Nick Jonas buys a house worth $6.5 million for fiancé Priyanka Chopra in Los Angeles; see INSIDE images

Nick Jonas bought a swanky new house worth $6.5 million in Los Angeles before popping the question to Priyanka Chopra. Check out photos of the house.
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Nick Jonas proposed to Priyanka Chopra on her birthday in London in July. Nick and Priyanka had only been dating for only a couple of months then. The couple announced their engagement a month after he popped the question. Now, as per a report in TMZ, Nick Jonas purchased a home before proposing to Priyanka Chopra earlier this year. Nick bought a swanky house in Los Angeles. The house is worth $6.5 million. It is adjacent to Beverly Hills.

The house has beautiful interiors with modern architecture. It has 5 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms and is built on an area of 4129 square feet with an infinity swimming pool and incredible views of the canyon. A beautiful backyard and a wood terrace enables an indoor outdoor lifestyle for the residents. It seems that this will be Nick and Priyanka’s marital home. Priyanka visited this house recently and had shared photos on her Instagram story. Here are some photos of the house.

Priyanka and Nick are reported to tie the knot on December 2, 2018 in Jodhpur. Latest reports suggest that the couple may get married in January owing to their work commitments. Priyanka said recently that with Meghan and her other friends expecting a baby, she has developed baby fever. The couple is eager to start a family after getting married.

Nick and Priyanka were in Las Vegas two days ago and they posed for a photo outside the Little Vegas Wedding chapel.

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Stunning villa house

Thats so much cool


looks like a big brother house lol

Beautiful house

i love how peeps are hating on PC...i donot know about SRK nor if that is realy true...all i know is PC has worked hard may or may not be with support but she worked smartly. And she has never been a bimbo...She deserves happiness and @ 36 she gets to live her life..i dont ever remeber her flaunting that everybody is doing...she shd too...welcome to the new era of PR. I wish Nick and Priyanka nothing but the best and nick and family are nice people. And i always fail to unerstand how people bash only women and not men. bashing aishwayra, PC, Katrina, it becuz they are bold enuff to make decisions and live by that. yes I am a proud PC guys disliking or commenting stupid things wont make her any less happening.

Me too. She has broken another taboo in India by being in a relationship with a much younger man who also looks lot younger. I think it needs guts to face the criticism, I can't imagine what she or Nick must be feeling when people call them mom and son. They don't deserve it. Apart from the physical attraction, they must have connected on their common love for music, family and faith in god. I really admire people who go against the tide.

Yes Priyanka, nice statement. Now go sleep, no one cares.

Thank you Deepika for your acknowledgement. Atlast I feel honoured ... hahahhahah. Start prepping for your new movie with RK & your marriage.

Thanks Deepika for your acknowledgement atlast buahbaha

She has to complete with SRK , .. His Mannat may not be as epxesive as 6.5 million US $$.. She beat him once again.her house looks too beautiful sleek and stylish and sunny

Mannat is way more expensive than $6 million. Real estate in SouTH bombay is one of the most expensive in the world. $6million comes to approx 42 crores, whereas Mannat costs around 200 crores. Do the math. Also $6 million is not a big amount for hollywood celebrities. In San fransisco bay area middle class (including lot of desis) buying $1.5 to $2 million houses.

Stop bringing up grandpa SRK!

Nick must be referring to her as GRANDMA PC!

Nice try my darling but you've already lost. Lots of love ;)

Lol, SRK is ten times richer than this poor music starlet! He has such houses in Dubai and England. In your face!

PC is really lucky.. Got a goodlooking and young man as her husband and a beautiful house in LA. Bahut khoob PC.. This is too good.. Everything is like a fairy tlae..

Take that Shahrukh Khan!

I feel spooked, very uncomfortable alll of a sudden that he is going to let her down with a tragic thud and run before any wedding takes place. His peeps had rushed out statement that he did not buy the house for her, he bought it for family and friends before they started dating. Then I just saw a headline that he is no rush to marry her. Something is going way wrong. Don't be shocked if this whole thing gets called off. I don't think he knows his own mind. Like he is 14 going on 26 and he is scared.

Don’t worry negative Nancy

It’s for both of them

That’s awesome! Wishing them all the best for their life together!

Love the open concept and big windows

Ok I like PC and happy for her and Nick Jones. But their relationship sounds too good to be true. It’s like she must be holding something over Nick for him to do all this for her.

I don’t think he is doing something like buying her a moon. It’s very normal to buy a bigger place while getting married and them being celebs have opted for this. There is really nothing to read too much imo. As long as they are happy.

its called being in love and ready to marry

Looks nice

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