that mira tries to copy bebo, were baseless but after this picture i've realised that she actually does. Why does she have to be so insecure? Why is she competing with kareena, she is an accomplished actress and has a massive fan following no matter how old she may be or how much less work she may have, she's still a film star and mira only a house wife!

Kaun hai ye? Kahan se aate hain?

Lol doesn't look like shahid misses u mira

Looks like instead of working out in the gym mira accompanied shahid just to take lovey dovey photos.

She should not have looked into the camera when the third person took this play acted pic...would have looked not so setup

Jobless attention seekers!


Ugghhh fake annoying insecure flop

so immature

Enough of these two annoying people already!

Sorry does not look genuine

So insecure and jealous of Saifeena

Attention seekers can't go a day without having at least one post

Stop trying to copy Bebo Mira, you will never be her!

So desperate and fake looking

Kareena ji is almost 40 and if she acts like a newly married young bride people are boynd to make fun of her. She has been with saif ali for almost 2 decades. She has her friends, family, extended family and everyone she grew up seeing live in close proximity unlike Mira who's ery very young, newly marrird bride ehos new to the people and the surroundings. That's why more's feelings are understandable. At least Kareena should think about her own age and behave accordingly. Her husband is almost 55. They have three children between them, two of which are close to 25!

Poor shahid fans can't praise their star wife without constantly bringing his ex and comparing them

Mira is simply beautiful or beautifully simple ?

Shes actually really average looking and plain. Im not saying she looks ugly but she looks like she has low IQ.

If bebo is an aunty then shahid is an uncle as he's just 6 months younger to bebo and will also be turning 37 in a few days so if bebo is an aunty then shahid is an uncle. Don't know why shahid fans keep calling bebo aunty when their own favourite is no younger. Mira is young women who married an uncle clearly for the luxuries that come with being a star wife. She may be young compared to bebo but doesn't mean she's going to stay young forever like everyone she's also going to grow old what's there to be so proud of or constantly taunt bebo and her fans for.

Saif has been gone out of Mumbai shooting since 4th Feb yet don't see bebo putting such posts on her sis or friends social media account. People call bebo fake Coz she said she misses Saif when he's away and that she cries whenever he leaves which I can relate to as I feel the same whenever my husband leaves for weeks on work purpose. It's not a nice feeling there are loads of women who feel the same doesn't mean she's  lying or faking it guess bebo haters find everything she says and does fake.

Funny how he's been away in the past too shooting for his movie yet she didn't miss him then or didn't post this then but now when bebo said she misses Saif everytime he leaves she remembered her husband. Sorry but this post of hers sounds fake especially when she's seen happily posing for the paps outside restaurant with her friends.

God bless them both

He feels the hug...she looks like she cares less with her forced smile.

Mira is only following aunty's foot steps. Such a fast learner kid she is! Aunty's fans should appreciate her efforts!

Mira should have married someone her own age and stop trying to compare herself to famous actresses.

Wow when mira says she's missing her husband people say she must be as they are married couple of few years and that mira is young and when bebo says it she's lying why because she's been with Saif for over a decade and married to him for 5 years. So acording to that couples who have been together for a long time can't miss each other they don't have feelings or they are lying. Why double standards when it always comes to bebo. How does anyone know whether bebo is lying do you live with her or are you working for her to know what's going on in her personal life and calling her feelings emotions ridiculous is rude and whoever commented is clearly a bebo hater who finds every chance to post negative hateful comments.

She always looks so smug. Look at meeee type. Basically without him she’s kind of plain. He boosts her confidence and hence how she is today. Without that, these star wives don’t have much. And missing your hubby when he’s away at work is not something new. I miss mine when he’s at work. Only difference I don’t brag or post soppy pics to prove it lol.

Actually Mira said she misses her husband first (that's how she knew she loved him) on Koffee with Karan.

Fakeness overloaded

I can actually imagine her missing her husband more because they have only known each other for 3-4 years. She's still young...Kareena saying that was ridiculous.

She posts on her insta, PV posts it here and people go crazy..what a world we live in. It's instagram for a reason people!

Both Kareena n Mira are competing with each other. There is a cold war. This post came after Bebo statement of crying each time Saif leaves.

There is no reason for Kareena to compete with a no one starwife

Cute and lovely couple. I can imagine Mira posting this but it sounds fake when Kareena lies that she cries each time Saif goes out of the house

Obviously it was kareena who said it first and mira who followed her how can she stay behind. She has to also show she's missing her husband.

First Kareena...now Mira...what is this? How childish

Seriously??? Post gym Sweaty kisses????

does she also cry everytime he leaves like bebo does for saif?

are we done with these two??

For real

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