Mira Rajput takes a stroll with daughter Misha Kapoor on the beach

We came across a photo on social media in which Mira Rajput and Misha Kapoor are out for a stroll. Misha looks adorable in the photo as she enjoys her time at the beach.
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Mira Rajput and Shahid Kapoor announced that they are expecting their second child in the most adorable way today. The couple shared a photo of their daughter Misha and posted ‘Big Sister’.

Shahid and Mira are doting parents to their darling daughter Misha and often share photos with her on their social media account. We came across a photo on social media in which Mira and Misha are out for a stroll on the beach.

Misha looks adorable in the photo as she enjoys her time at the beach. Check out the photo:

In an interview last year, Shahid had said that the couple are planning to expand their family. “'I don't want to speak too much about it, maybe one or two babies will happen. Some of it has to be private. I want to soak it in and I want to be there. I have heard star kids complain that their parents were not there much in their childhood. I do not want to be that guy.”

Shahid had also said in an interview with a publication, “Mira, who is just 22, would prefer to have a second kid soon as well. She wants to flip the norm, get the kids to a certain age and then be free to do what she likes.”

About daughter Misha, he had said, “It wasn’t planned actually, but I think we were ready for it. I was impatient to get married and have a family. My job is a lonely one, I was lonely for three or four year.”

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They both look cute .

Misha is gonna be such a pretty lass. They will look like sisters.

She married a guy 15 years older for this. At least, let her and her family enjoy the fruits of her sacrifice. LOL
The most absurd thing was Mira's Mom getting papped at Delhi on Misha's birthday. And we are supposed to believe that.... such is Misha's popularity! LOL
Even Shahid's mom and father who are legit veteran actors are not papped this often.

Wonder how sonakshi will react to mira's pregnancy lol!

why would she care?

Sonakshi is Shahid's ex.

She was hiding herself during her first pregnancy, now what happened? Kareena’s effect?

No respect for home marker

Don’t you have any woman in your entire clan who was home maker? Show some respect its individual choice who are you to judge lives of others

Who are we? We're self respecting women who choose to do something with our God given gifts. India has a huge amount of women labour that goes unrecognised because ignorant, comfortable middle class people assume that most women make up the saas bahu TV serial watching demographic when a majority of Indian women actually do meaningful work alongside raising their children. Home makers are 1 950s creation, sold as a choice by media. Our agrarian ancestors were working women. Just like our modern sisters are working women. Women like Mira are few and far between, and the stupidity of her prior comments make her fair game. If she doesn't want her choices judged she shouldn't have had the audacity to judge the choices of women more accomplished than her.

Please post. There's no need to protect someone who is not representative of the women that frequent Pinkvilla. Most of us come here on work/study breaks.

Best reply. I agree with u. Big THUMBS UP:-)

would like to see sonakshi's reaction to mira's pregnancy lol!!

Annoyinggg! Why we have to see her daily? Shes not even actress or someone whos into bollywood!

Why is this woman relevant? What's her claim to fame? Flop actor's trophy housewife??

Her first pregnancy was tough but still she needed attention so second baby

Do you have any idea how petrifying it is to get pregnant again when your first pregnancy is tough? Mira might be doing stuff to keep media eyes on her but you making claims about her while sitting behind a screen is much worse and low level.

This is such an odd thing to say. Why would she have another baby for attention? Do people really don't understand the hardships of pregnancy? If you struggled once, you would definitely not do it again for attention. That's the last reason anyone would make themselves go thru that..

Is this site filled with teenagers?!

Well said, totally believe the audience is very immature & sound uneducated

Wait for her to pull a Kareena and be seen everywhere with her baby bump

Well I am nobody to defend Shahid nor am I his fan but fortunately or unfortunately anybody who has been a part of a movie which has grossed 400 cr like padmavat is often called as a star. As a matter of fact everybody has exes and it’s okay to accept them honestly

Yes, you're nobody Mira. And that cameo you're talking about was unintentionally hilarious

But Mira Padmavati was all about Ranveer and promoted in the name of Deepika. Your husband was like a sore thumb with his cameo

Well Ms. J Aunty who doesn’t understand English, kindly read my earlier post carefully.. I said he was a part of it and not that the movie was promoted on his fame... Try and understand the logic behind him being called as the star and Padmavat isn’t his only movie to be in crores club, see the list of his movies Haider for instance

People have no discretion. Take pics from their phones n give no privacy.
Nice to see her being normal with Misha and taking her to the beach.

Excuse me who is star here. Its better if he used actor word instead of star. Acting is very hard job for him only thin ghe can do best is talking about his exes and get some fame

Now there will be daily pics of her


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