PHOTO: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan & Aaradhya Bachchan treat fans with a perfect New Year gift

Abhishek Bachchan took to his Instagram page and shared a picture perfect family moment with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Aaradhya Bachchan. He wished everyone Happy New Year.
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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan and their daughter Aaradhya Bachchan headed to an exotic location to enjoy the Holiday season and welcome New Year 2019. The beautiful family was snapped at the Mumbai airport last week while heading for their vacations. Earlier today, Aishwarya took to her Instagram page and shared a pretty selfie posing with Abhishek and Aaradhya. She captioned the photo stating, "HAPPY NEW YEAR ALLLL Happiness Love n Light GOD BLESS"

Now, Abhishek shared a fabulous family photo and it's one of the bests ever. In the photo, Aishwarya is donning a sexy look wearing a black playsuit and pink jacket. She left her long locks open and paired it up with oversized sunglasses. Abhishek looked handsome in a blue denim shirt and floral shorts. While Aaradhya looked cute in a baby pink printed T-Shirt and jeans with retro sunglasses. He captioned the photo stating, "Happy New Year."

Check out the photo below and tell us about it in the comments section.



Happy New Year.

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Last year, during an interaction at India Today Conclave, Abhishek was all praises for Aishwarya. He said, "She is a superwoman. She is unbelievably dedicated to all that she does. She has always been like that. Even when I worked with her at the start of my career, as a co-star, as a partner and then my wife. She is very focused on what she does as a professional and as a mother, as a daughter and as a daughter-in-law. She is 100% in everything I don’t know how she manages it."

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She finally realized she's married to Junior Bachchan and not Paa. Back in the day she used to wear sleazy clothes and dance with her father in law on Kajra Re Kajra Re. On KWK, she said "Paa is so hot". Who can forget the countless times she accompanied her Paa to events, award ceremonies, political meetings, temple visits. I still cherish her pictures of hugging and kissing her father-in-law. Too bad Amitabh came out of her manipulative spell.... otherwise we would still be enjoying the closeness of Bahu Rani and Sr. Bachchan.

Beach day? Aaradhya is already very dark. She will become even more darker in the sun.

Delighted to see her in a happy personal space *fingers crossed*.
Been a fan of Salman for years but must admit, she is, and always will be, TOO GOOD for him. Just pray she forgives him someday!

Why bring Salman into this?!..what does HE have to do with this?!..the man is living his life and she's living hers, keep him out of this and don't try to start something here..and FYI, she wasn't, isn't and never will be too good for for the forgiving part, let's hope he forgives her too and vivek also.

Abhishek you don't belong in that picture. Only grandma Vrinda can stand next to Aishwarya and Aaradhya.

I like that they dont let any negative energy affect the bond between them. Adorable trio.

aww... they look so happy... nazar naa lage...

she is tired of sati savitri role at home+md life crisis both together

Why is she wearing too much makeup ?

Get ur eyes checked. This isn't too much.

Duh! How do you see her makeup through the sunglasses?

Duh! Any one can see the ridiculous amount of foundation, contour, blush, red lipstick (beach picture). Anyone can see thick eyeliner, fake eyelashes, eye shadow, foundation, contour, blush, lipstick in the other picture.

Duh! Half of her face cant be seen behind sunglasses. Only someone with impaired vision would see a 'ridiculous amount of foundation, contour'. And red lipstick doesn't make it too much.

Look at the way aish is holding onto aradhya as if she will run away.This behaviour of aish is dangerous and over possessive

Look at the way this troll is desperately making repeated negative comments. This behavior of troll is dangerous.

Look at her way this Aishwarya is desperately replying to each comment. This behavior of Aishwarya is weird.

''look at her way" lol. Clear sign of frustration and desperation that the troll's fingers cant even type properly.

Abhishek looks great in this picture - very natural, loving husband and father. Rather odd that Aishwarya was OK with this pic as she's showing too much of her now thunder thighs! She really needs to hire a good stylist pronto.
Aaradhya is the cutest and blessing to their family.

Adorable family.god bless them.

After taking the picture Aish and Aradhya went their own way

Delusional much?

As if u could afford a foreign vacation to be present there and know what happened

How humble of you to say that Aishwarya. Most of us can afford a foreign vacation. You're the one who flies free for your job of cutting ribbons for new Longines stores. That's real hardwork. That's why you have so much free time to reply to comments on Pinkvilla.

She's wearing heavy makeup for a beach day? Why doesn't this most beautiful woman take makeup off for even one day? No one has ever seen her makeup free face.

Heavy makeup??? Get new glasses. And many have seen her without makeup.

Since when is wearing red lipstick equal to heavy makeup?

Aishwarya never leaves an opportunity to copy others. Kareena and Taimur wore matching sunglasses on Taimur's birthday celebration in South Africa. They also took a picture in Switzerland a few days ago and both mother-son are wearing sunglasses. Now we have copy cat Aishwarya and Aaradhya doing the same.

Lol. Thanks for the laughs. You have too much time on your hands. How else would we know Aishwarya likes to copy others sunglasses wearing habits lol

Trying to match up to Bollywood couples ... Second chance in marriage let's see

They own a beautiful home in Dubai. Its their second home. Let them stay happy.

Who wears red lipstick on the beach?

Happy picture! Why is there so much negativity for this family on pinkvilla? They genuinely look happy after many years. Things change, people change and so should our opinions.

A mature post. Something that most Pinkvillans can’t relate to.

"Not without my daughter OR red lipstick" lmao

Oh wow. Ash looks so so so hot..Abhi looks so happy n content. Nazar na lage

They are in beautiful Dubai!

Enjoying the free money, jobless ppl going on vacations with parents money.

So says the jobless

Promoting gulab jamun to lure producers

Mid life crisis - why too much skin show

Amitji working so hard to pay for their vacations and amabani wedding trips

Amitji is paying for his family. Why r u bitter about it, if ur father doesn't even recognise u?

How come only Ash dressed for beachwear and not her daughter? Lol

Poo bani parvati

God Bless

Would love to see Ash with shoulder length cut hair similar to Emma Stone's middle parted waves

Want a pic of Ash alone in that one piece suit

Gawjuss monokini or playsuit

She needs to stop wearing that bright RED lipstick for god sakes!
Also change the daughter’s hairstyle!

What a sweet photo! Happy new year!

Good looking and humble parents with the apple of their eye, adorable Aaradhya

Gorgeous family. Stay blessed. Haters can apply burnol

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