Mira Rajput is a head turner in a black dress as she steps out for dinner; see PICS

Mira Rajput stepped out for a dinner outing in Mumbai today and was clicked by the shutterbugs. She looked stylish in a black dress. Here are the photos:
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New mom Mira Rajput returned from Delhi earlier this week with children Zain Kapoor and Misha Kapoor. Mira gave birth to their second child Zain Kapoor on September 5, 2018. She stepped out after almost two months yesterday when she visited a clinic with husband Shahid Kapoor. She had earlier made a rare appearance for the screening of Shahid’s film, Batti Gul Meter Chalu after the birth of son Zain Kapoor. Today, Mira enjoyed a dinner outing and looked stunning.

Mira was spotted by the shutterbugs as she dined out. She looked stunning in a black dress and greeted the paparazzi. Open hair, nude heels and minimal accessories rounded her look. She arrived sans husband Shahid Kapoor. Mira arrived with their almost two months old baby boy and was clicked at the airport. She tried to shield Zain from flash. Mira had said that she is going to take care of not letting Misha feel neglected with the arrival of a new member in their family, in an interview.

Here are the photos:

After Zain’s birth, Mira had taken to her Instagram account to thank everyone for the gifts but had urged them to send it to parents who may not be able to afford those items for their newborn.

On the work front, Shahid Kapoor has kicked off the shoot of the remake of Arjun Reddy with Kiara Advani. He was spotted at the film set a few days ago.

The couple has bought their dream house worth Rs. 56 crores and will shift their next year.


Bebo fans are so blind jealous. Cant understand the amount of hate thrown at this girl

shes sucha big zero! I dont understand how shahid lives with her

Who is commenting? Obviously some hateful PR. Me n my friends think she looks too young to be a mom of two, and her legs are so toned! She is a cutie!

she's hot. MILF

Mira is a pretty lady and I like her fashion sense

People who hate on others for no rhyme or reason are generally miserable people. No happy content person has the time to think like this!

Is her 45 days of rest over

wow surprising you are keeping a calendar count on that...nice goin.

Even Her husband is not a superstar, he has been survived by linking to top actresses. So why should we care about her?

she looks quite old here. mature. maybe 33 - 35ish.

This girl is so sorry looking im not sure why shahid married her. Noone with money or from good family would have married him

she wear like miras dress

i dont like her

I think Blac Chyna is Mira's idol

Looks like Shahid got bored of her daily PR shenanigans so she came alone to fill her quota of getting papped

Mira lives in her own lala land where people care about her and she is a celebrity

you are absolutely right...on point

She looks so arrogant

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