Newlyweds Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja attend the screening of Veere Di Wedding

Anand Ahuja has come down to be with Sonam Kapoor for the screening of her upcoming film, Veere Di Wedding. The two were all into each other as they posed for the shutterbugs.
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Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja are enjoying their new phase as newlyweds in the best way possible. The couple got hitched in a beautiful Anand Karaj ceremony on May 8, 2018. 
Since then, the couple has been super busy with their work commitments but make sure to spend quality time with each other. Anand has come down to be with Sonam for the screening of her upcoming film, Veere Di Wedding. The two were all into each other as they posed for the shutterbugs. 
Check out the pictures: 
Meanwhile, Anand finally decoded the meaning behind the hashtag used for their wedding - #EverydayPhenomenal, on Instagram.
Anand wrote as his caption, "The meaning & notion behind #everydayphenomenal is best described by this poem, one of my favorites, below: “Who has not found the heaven below Will fail of it above. God's residence is next to mine His furniture is love.” #EmilyDickinson #MahatmaGandhi taught us that our words become our actions which in turn become our habits, our values and ultimately our destiny. #EverydayPhenomenal reminds @sonamkapoor of the importance of appreciation, positivity, and gratitude...that happiness is not something you get, it’s something you are. #EverydayPhenomenal."
Earlier, in an interview with DNA, Sonam was asked about working after marriage and if times were different for actresses today. On this, Sonam stated, "People are still asking me these questions, which is sad. I don’t know if it’s changed that much. I know that Kajol, Dimple Kapadia, Nargis, Nutan and Waheeda Rehman have continued with their career post marriage. In fact, Madhuri (Dixit-Nene) did Devdas after tying the knot. But it’s still a long way to go. And we, as women, need to come together and be stronger. The choice shouldn’t be taken away. I hope to set an example by coming straight out of my wedding and doing what I do best."

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ROFL.....The self proclaimed fashionista ladies and gents !!!!!!

What on earth has happened to Sonam? What she is wearing is awful.

Anand looks like her brother who is trying to match with her height.Hahaha

Guys she was good in ranjhana , neerja to name some

Sonam is a self proclaimed fashionista who tries too hard but fails miserably

No matter how much sonam tries and use her relationship, this movie has written FLOP all over with no content , no buzz and pathetic songs with 3 flop actresses and one faded superstar.

What's wrong with Sonam? First that hideous reception dress and now this?

Who calls Sonam a fashion icon and well dressed? on your face

So called fashionista dress sense is awful. First cannes and now VDW promotions.

She should burn that dress....not even worth donating. And throw his sneakers in the same fire.

Sonam has done her best to be in news using her personal life and still her film is banned by Pakistan and will be a flop in India

Is he that why he acts goofy..Sonam isn't amused anymore

They look odd together

aweful outfits both of em..

Sonam dressing sense is getting worst day by day

WI think sonam really got her husband into really good trendy , hip style, he after marriage is dressing lot better then RK !

He started looking like a skinnier version of Sanjay Suri.

Urgh...Sonam just wears these clothes to make a statement. This girl has no fashion sense...This looks like a 50's nanny outfit turned into pants a very weird top,

He looks weird like anything.


Kudos to her for marrying a man shorter than her

Kudos to her? Kudos to him for marrying a woman who is taller and constantly in media glare knowing full well pinkvilla crowd won't leave an opportunity to make fun of him for being short. He is a cool cat. Married a self proclaimed, obsessive fashionista and wore freakin sneakers at the wedding reception. Two thumbs up!!!

It is all about money and wealth

goodness gracious...what a big mess from every direction, i like sonam and anand but what is this????

What are they wearing. Do they look at themselves in the mirror before stepping out. Do their loved ones hate them so much that they don't tell this attention seeking couple to dress better

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