Mira Rajput flaunts her baby bump as she steps out for a dinner outing

Mira Rajput stepped out for a dinner outing with a friend. She opted for chic attire and was all smiles for the media. Mira looked radiant and was clicked as she exited the restaurant.
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Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput announced recently that they are expecting their second child. Shahid and Mira announced her pregnancy in the most adorable way. Shahid and Mira shared a cute photo of their daughter Misha with chalk-filled balloons and had ‘Big Sister’ written around it.  

Mira stepped out for a dinner outing with a friend. She opted for chic attire and was all smiles for the media. Mira looked radiant and was clicked as she exited the restaurant.

Check out the photos:

Mira Rajput had said in an interview last year to Mid Day that they are already planning for their second child. When asked when she would like to being her professional career, Mira had said that she has no deadline, “because I am going to have another baby, and then decide.”

Shahid, too had recently said in an interview to GQ, “Mira, who is just 22, would prefer to have a second kid soon as well. She wants to flip the norm, get the kids to a certain age and then be free to do what she likes.”

The parents-to-be are ecstatic about welcoming their second child. During a media event for an awards show, Shahid said, ''It's feeling really good. There's still time. This is the second time so it doesn't feel new, the first time it felt very new. But it's always very exciting and we are really looking forward to having another new member in the family. It's an amazing feeling.''


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Oh so pretty

Mira honey, you are not a celebrity, so quit acting like one.
It seems obvious now why she married Shahid in the first place.

She's very beautiful and no make up too.

Nice sweet smile here in these pics :-)

She looks so young in this pic.

She looks more happy posing alone than with shahid.

Looking at her one thing is for sure she is going to soon join bollywood no doubt about it. She loves the camera,the attention she gets infact she also has her own pr which no other star wife has or behaves like her. Like she said she's going to have her second child and then concentrate on her career which is so obvious by her actions what career she's decided on. But once she does become one and by luck if she's successful I feel shahid ego will definitely get hurt. We've seen with bebo, pc and vidya that he can't bear women in his life who is more successful than him. Let's see how shahid copes with a more successful wife than him.

Yesterday while getting in the car she turned back at the paps so they could click her. Shahid was rushing to get in the car so she couldn't pose properly and today she got a chance again and so happily posed.

How much times does she eat out

Shahid is attending and performing at the award show which means puppy mamma is going to follow too. Looks like she's following kareena steps what's next pregnancy photoshoot and magazine shoot with her baby bump. Not kareena fan I found it weird and at times annoying seeing her pose and flaunt her pregnancy/baby bump and all the attention she got around her pregnancy but I understand she's an actress and she needed to keep herself in spotlight but don't get what mira is trying to prove she's not even an actress to worry about public loosing interest in her. Guess she likes the attention she gets.

First kareena and now her

I like her style statement!


I saw her vidoe on Sonam"s wedding ! mark my words she will enter bollywood after second child. she is soo loving this lime light !! which is okay and if she can act then why not

of course, she loves the limelight, why did she marry someone who is much older than her? maybe she will act soon, but she is not heroine material but when nepotism is here, she needs not to worry. Funny how she said she hates nepotism but will use it for her debut.

She definitely can act. She always pretends to be something else, the way she talks sweetly(which she is definitely not). so yes she ll be a better actor than her hubby.

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