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Sun, 2012-09-16 20:48 — Anonymous

Why are Indian women denying their natural skin tone? I don't understand it.
not evryone does it , girl BUT this is disease is common among Indians,paksiatnis,Filipinos and ALtinas too.Our market is BIG and there are otehr Indians who dont.

I myself is a dusky south indian .There have been women who hinted at my skin tone.It never affeccted me Cos my parents didnt bring me up saying such things.And now I am too old for the brainwash.And trust me in India i have always been complimened for my skin. FAIR or DARK ,its all bat keeping your skin EVEN and SMOOTH and CLEAN

Why are Indian women denying their natural skin tone? I don't understand it.

Indian obsession :aishwarya rai ...

aishwarya rai is so famous only in india and most beautiful only for indians view

never heard of her as a brand ambassador of loreal in europe ...she even isnt seen loreal paris web page her fame is restricted only in india or lets say in asia ...just it ...

so this is only your sweet dream that she is the most beuatiful inthe world ...maybe most beautiful iin india...

however i think she is just another ordinary celebrity in india...

her eyes are so pretty-- she is looking fresh and ravishingly beautiful.

dunno what her trick is: the debate continues over nature, photoshop, makeup or surgery ??-- but heck man, it's working. her wallet is getting fatter and fatter with these beauty endorsements..

Folks: give credit where credit is due- Aish looks stunning and much of it is due to her natural beauty, of course.

that being said-- it seems fairly evident that the Loreal photoshop ppl made an attempt (successful) to create a more symmetrical version of her: look closely at the face-- it's the left side of the face on both sides-- so they pasted her best side on both sides-- and then made it more realistic. the lips are an exact round match- indicating this.

healthy disagreements welcome.

well she looks beautiful however nothing to overrate or exaggerate about her

anyone who has had all those works done to her ( photoshop ,airbrush , makeup) can look beautiful and become the most beautiful ...

imagine your skin is whitened , your eye colour is changed , nose changed , face shape is changed to your advantage ,makeup , etc etc of course then you look youthful, iconic and etherally beautiful etc etc

all you need to become in aishwarya 's position is her makeup & photoshop team and money!!!! and some advantageous people around to make headlines for you and sideline others ...:)

this is the basic difference with ash and an ordinary indian girl ...


Anonymous on Sun, 2009-09-06 18:30. tell me abt it. nautanki.

Wow Aish looks beautiful just perfect. Her eyes are awesome. Want to see more.

i like her eyebrows

Deceptacongrl: NOT OLDER generation. The people in their 30s generation. Sonam is the young face the 20 something face of Loreal. Ash is the 30 something face of Loreal. Derma Genesis is a product line for women between 30-39. Now make what you want of that drama that happened.

Younger looking skin... so she is for aged products

OMG she actually doing the ageing creams... lol what was she upset abt when sonam sd she is doing ypung gen.. and ash the old gen.

Loreal usually does a bad job on photoshop-- but this time, they did good.

Aish looks symmetrical and breathtakingly beautiful.
Perhaps, they took one side of her face and pasted it to the other side.. then shifted the brows a bit/changed the lashes/pasted the real eyes back.. so it would not look too fake..

Well.. she looks UTTERLY GORGEOUS !!!

too much photoshop!!! her nose looks like katrina's and her mouth has been made smaller...
it's so ridiculous, do they think people are blind?? even my grandmother would look 25 if she was photoshopped to death!
(btw i have nothing against aish, just stupid l'oreal)

hate l\oreal, they photoshop everyone to the max...yeh i saw the words for 'youth skin'. i guess indians need to take a chill pill and this doesn't doesnot define beauty..she is turned white n eyebrows are altered...
i only like their hair colour products

This pic is really weird.
Aish isn't like this. They photoshoped her too much....

Rubbish !! cant u see she looks soooooooooo stunning..Sonam K is bachchi in front of her..when it comes to beauty...

The pic is good....Man, Sonam Kapoor was right. Aish is going to represent the older generation....

Where does this ad appear.. India or Europe or internationally?

she looks stunning.. gorgeous..

well.. she looks beautiful. *BEAUTIFUL*

Aishwarya is the best! She's a unique lady in the world of bollywood.

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