Nick Jonas’ phone wallpaper is a beautiful photo of fiancé Priyanka Chopra from their first public appearance

Nick Jonas' phone wallpaper is a photo of fiancee Priyanka Chopra from their first appearance together at the Met Gala in May last year.
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Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra first made an appearance together at the Met Gala in New York City last year. They arrived together at the gala and turned heads. After almost a year after the gala, the couple started dating and after a whirlwind romance, they got engaged on her birthday. They put speculations to rest and confirmed their engagement after their roka ceremony in August. The couple posed for photos after their roka and declared on Instagram to the world that they are taken.

After their appearance at the Met Gala, they were linked to each other. Media portals claimed that they are a couple and Nick’s Instagram posts then had fuelled the relationship rumours further. Nick had shared a photo of Priyanka in her Ralph Lauren outfit from the Met Gala on Instagram and had captioned it ‘Priyanka’. Nick Jonas was spotted at a LA Lakers VS Minnesota Timberwolves game in Los Angeles yesterday with brother Joe Jonas. Nick and Joe had a great time at the game and he even shared a video on his Instagram account.




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From the photos from the game, Nickyanka fans were quick to spot Nick Jonas’ wallpaper. It is a photo of fiancée Priyanka Chopra of their first appearance together. It is the same photo that Nick had shared on his Instagram account more than a year ago.

Isn’t this too sweet?


The couple is deeply in love and will soon get married. They have got their marriage license from the Beverly Hills courthouse last week.


As per reports, the couple will get married on December 2, 2018 at Umaid Bhawan Palace Hotel in Jodhpur.


hes so crazy about her lol

Congratulations to them !! I know for a fact that many young men prefer older women.. and these guys have been brought up by working mothers themselves.. I’m dating a younger guy too and he’s so proud of me, my job and he tells me everyyday

always wondered why he posted a sole pic of her like that. Had a little crush from day one.

Thtz the first picture he ever took of her..haha this is so cute & such sweet memory. I'm sure he has been looking back these days and wondering how far they have come <3 I love them so much. May they stay happy & in love forever <3 God Bless them. Also dear haters, remember even with all the hate comments u r adding on to your karma n it will comeback to u sooner than later.. Let out in the universe wht you wish to bring into your life..

He posted her solo picture ages ago. Wow

What a cutie!

LOL, dont worry, they'll both hate each others in few years, Nick is going to stay married to woman who is about to 40, WTF, in what world, definitely not Hollywood especially when a 26 years old pop star can get any model...

Wow your are sadist to 31st level lol on you

You’re just projecting your sad sad life on them.

LOL, HA, how, are you an idiot or lacking a brain cell, these Hollywood people date each others, how can a normal person project and plus, no one is as desperate as PC to get married, she only getting married for some sperm donation anyway, you know in India, (not as progressive as the West) you cant have kids without being married so she just needs someone's name!!!

You’re so full of negativity! Hope you get well soon!

Lol she looked just like a male wrestler in wonder he likes it.

Not sure how he pulled this off, getting PC, I envy him. Lucky guy!

I've also a wallpaper of my mom on my phone. What's special?

Her desperate PR becomes more and more embarrassing. As a former fan feel ashamed meanwhile.

obsessed haters like you is actually what's embarrassing. Get a life!

Says the obsessed one -liner. What an irony ;)

You’ve been saying this line for like 8 years.

Nick really shot his shot eh

Love them


Always felt he had a thing for her, especially how’s he posted a picture of just her like that.

So adorable

May 2017 he posted a picture of just her and captioned it Priyanka. A year later he’s dating her and by then end of that year married to her. Amazing!


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