Patch up time: Karan Johar follows Kajol after she likes his twins' picture

It is patch up time for friends-turned-foes Kajol and Karan Johar and we could not be happier.
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We all know how Kajol and Karan Johar turned bitter enemies from being the  best of friends for so many years. The most recent comment that Karan made about Kajol was during an interview with a leading journalist where Karan had said, "It is sad. There is nothing happy about it. I feel sad. I have a great amount of respect and love for her. That will always remain. It will never go away. But sometimes, there is an expiry date to your relationship or your friendship, and we've reached ours. But that doesn't mean it can ever take away from the times we've shared, from the work we've done, for the love we have for each other. And the love I have for her and her family, her mother and her sister."

During the promotions of her movie VIP 2, Kajol, when asked about working with Karan, had said, "If you’re not comfortable with the people you’re working with, if you cannot speak up, or speak to the people you’re working with….I think communication is a key element in working with people. You can’t work alongside them if you don’t talk."

Well, however, it seems there is good news on this front. Today, Karan Johar took to Instagram to post for the very first time, an adorable picture of his twins Yash and Roohi, on their 6 monthsary. Sharing a pic of the babies and his mom Hiroo, KJO wrote, "6 months old today....#roohiandyash #happyrakshabandhan #lovesofmylife."

Well, it seems that this gesture and the picture melted Kajol's heart as she immediately 'liked' the pic shared by her old friend. KJO, touched by Kajol's thoughtfulness, immediately began following his old friend once again.

This friendship surely deserves another chance, doesn't it?

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Aww! So Sweet! Kajol is the bigger and better person for sure!
But glad the patch up happened after a long year!

It's really Good

She is only trying to get Close to him again because she wants to launch her daughter by kjo

Good marketing Karan! The so called fight was the selling point of your autobiography. And you 'patched' up so easily on social media:)

They have problems due to Ajay Devgan. None of Kajol's friends like her friend and he has a problem with all of them. They will go back to being friends

None of Kajol's friends like her husband*

They bond over nepotism!

kajol is not just a supertalented actress, but also a good human being.

Next rapid fire question on kwk... On which day did Kajol like karans instagram pic

But she's your best friend ya! Way to go guys! Hi five!

high school drama continues!!

Queen_rani is so full of BITTERNESS lol

Always knew Kajol was the bigger person! KJO was waiting around desperately for some acknowledgement from her!

Lovely gesture from Kajol. Loser response from KJO by following her! LOL!

Kajol often comes off as a loud person but she is one of those plain spoken, straightforward person.She would never do anything for attention or publicity . she is a versatile actress and one of a kind.when her friendship soured with karan, it felt like the only thing genuine in Bollywood has gone too.I have always admired karans work until he introduced alia and suddenly its all about alia.. Its good that the former friends took an effort.. Warms the ♥!

Superficial and shallow

Liking and following each other doesn't mean anything. They need to meet and sort out their differences and apologize to each other. Both were wrong I guess.

Good for them. But I hope Kajol apologized to Karan because she owed him one big time for her uncouth behaviour against Karan in public. That "SHOCKED" tweet is still etched in my memory.

Now its proved that Aish fans are very jealous of Kajol and they try to blame Rani fans. Aish caused rift between Kajol & Karan to get role in ADHM

LMAO How silly!!! She's just giving her opinion. She does not represent Aishwarya or ALL her fans.

Haters please stop bashing Kajol it was just a sweet gesture from her side obviously seeing such a cute kid who can resist clicking like button and kjo following her back may be he got touched by her gesture being a parent it feels really good when your estranged friend likes or comments on your kids pic and please I m not siding kjo being a mom of one kid m just assuming may be I might be wrong

It's like high school never ended for these people. Grow up's so makes me emotional...kajul is lovely and she really cares about this useless man...

KJo please don't become weak and take her back. It'll be a matter of time before she let's Ajay bully you again and treat you like a toilet paper. Hold your dignity and self respect. You are much better off without them. I'm giving you the best advice, so listen to me. PV please post. Karan should be able to see my message!

They talk all this shit about each other and now on their way to becoming bffs again. Weirdos!!

2 days ago it was Kajol's & Genelia Dzouza's Birthday on 5 Aug. Karan wished Genelia but did not bother wish Kajol! So delusional Kajol fans should not get excited..Kajol is out of Karan's life. And Kajol is still not following Karan on Insta!

Karan was at Kajol's party. IN YOUR FACE!!!!

2 days ago.
Today they are following each other on Instagram. That's a start, HATER!

Darling, just take a look, she followed back...

I'm supper Happy about this news thanks God 4 this SPL news

i wish all industries were like this. see, they fought and now they are following each other on social media.. other industries should learn from this.. in any other field, once fight happens all communication stops. it is also an indian thing.. you fight with your friend in india, there is a high chance you will make up. but here in US that sort of thing does not happen! i admire both their efforts.. i wouldnt make drama out of it

Fake attempt by Kajol to get Dharma films and save her sinking. Even Ajay's film's are flop so she is the sole bread winner for the family now..she needs to feed her husband and kids

Yayyyyyyy!!!!!!! 25 years of friendship is too precious to throw away for people who didn't even know how you became successful. At least, Kajol has made her stance clear. Her first priority is her family and Karan wouldn't mess with that equation again.
Pyaar dosti hai! Love is friendship!!!!

Kajol is a bigger person by liking the picture. Love her!

There's no valid excuse whatsoever for a 45 year old man to keep complaining like a big baby about a very good friend ( especially when there are real babies in his house ) ! Kajol is not petty or childish to hold on to grudges judging by this action & has never said a nasty word personally against Karan . Would Karan have done the same thing for her considering everything he's said about her ?

Yeah, now this over the top, fake and hypocrite will suddenly start loving Kajol all over again. Two faced person

Life is too short to stay mad at your friends. Hope they patch up.

I'm very happy they patched up.

He has insulted Kajol and her husband. She should have some guts. She doesn't need him to survive. Nor will her pairing with SRK be good in KJO's film. They need a new director. Their last film bombed.

Their sort of films are jaded and of another generation. They will NOT work even if they come toegther. Kajol should save her life and work with more contemporary directors.

What nonsense! Frail and fragile egoes. He shat over her husband and treated him like a third world citizen. Now she, who has only his films to talk about forgets her "I support my husband" ham and reaches out.

Aishwarya was the one who caused rift between childhood buddies Kajol & she must be crying in some corner

The only one crying is

Huh...liking & following on insta doesnt mean people are friends...Kajol is out of Karans life...Karan himself said that

Disgusting nepotism group, There is a options call adopt over they done surrogacy just bcoz they wanted only fair skin kid.

Stop behaving like 5 year olds johar aunty

Seriously what sissy-ness and what a fragile ego. Does he remember he treated her and Ajay like dogs when his film was to release? They are not spineless to let go such humiliation.

Kajol & Karan are back!
I am sure most of the actresses & their fans were very happy about their fallout. Now they must be burning. Kjo is not a fool. He knows who loves him truly & purely & who does naatak to get films from his banner.

I knew it
Kajol was deeply hurt by Karan making their differences public. If Karan hadn't made those differences public, there would never have been any fallout. Every relation have differences. We all sometimes have differences with our friends, parents, siblings etc. but that doesn't mean we don't love them or stop loving them or they don't mean anything.
Kajol never stopped loving him & his kids are like her kids for her. She couldn't resist to like the pics shared by Karan on Instagram as she still loves Karan & the fact that Karan has kids now melted Kajol's heart very much. Tanishaa also liked & commented on Karan's pic. Karan in return followed Kajol because he knows that Kajol loves her truly &no one else. She never loved him to get films from him. She rejected his KANK & other films she did were forced by Karan to her as he loved her.
I hope they get back happily together & its high time.

Its high time they patch up!
They can't sty away for so long!!!

All the comments are about Kajol on there, not the babies, lol. She's the bigger person if she wants to make up first, typical Karan.

LMAO. Poor Aishwarya fans are going to blow up with jealousy and rage.

Don't be so obsessed with Aishwarya.#Troll

Please happen... and then please make more SRKajol movies to erase Dilwale from our minds.

YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew this day would come !! It's just super to imagine now they will have no problem to face each other and will stop ignoring each other at parties.

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