Namaste England Trailer: Arjun Kapoor & Parineeti Chopra tackle love & women empowerment with a Punjabi twist

Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra reunite on-screen after Ishaqzaade (2012) in Vipul Shah's Namaste England. The trailer of the film is finally out with Arjun and Parineeti tackling love and women empowerment which has a Punjabi twist
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"Duniya aaj bhi ek hi cheez pe kaayam hai, jiski wajah se duniya kaayam hai...pyaar."

Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra's crackling chemistry in (2012) made many hearts flutter and fans waited with bated breaths for the onscreen jodi to star in another movie together. Their wishes are finally fulfilled as we will be seeing Arjun and Pari in Namaste England, which is directed by Vipul Shah. A few days back, many were left confused as the co-stars playfully argued over when the trailer of Namaste England would be out. Then, it was finally revealed that the trailer is coming out today i.e. September 6, 2018. 

The trailer is finally out and it exceeds all our expectations with the firebrands that are Arjun and Parineeti. The pair plays a couple from Punjab who fall in love and gets married. However, Parineeti's ambitions take her away from Arjun and she heads to London. Arjun then travels to London to win back the love of his life. From Punjab to London, Arjun and Pari colourfully tackle love and women empowerment with a Punjabi twist.

Watch the trailer below:

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Meanwhile, Parineeti took to Twitter to pour her heart out for Arjun. Stating how Namaste England is one of her biggest films to date, Pari gushed that she would not have wanted to go on this journey with anyone but Arjun.

In a 7-part tweet, Parineeti tweeted, "I don't think I would have wanted to share this journey with anybody else but Arjun. He is my most compatible co-star, trustworthy mentor and an honest friend. I can totally be myself and never have to apologise for it.," and added, "Non-judgemental and caring, Arjun has truly taught me how to handle this complex industry and business. He has the right to scream at me when I mess up, and vice versa. 3 am friend? Totally."

In response, Arjun shared a heartfelt video for Parineeti and tweeted, "As much as I enjoy teasing her & pulling her leg, I also really really admire her as a friend, as a person & as a co-star. She unknowingly teaches me things on & off screen. So here's a little message on #TeachersDay for you, @ParineetiChopra. #RarePhenomena ."

Namaste England is slated to release on October 19, 2018.


atleast alia is not pretty..pari has that over her I feel

Arjun looking overweight. They both gave better performance in their previous movies.

Man I used to love Pari - but whats happened to her? Why is she talking like that? Please go to an acting school, and work on your acting and not just your clothes and body. And Arjun is overweight, cannot see his expressions

Pari started off a such good actor and fun to watch but her acting recently has been so below average. Alia is now so far away from her even Shraddha has improved a lot and does interesting film with different roles.

Pari seems to have forgotten acting.. Dialogue delivery is so off. Arjun Kapoor has put on oodles of weight and acting is as crappy as forever. Hopeless trailer


I am sorry but this looks SUPER FLOP to me, feel sorry for these two. but really there is nothing in this movie, no music, direction acting, it feels like they both need to join acting school. Story has no meaning..


Such a predictable movie ! It looks like a mix of badri, half girlfriend etc. can we be original please

they both acted better than this in their first movie ishaqzaade

Super flop

This looks very cookie cutter, wannabe, and preachy. Bleh.

Lol. Lots of movies with one time view these days. Bollywood is not the same. 90s still the best and will always be.

90s was ok. 60s and 70s churned out the best Bollywood movies.

Totally agree!

Arjun needs to improve on dialogue delivery! Hope he improvises a bit on his acting. As a human hes superb and gentleman, but as an actor he needs to do a lot of hardwork!

They should reshoot the movie, such a bad trailer

Bad trailer, bad dialogue delivery by Parineeti!!

I think the movie willll be ok for one time watch but no more. Maybe with different actor it'd look better, Arjun is not that bad as an actor but not good either to watch him playing same role in different movies with same haircut, clothes etc. Rajkumar Rao with the same look can play same type of character with a very different way and it's interesting but Arjun is like same Arjun everywhere except Ishaqzade and it's boring. Pari is good but nothing special, she could do so much better with her career, doing interesting roles but she wanted to get makeover and become a diva but lost some good roles instead

It looks like badrinath ki dulhaniya

Whhyy Pariiii

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